Photos from October.

My three, with their beloved– and oft smothered– cousin Esme´.

I guess this is just a picture of two kids, hanging out by a coffee table. If you are looking for interesting pictures– look elsewhere.

This has been a month of LOTS of sitting. Reading, cuddling my children, drinking hot drinks. Seriously. this picture makes it look sweet. It had/has sweet parts, but it was a killer rough month. Still is. My cast has been off a week now. My ankle still really suffers, it is stiff as a board and always swollen. Tendons that need to bow to my training sessions.

My Anthro mug– best $8 I ever spent. 🙂

Some of the flowers people sent me.


More flowers.

I probably took this picture because it was the one clean area in my house. Our bathroom didn’t get cleaned for a month!

I love plants.

Elle lost her first tooth. 🙂

My precious small group girls came and brought lunch in to eat with me one day. It was fancy too. I cannot tell you how blessed I was with visitors during my cast era. I literally, did not have one day without visitors! And there were many days it was a total party in here. (Thank you all!)

A common scene after 6:00.

Sleeping Handsome.


This was the day my cast came off. These two were sick that day. After we left the Dr to get my cast off, we headed to Wooster to take Sterling to Dr for ear infection. I felt very much like a falling apart family. Galen stayed in the van with sick Laila. Elle went with me in to the pediatrition,  and pushed sick Sterling in the umbrella stroller, as her mother hobbled beside her. Man, I look back and do not miss those days.

My girls– 4 and 6 now.

The saddest part about my photos from October is that they are all taken indoors. I am a true Fall Girl- basically I suffer through summer, just waiting for the season that lifts my spirit and brings me peace… fall. And I missed it this year. It is a loss. We have a lot of work going on outside our house and so I wasn’t really able to sit in the yard either. Oh well, such is life.


The rest of the pictures are from 2 days ago when we wen to the airport to see my sister Julana and her family bring home their new baby from Ethiopia. I was so happy (thank you, again, to those who prayed) that I was able to go. My Miller family drove to Cleveland in two vans and it was SUCH a fun day- I dream of it still. It was a rainy, cozy, happily chatting day– my bro Jason and his wife Kendra, drove my van– we had so much fun chatting lazily.

But anyway- my camera had been acting up when we got there, but I managed to get a few shots. And THEN, when they came down the escalator and I wanted to get all these memorable pictures- my lens just plain was jammed and was not working at all. I wanted to slam my camera on the concrete. Work! Work! Work, you dumb machine! So, I never got an actual picture of Ramona. 🙁 but she is home and darling and beautiful. We love her already.

Okay, well that is all I have. I am trying to write and finish so fast, so not sure if any of this makes any sense.

Happy Saturday all! jenny




Calling all the real Cooks.

Photo from Pinterest, via the kaseybuick blog.


If any of you are looking for a blog topic to expound on- I have one here for you. Can someone write a post on the “secret” of being a good cook?

It seems there is insight to be had, that I have never gleaned.

Like, how can 3 different women all follow the same recipe and only 1 of them makes it fabulous! Know what I mean?
When I was growing up, my sister and I could have named any 1 mom we knew, and we could say if we liked going to their house for parties or not, based on if she made good food or not so much. (Honestly, 99% of the moms we grew up with, were fab cooks, those Mennos…) And I am sure all these moms used the same ingredients.

My mom is a wonderful cook, everything she makes is good. I have spent a lot of time at her house lately, because of being laid up, and I realize I do not have the gift she has. People eat my food, but they never GOBBLE it up in delirium. Why? My mom can make anything, and it tastes like you want the recipe, more than you might want a piece of gold.

I have searched for a blog-post on this topic and never found one.

Are good cooks, good because they look for ways to make their food special?

We have had a lot of food brought in lately, and I noticed someone made an exceptional cheeseburger soup (likely the same recipe I use!) and it was just awesome. One of the things I noticed was, she used the little matchstick potatoes instead of big square ones like I would have used. Galen says, it’s the small details that count. (He says that other times. Not in this particular situation. I thought it might apply here?)

I’m not really talking about presentation either- because I think I am the queen of: Faux Homemade. The boughten Paula Deen pound cake– dolled up with real lemons and extra powdered sugar on a cake stand to make it look “pretty” and “homemade”. Secrets out, church friends.

It’s something beyond this. When I make food for people they will say it’s “good”, but I am not a cook that gets raves. I am okay with this, BUT, I would love to get better. It is a skill I wish I had.

I am also the type that would rather do anything, than spend time in the kitchen. Is there truth in the thought that things really can be “made with love”? It almost seems like it is a real thing. Like you can feel the love in a soft pumpkin bread, fresh from the oven (my mom).

I guess a thought I had on all this was: Just because someone orders 100 things from a Pottery Barn and West Elm– does not mean that when they take all these things home, they will arrange them so they look… A!WESOME. They might look kinda crappy, or silly. I think arranging things is a gift. (Another subject I wish someone would write a blog post about.) So in that same way– it might explain why 2 people can follow the same recipe (with even mostly the same brand of ingredients) and have the end result, evoke a totally different feel.

I would love to read on this subject in depth. Anyone up for the challenge?

And by all means! Leave insight in the comments. DO NOT HOLD BACK. DO NOT ACT MODEST. I want your secrets– so do not be ashamed.

love ya in advance, jenny


Elle’s July Birthday (6 years)

Elin Julia (affectionately called Elle)– turned 6 last July. And yes, I am just now getting around to posting her pictures.

After this– is Laila’s 4th birthday from last FEBRUARY. Yes, I am a slow poke.

Not a whole lot of commentary needed here. See you at the end?

Cousin & very best friend, Gracie spent the night. Elle’s plan was for her to come early to help decorate.

Sterly babes.

Decor: a display of the birthday girl’s drawings. I loved the idea, which Elle came up with herself. 🙂

Hello, fun colors. Elle picked these out as well. Really, I was just her in her way.

I love it.

Pink hydrangeas.

Laila with some last minute tweaks.

The girls are here. It worked out pretty good. I let Elle pick 1 cousin, 1 school friend, 1 church friend and 1 sister. ha I love letting them have parties– but huge parties are for the birds.

We played a few water-based games outside, and enjoyed ice cream.

Sara is such a beautiful, sweet, happy little girl. Even though she is Elle’s friend, she played a lot with both Sterling and Laila. They all love her.

Don’t miss awkward-looking Sterling, and his underwear trunks.

My lovely little birthday girl- I LOVE her so.

Long live summer.

Summer girlies.

Elle’s cake. Cakes are so not my forte.

I’m sorry, do you have a question?

Gracie, Elle, Kaylee, Sara, Laila~ ♥

Elle’s present from her family.

Elle you are adorable, even when you get sauce on your party clothes.

That’s all~ I hope to get Laila’s on in a day or so.



What this affliction has taught me.

I actually feel like a cheeseball using the word affliction for my broken ankle. It feels over dramatic. But to me, it has been one of the tougher things I have had happen to me recently,  in this life of mine.

I think of it a lot, that my Annoyance has an end to it. A time when I can go back to normal. Really I guess, in some minds, I am blessed.

Back in those first few days after I broke it, when I was trying to get to the bathroom and care for my children, I really pictured myself as Joni Tada. What was her life like in the beginning? What did she feel like? How would I be handling it, if I was in her shoes?

From the very beginning, when I wanted to scream and cry and pity myself: “NO. Just no, God. I DO NOT have time for a broken limb!” My husband has been very firm with me that I:

A) Do as much for myself as I can. B) Do not pity myself. C) Remain grateful.  I will admit there were days that I did not enjoy hearing his words of advice. Sometimes “advice” is so annoying. But, I know it (and now I feel overly dramatic again– but it is real to me) was his wise words (my husband is so wise) that kept me sane.

I have been thinking on this this morning and felt compelled to share and remember (for myself) some of the hard things I KNOW God is teaching me in these grindingly annoying 4 weeks. (My cast comes off in 2 weeks– I am halfway!)

Here is what comes to mind…

~ I had control issues that were getting out of hand. I liked my agenda! I liked my house clean! I liked to have things I deemed important, done! I liked my children to act the way I wanted them to act!  It wasn’t until I was laid-up and Galen was there sweeping, by my chair, that we both realized that I was wound a little tight, and not fun to work for, at all. Yup, we bickered a fair amount those 1st couple days. I saw what I thought needed a kick in the rear: baths, lunches packed, homework done, dishwasher loaded, floor wiped up, table wiped up… and I was sure hoping he would decide to do those things, when and HOW, I liked them done. Sheesh, lady!

~When you let people  help you, that release of PRIDE and the embracing of humility, can really be a conduit for a deeper friendship. I have not had one day so far without visitors, and I have made a lot of “new” friends through all this. It’s crazy really. I had someone say, “It’s so nice to know I can sit here with you and we can talk and I know you aren’t thinking ‘I need to go’, because I know you can’t.”

~ I had shut down my home.  I wasn’t letting people in. It wasn’t that I didn’t like people, it was just that my house was not “ready” yet. I have had so many people in the last 2 weeks– see me unshowered, and walk out the door with crusties on their feet. Then, I realized, no. one. really. cares. No one does.  It was only me that hated to hang out in a dirty, messy place. People only see a chance to connect! And connecting, meets a soul-need like little else.

~ It’s funny how much less money I spend when I can’t get out to spend it. Aside from a few birthdays that came up, I really didn’t need a whole lot either. We lived with SO much less.  Ok, I did buy shoes for the girls and I online this morning– but for the most part, we had enough. (This is not counting groceries, obviously.)

~ I am happier when I live minimalistically. That is a long word, for something that means “simple”. Really, if a word wants to be a true minimalistic, it should spell itself with 2 letters MAX. I have shipped more stuff out the door and into the trash, since I have been way less able to control it all. It made me see SO clearly, how all I choose to own, is really controlling me. “The more you have, the more you have to have, to take care of the things you have.” – Jungle Jam quote

~ Hard times, are always great for someone. The person that benefitted in my situation, was Sterling. He has loved having hours and hours on end, of mommy time. I think back to right before I broke my foot, how much he would sit on the floor, and cry for me. While I was mopping and making supper and stuff. I loved him and yes, I held him, what I thought was a lot. But now I see, I should have played with and  held him MORE. He was asking me too. “Spend half as much money on your child, and spend twice as much time with them.” – Loosely quoted from Pinterest.

~ Oh, how I wish I would have chucked the chores more, led a looser agenda, and been outside more. We live close to a bike trail, the library, a park, a pretty town. Yet, somehow I never had a lot of time to take my children there. After my  cast is off, I want to leave the house for more last minute plans. I want to watch them, look into their faces, smile at them.

~ God longs for more time and a deeper relationship with us. He can be really creative with how He orchestrates this. I have felt Him calling me and speaking to me so much more, I think.

~ I wish I had been more thoughtful. I cannot tell you how even the smallest things done or given to me, with a loving heart, spoke so many volumes. These things really DO bring comfort. They really DO make my day. I feel sadness for the times when I knew of someone that was hurting, and I just thought, “Someone else will minister to them” or “I’m too busy” or “I don’t know what I would have to offer.” People have went SO far above and beyond for me… really humbling is the only word I can use. I hate that feeling when you can’t pay someone back, and I have had to be ok with the fact that right now, I can’t. Well, that is me right now.

~ Family will always be there for you. I have always loved both my and Galen’s family, respectively. But I feel like I have just had a lot of special times with family because of me needing them more. Things like: My mother-in-law paying a huge chunker postage bill, to send us the heavy granola we crave, and treats for the children. Sweet notes from my sister in laws. My mom and Jacinta, who checked in with me every single day, to see what I needed. My sister Jacinta, was born when I was 22, so I didn’t live with her like I did my other sisters. I have gotten to know her as a young lady, instead of the baby. We both like to clean, be creative, and pin stuff from eachother’s Pinterest boards.  My new sister in law (Kendra), and 2 sisters, Joy and Julana, who have made Tuesdays a day to get together and eat and do stuff for me this month. We have made sweet memories that I will cherish forever. And gasp! We made them, while I (the host) sat on my tush, and they managed my dust bunnies. May I pay it forward.

~ Lastly, I learned, life goes on. We may have corners in our house that have been gross for awhile, but no one cares. Galen and I have sat with our children in the living room and laughed, barked at our occasionally messy kids, and all kissed each other.  (Other stuff happened too, but those are the high points.) When I get ahold of the beauty of life, and what really matters, I feel a release from striving, and a call to not take myself so seriously. SERIOUSLY.

~ I want to read more! When I was 12, I was the biggest bookworm there was. For some reason, once I hit the cool teen years and after that, the married years, and after that, the raising children years– I stopped reading. What a tragedy. Sitting a lot has gotten me back to reading. I used to think I did not have time. Now I realize, there is no greater soothing… than to sit with a good book, a cup of something hot, and a lap blanket. Actually, throw a fall candle, a clean house, and kids who are drawing happily in there– and you may have perfection. Stay at home moms need brain stimulation besides the normal social medias. I don’t want to sound rude. I am just saying what I learned for myself. One of my favorite things this month, was someone who sent me a book in the mail. It was such a good book too.

Okay, well, enough talking from me. I feel like I set the bar pretty high for my future endeavors. We will see how much of these aspirations I still have in a year. But oh well– you can’t kick a girl down for aspiring to grow as a human being.

If I ever stop being willing to grow– please shoot me. Or, it might be less messy to just tell me. And kick me now, for my blind spot areas of non-growth!

An adult with no ability to be a life-learner, is one of the most pitiful things on earth. But that is a rant for another day.


A few pictures of life lately from my junky, non-smart phone.

On my mom’s porch.

Lunch break with Jordan, my brother. 

Girls loving the leaves.

Fancy “night in” made my my friend, Shelly.


Oh, Pinterest!

So…. I troll on Pinterest a lot.
Someone commented to me the other day (dear Stephanie) that she loves my pins because they never go together. Yes, that is true- I love Pinterest so, because of the wide variety of things I look at, that fascinate the living daylights out of me.
Like… The Holocaust, WW11, The Nephilim, pretty houses, pretty things, memes, favorite people in history, Native Americans, dry jokes, Downton Abbey, Gatsy, on and on. (My two favorite evening, afterthechildrenaresleeping hobbies? Surfing the History and Humor channels on the big P.)
My mantra for Facebook. I don’t pin to make. Pinning IS the end game. You can even make it a real quote. Then don’t forget to pin it to P.
I am VERY visual and I love to read– so really Pinterest and I should get married because we are so very much in love.
Anyway (all that to preface) I was surfing last night… And made aware of some of the thoughts that go through my head when I see certain things. I took the time to share a few.
Although my #1 thought on Pinterest is usually… “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
Here goes a few more:


Nope.  Hate. 




How could anyone, ever, in this bedroom have an unhappy thought? 


Literally everything in this photo makes my heart sing.  Oh! It is just too much.


I feel cynical about the plants in the shower. 


I don’t get it. 


Man or woman?  The hair is throwing me for a loop.


This is a thing? If this is a thing, can’t ANYTHING be a thing? Maybe this year I will put red toothbrushes on a wreath and call it a thing.


I would pay $50 bucks to eat this now.  Wait. Maybe, make it $20. Or $10. Well, realistically it would have to cost $5 for me to REALLY buy it. And the $5 would be all scrunchy and old. But it sure looks like a happy place on a plate.  …I wonder if we still have peanuts? 


What is that word that means more than wow?


Someone else can read this. 


What do the people look like that like this? 


Dreams are like this……


Sometimes I don’t get art. 


Caption says: Gardening
Unrealistic Much.  And your weeds are full bloom roses, forgive me, this is just too much.


Someone else can make this. 


Hmmmm… hm… yes. 


L.O.V.E. ….If I was 14. Otherwise super cheesy. 


Feels good to laugh. 


Another humor win. 


Let me guess: estate sales! garage sales! antique stores! thrift stores! etsy! 


Her name is what. That is progressive.  Last name? Oh, well.


Well, there’s a few.

As you can see, it’s just a roller coaster of emotions.



Sterling @ ten months.

I thought I would share a few of my baby’s new photos. He is my hunny bunny. This 100 watt smile is a constant companion of his. #blessing


We are all so in love with Our Boy. To us, he is the greatest.

Little boy shoe-sies. I crush them.

Regular no-pants Sterling.



Jason & Kendra = Hitched Edition.

I told myself to pick my 5 favorite shots from the wedding and post them quick tonight.

So I done did it!


Isaac is like, (sigh) Oh Sterling, enough already of you and your wily charms!

Rehearsal Walk.

“Let brotherly love continue.”

I love that shot. So moody & lovely.

I will call those men mine. PICK ME. PICK ME. I WANT THOSE 2.

“We want children now! It feels so FUN”, they said. They didn’t. But I am sure they thought it.

It was really fun to be with Millers– they are a fun, conversational bunch.

Decor was bee-yoo-ti-ful,
…like Flossie from the Bobbsey Twins Mysteries always said.
It was likely the prettiest wedding I ever attended. I would have said Most Meaningful also , but at MY wedding the groom sang as the bride walked down the isle and then cried a little. So to me, my wedding gets “most meaningful”… but after that! #allowedtobeprejudiced

Princesses for a day.

Lookin’ good, bridal party!

My cousin Julie and daughters.

The newest babies on my side of the family. Pah-roud daddies.

Us. ♥


That’s all for now! More later….

Well, that was more than 5 shots. You’re welc-y. It’s fun to be liberal. jenny


Whatever Wednesday.

This is going to be a wild, fast mish-mash of all the pictures in files that are driving me nuts. And it’s Wednesday, hence the title. Here come 41 pictures. BAM.


This was taken on Father’s Day. Don’t you have a 5 year old, you ask? Yes, yes we do. She was livid and disgruntled, about something, we couldn’t figure out what, so she declared she was not going to be on the picture. So anyway, these 3 tried to carry-on without her.

Elle lied to me ( a bit) to get out of a spanking. After reading the first picture’s caption, I’m sure you now think we should be giving her more of them. Well, it is summer, and she really should be working on her writing, so I thought I’d slam home two birds with one stone, and get her to do an old-fashioned “shame write”.
Well, somehow it went from “God hates lying” to what appears to be “Dad hates lying” or the casual fun guy we call “Dod”.
This tablet laid on our kitchen table for a week, after she wrote this page… and one day Galen was sitting there eating on lunch break. and he said to me, deadpan,
“Man, sometimes it just hits me how much I hate lying!”
I found that humor pure genius, and promptly ruined the moment by raving about it.

Which, ironically I just did again here.

In this picture, Laila looks like such a diva-child I want to call her Mariah J-Lo. Whenever she goes upstairs to change, and wants to be extra fancy, she will announce her entrance and come regally down the steps. If she is wearing this vest, you know it’s hardcore fancy, whole-family-has-to-rave, expectations. Last night I saw her coming, and so I elbowed G to pay attention and get his raves ready.

You know how your baby starts pulling stuff out of cupboards and you’re like, man, I can’t even remember the day he started doing that? Well, this was a day in early July, and I caught him doing that for the very first time.

Came across gorgeous Esme.

The girls leave Sterling sitting places all the time. The office chair, kitchen table etc. It drives me bonkers.

My beautiful fresh peaches, blueberries and oatmeal breakfast.

One day we made Toyland. We made a town out of all the toys that don’t look fun when they are just thrown all junky-like in the corner. It was fun.

Laila and I share this delight in getting all the naked, mangey-haired dolls from the toy box, finding clothes for them and washing their hair in conditioner.  It feels like a make-over- SO FUN.  I love little dolls. Can you tell? This is probably half of our little dolls.

Someone dropped these flowers off the day after I made dinner for them. SO> SWEET. What a great impact it had on me.

Morning kids.

Sterling around 7 months here.

Buying fresh produce always produces so many creative juices in me, and makes me feel like cooking. So many puns here, what a great time.

Galen bought this big table at a school sale he was at. We simply could not live without it.

Did some cleaning/organizing here one day. More practical, less pretty than it was before. But I love it anyway.

Imagination play in the playroom.

We celebrated the 3 spring birthdays at mom’s one day.

A little cake I made. This pink one was more fun than the rainbow one i did long ago.

More details.

My BIL, looking like a character from The Far Side. I’m not even sure what was going on here. Glasses supporting Kleenex from blowing away so he didn’t get sun-glare. I think.


Cousin-fun for a few days while their parents were away for anniversary. (We traded- they had ours when we went to San-D.) (Once you were a tourist once, you now have the rights to call it San-D, like an alumni to the state.)

Sterling looks like he thinks this photo-shoot is the dumbest idea ever made.

This is where Sterling sits when I vacuum, and do not want him sucking on the vac cord. At almost 9 months now, he is “so over” this little red cruiser– and does not find it as awesome as you would think he must on this picture.

Valentine’s Day dinner with the girls. Yes, some of these pictures are old.

I love picking flowers anywhere I find them to stick around the house. Adds cheer.

Laila & a best buddy, Katy. These 2…. wow. What a naughty, dirty, funny, trip they are when they get together.

S’more of my sweet Kauffman nieces and nephews. (Back) Elena, Annie, Kendra, and Grant. (Front) Elliot, Sterling, Elyse, Kayla.

More bloom-sies.

My kids and their cousin getting Elle’s birthday party all ready. (Pictures later.) It is horrific that all I can think of, is the KKK when I see this picture. Cannot unsee.

Laila eating pink cake like a sweetie.

Elle snapped this stunning family portrait.

Yes. (groan) More floral pictures.

My mantel right now. Fresh lemons are the new flower. I really do like them. Then like today, when we had Lemon-pepper fish, (sweet potatoes) and rice, I grabbed a few of these lemons and we squirted it all over our food. It was SO good.


I came across this (from LAST summer) and had to share. You can’t say the father of my children  is a bore. Free-spirited fairy child, keeps him feeling mellow & fresh.


Later tater, jenny


A Little SanDiego.

Helly-o. I am here today to “try” and caption some of our many San Diego pictures. I uploaded them a few weeks ago… and yes, nothing gets done fast around here this summer.

Galen and I celebrated our big 10 year anniversary in May. We sat side by side looking at website from the San Diego area for hours and hours before we booked the trip. You could say my husband is a researcher- I love it. Here are just a few of our pictures– some of my favorites. 🙂

This picture was shot in Old Town. If you’d like to see more go here. It had a very Spanish, old west feel which I so ADORE. These ladies were behind a quaint glass window, that you could view from the street, mixing up FRESH TORTILLAS. Cannot even tell you how OLD and rugged and colorful the inside of this restaurant was. Really, it seemed it had to have been there for a 100 years. Don’t know though.

The inside of the restaurant. We ate in what looked like an add-on to the main building. It was sunny, and had wooden floors– fans were whirring and it was packed with happy people.

The VIEW from the inside of our room.
At night you could hear 3 things: (I counted) the wind whistling, boats clinking against their moors, and people talking. It was glorious!

This was taken the day we crossed over the boarder to Mexico. We hit Tijuana. I could write a whole post about that city. I have been to Mexico many times– 6 times maybe. A few were just border crossings, but I was there on WATER and to visit friends once also.
BUT, I was not prepared for the sadness that was Tijuana. It seemed like a broken place with sad faces full of stories.
We actually ran into 3 different people on this trip (a restaurant owner, a fellow traveler from Santa Barbara, and a Mexican man who stood in line with us to get back into the USA) and spending time with them were God meet-ups, I have no doubt.

Everyone we met on this trip was open, warm, easy-going, relaxed, and so THOUGHTFUL. Having Sterling with us compounded this , I think. The people of San D blessed me SO much- I came home inspired. I told G, every time I took Sterling on a walk or walked around with him in La Jolla, I probably stopped and talked to 10+ different people. Such a different impression I got than the CA Stereotype. Almost everyone you meet says, “HI! …. how are you?” with a real smile.

Outside our hotel, water and all kinds of ocean-y things to view. My highlights here, were walking eeeearly in the morn with Sterling. Greeting people, saying hi to dogs, smelling the fishy and salty air.

Our all-included breakfast, by the marina-view window every morning. Loved it.

“The boys” date ready– we ate at an urban, hip, Asian place in the city this night. MY FOOD: oh. my. stars. I ordered chicken fried rice and an egg roll. Best ever.
Oddly, the only “fight” we had on the trip, happened at this restaurant. haha. I can mock it now. I had to throw that in there to “keep it real” don’t want you to think we float through life on angel’s wings drinking strawberry smoothies.

More of those AWESOME red flowers.

10 years down, bring on the next 10! We love our life together. <3

Galen shot this view late at night, the first night we got there, I was so jet-lagged I laid on the bed at like 4pm with Sterling in the crook of my elbow and we plumb slept all night. G wasn’t super thrilled that we had left him set socially, but anyway, he went exploring and took a bunch of pictures. this was one of them. The lit up room there where you can see the waiter, was where we ate breakfast every morn.

Oh! Great memory! We found Asian restaurant on Galen’s smartphone… it was so quaint. It was clean as a whip, but seemed like a place that hadn’t changed it’s regal decor since the 80s. A very dignified 50-ish Asian man waited on us. He was quiet, but very kind. We sat there and feasted on crazy-awesome food and just had the whole place to ourselves. And shared this fancy drink in a picturesque kind of way.

Sterling’s first time at the ocean AND touching sand! The mean-mom that I am, I died laughing at him. A few people stopped to smile at him too. He would try to pick it up in his hand and then growl, kick his legs angrily, and get so mad at the slippery, gone, texture of it. He did this for awhile… then when he got used to it, I think he found digging his feet in it was very soothing. The whole process fascinated me. But I am his mother. I realize this story is boring to most.

Father & son picture. Sterling, your daddy is worthy of all your adoration.

(Actually. Adore us forever, please.)

The wooden toys we brought back from Tijuana for our children. We gave $20 to a begging mother and her two extremely sad, dirty children for a box of these. I still pray that she got to keep the money and that it didn’t go to a toy pimp or some other evil stereotype. When they saw the bill, they didn’t really know what it was or should they accept it. American $1 dollar bills are very common though.

More later! “That’s all she wrote” at this point… my husband says that phrase a lot, and it fit here. 🙂


PS. My blog has a private greeting at the top of my screen to me, that says, “It’s so nice to have you back where you belong.” Kinda fills me with mirth. Way to be adorable, WordPress.


Value of Life.

Amen… this is so powerful!
I have just been watching a few “longer liven lives” in my view here in LIFE, and I have just been blown away at the fact of how a selfish-driven life, just dwindles down in the sunset of life– and crashes and burns. It. is. so. sad.
But a life given to others– just twinkles more beautiful in it’s Twilight Years. I have been SO inspired by this. So far, I don’t get a lot more done than loving my little family, but at least it helps me to do that with better purpose (long term vision).
And– “helps” is the key word here… No human, can love perfectly 100% of the time.


Which is also very thought-provoking because WHO had a life more valuable than Jesus Christ? Um, no one. And he gave, wait, ALL of His life away. What a beautiful example.

I would love to hear– how have you loved someone well lately?

PLEASE don’t be shy. You can love me well by inspiring me! 🙂


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