Spicy and Hot.

spices- before

Here at baileyandme2 we like to keep the pleasures simple.

And that explains why, here I will show you how I got a high one day making my spices look cool and organized with a caddy I picked up at my favorite thrift store.

(above): Spices were rolling around in a drawer, all sticky, crummy and ugly looking.

No worries, they were cleaned in a big way before I started this!

martha stewert labels

You know, Walmart does not have super much to offer in my opinion, but it`s my only option here in town. And, they do carry a very pleasant Martha Stewart line that is just FAB! These labels are from Walmart- 20 for $3. Not bad- and they make everything look so much better. I use them all over.

Sparkling, neat beauty! LOVE.

A glam shot of Miss Chopped Onion, Madam Crushed Red Peppers and Sweet lil Oregano.

Since I was taking pictures with the camera, Elle wanted to too. She took this pretty unfocused picture of Laila. (or ‘Lolla’ like we call her here at home)

Fitting right in with the rest of my kitchen gear.

Wanna know the best part about this pretty hot little caddy?

IT WAS $2.50.

And that my friends, is the kind of thrill you`ll find at our house on a Tuesday.

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  1. Thelma Musser says:

    where did you get the cool little bottles? I am contemplating doing this exact same thing with my grubby spices, but am on the search for some cool little containers..

    • Jenny says:

      congrat-u-lations!! you are my first ever commenter. i got mine at a thrift store, but i gaurantee The Container Store would have the same thing??

  2. Charity says:

    I now this isn’t the point of the post, but now I have vintage highchair envy!

  3. So cool! I need to do that. Great find on the spice rack. Super jelous.

  4. Audrey says:

    SOOO very glad to see that you are back blogging. Wow! Your new site looks SO sleek and chic and professional. But your writing is still the same. And that’s a good thing! Blog on, girlfriend!

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