My Girls.


-Loves to sleep with her mommy at all times.

-Can do “How big is Laila”, “Bye, bye”, and “Patty Cake”.

– She will be 1 year old next week.

-She loves warm milk and honey at bed times.

– She is so happy, warm,  sweet and cuddly. I love to squeeze my squishy, mushy Lolla.


-This girl has an opinion about EVERYTHING.

-Passionately loves her sister, likes to know where she is if she can`t see her.

– Is also driven nuts by her sister.

– Loves to sing and has a memory that is crazy good!

-Says the most off the wall, funniest things. She makes me laugh, lots.

-Will be 3 in July. I love my big girl and am so proud of the smart, independent girl she is!


(Practicing a little with how this new bloggy of mine rolls)

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