Super Simple Savers and Lola B.

In the future I would like to feature a Super Simple Saver at the end of every one of my posts.

And I would love if they would all be from you.

It can be any way it saves woman something. Relationship savers, money savers, food prep time savers, time savers, my kids are driving me crazy savers- you get the idea now I think.

RULES! (Because what this world needs is more RULES!)

Your “tip” must be 3 sentences or less.

Include your first name, and your link- if you want me to link the tip back to you.

Send them to Please put “SAVERS” in the subject line or it may not get read.

Just sayin`

Here`s a samplin`, in case you`re still in the dark about this all.

“Keep a small kitchen scissors in your purse, if you have little kids. Use it to cut up pizza and other foods when you are eating out. Time and mess saver” ~From Erika.

This would also work with senior citizens. Or people who choke easily.

That was from my friend Erika. She didn`t actually send me this tip. But it was something I learned by watching her all these years.

Oh, and also borrowing the scissors from her a lot.

And here`s one in parting, from me.

“Use a cheap conditioner to shave your legs instead of that freakin` expensive shave gel. Right now my conditioner/leg shaver is from IKEA and was .99. Keeps your legs moist too.”

Now I`m thinking “moisturized” my have sounded better than “moist”.


I`ll close with what I will call: “The Prettiest Room In The World”.

What`s not to love?

The chalkboard! The practice words in French! The slipcover! The burlap pillows! The linen curtains! The glam bottles! The cart! The market style sign!

From Lola B- love her and her classy, french style!

Great day to ya~ Jenny

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  1. carolyn k says:

    Hey Jenny! I’m lovin’ your new website and all the links! And, I really like the “saver” part. I’m glad there are people out there like you that are creative and can inspire the rest of us like me 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    I’m so glad you are back!!!! Love the new look!

  3. Thelma Musser says:

    what a cool scissors idea! I can learn so much from veteran moms!! I’m still in the smeary-fingers-from-tearing-up-food-at-restaurants camp.

    oh and in regards to your last post about sunday suppers, i think THIS blog will be one of my new ‘happy places’:-) you’re doing a great job throwing up random bits of coolness and info.

  4. Sarah says:

    So happy to see you back in the bloggin business. I really like the new look. It made me gigg,e when I looked at your email addy. I think she might be in love with “gk” … thats a good thing! =)

    • Anonymous says:

      haha. i wish there was a romantic story behind my email addy name, but my husband picked the name with out asking me. i really get red when i am somewhere professional and they ask for my email addy and i feel really teenybopper. oh, well, doesn“t happen often.

  5. Carla says:

    Here’s a sanity saver. I used to hate packing my husband’s lunch, and he got sick of eating it. I started putting leftovers in my little warmer crockpot. He plugs it in on the job sometime in the morning. Voila! Hot lunch! A sandwich wrapped in tinfoil can warm too.

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