Power Flowers.

I love making these kind of flowers to add everywhere.

(The flower is on that hat. I know, another ‘less-than’ picture.)

Lucily, I have little girls.

If you think it`s an accident that Elle is looking at the floor…and her legs are far apart.

Well, it`s no accident. She knew she had to stand there, but getting her picture taken makes her very ornery.

Here she picked up my church ladies bible study book to look at so that she wouldn`t have to look at camera.

Smart girl, I have to give her that.

this one is made of felt.

This flower-on-a-band is too big. I know it. She wore it to Applebees one night and I couldn`t lose her for the life of me!

Kidding, people.

all my stuff is their creative play place. elle already loves to busy herself rearranging my house...

Bath Prior. ^

Oh, just another stinky morning here at our house.

LOVE, Jenny.


Super Simple Saver:

“Add salt to a load of laundry that includes a new item of clothing. It won’t bleed color. I haven’t had to throw away clothes for about ten years from “cycles gone bad.”

From Julie Overholt (my cousin)


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  1. Lydia Jo says:

    Those flowers are that cute! I am so needing to make something like that. My girls are really lacking some cute hair stuff. Elle might snap out of that not wanting her pic taken. My Ellie used to be right like that, but recently she started begging for her turn.

  2. Charity says:

    Can you do a tutorial on these flowers? It is on my mental list of things to do yet this winter–learn how to make these…I’m afraid once I know how to make them they will show up on everything I can possibly attach them to!

    • Jenny says:

      yeah- i probably will one day?? until then- check out “made by lex” on my side bar. she has tons of tutorials on stuff like this. you have to go kinda far back for the flowers, i think. good luck!

  3. Heather says:

    Those flowers are too cute. Or maybe it’s the little girl that makes them really cute?!?! 🙂

    I like your super simple saver. I’m assuming you’re adding regular table salt? And how much do you add for one load? I haven’t wrecked any clothes but I do wash new things separately for a while and thought this would def. be a time saver.

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