Oh, Honey!

As you can see, my header says, “Where I live and create”-

Which by the way- in hindsight I think that sounds very “I-ish”. I would rather it said “we” but do you think I was going to start all over with that header after already pitching the first one?

I think not.

But anyways- yes, things we create over here at our house.

Ok. Here is something. Discuss this.

(^ That was my favorite line from Parks and Recreation. If you got it. You`re awesome)

A creation from Elle.

Yes, it`s honey. A brand spankin` new jar of it.

This photo makes me so angry. After I took it- and looked it- I decided it FAILED MISERABLY at illustrating what this doozy really looked like.

Story in summary: I was rocking Laila- while working on puter. I looked in the next room to check on Elle.

YEAH. There she was with the whole. entire. jar. squeezed out onto the coffee table.

She was dancing in it. And then, it gets better- when I lurched towards her to grab what- I don`t know- to get away from me, she jumped onto the couch… Smearing junk EVERYWHERE.

Yes, on the carpet, on the couch (got it bad), on the throw pillows.

But I just laughed and laughed because it was so cute and funny.

No, I didn`t.

Let`s just say I cleaned layers off of the coffee table. And later I discovered that the VCR across the room and the end table were contaminated too.

Galen when he came home that night, claimed he was still stepping in random patches of honey.

Oh, well- as a survivor it now makes a great story. The end.

Poor little Elle is sick today. It`s really hard to keep a mad memory towards your child, especially when they are precious and sick. 🙁

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ah jenny, that completly stinks! Hope the little stinker is back into mischief soon!

  2. lisa says:

    the day before caroline turned 4 weeks old is burnt into my memory. i had forgotten my sister in law was coming for a visit, so i was stressed.out. flying around trying to clean around 3 little people. my boys disappeared and in my busy postpartum state i didn’t notice, until jase ( who always confesses!) came down the steps and told me they were playing with the syrup upstairs. “syrup” was a 3 pound tub of honey. poured out. all over the carpet and furniture and them. i was so mad i could not do anything except put them in the tub and glare at jase who asked at least 51 times in a frightened voice what i was going to do to them. i didn’t ever do anything to them,but somehow because of it all, their dad ended up getting the silent treatment for 24 hours. ahhh, the sweet memories.

  3. Linda Hershey says:

    See, THIS is why I want particle board and boxes for chairs until my girls are in their teens….
    I bet she is going to be the smartest, most creative girl on your street with all these cool ideas for boring winter days..
    But man, I can feel that helpless feeling of sitting there watching goo ooze.
    Is that your chalkboard top coffe table? I’m sorry. I’m grinning.

  4. Shannon says:

    nothing makes me more upset than trying to clean sticky stuff off of upholstry, carpet and just general things that are not meant to be sticky. Unfortuanately I have had ALOT of practice. Enough said.

  5. Heather says:

    I think cleaning up LOTS of spills and messes comes with the ‘mom-badge’ but I must say honey has to rank in the top 5 worst things I would want to clean up. Especially if it’s all over the place. What a mess!

  6. Aug says:

    OK, That would have mad me SO furious. But I would not have said what I was thinking, which would have been something like “Why did I ever think having children was a good idea??” I would have said to whichever child had done it “OK, go get the rag and the water and you are gonna do some scrubbin’, kid!!” Oh…I cannot even imagine that honey being everywhere. I feel your pain.

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