Featured Blog: Centsational Girl

If you love a good before and after (I know I do)– you will love this site I found today. LOVELY STUFF.

Pure disbelief! How does this woman get so much painting done? It left me awed and a lot depressed.

Playroom before ^

Playroom after ^

Here`s another sample:

Girl`s room before ^

Girl`s room after ^ …So pret-TY!

Click here to go on a “fun trip” with Centsational Girl.

You`re welcome!


Today`s SSS (Super Simple Saver)– are from Nathan Martin (his wife, I assume?):

Love these ideas!

“Slice whole mushrooms with an egg slicer for uniform slices. I love to cook with fresh mushrooms.  I prefer to buy the whole ones, they seem to stay fresh longer in my refrigerator”.

“Hide the occasional grey hair with mascara that matches your hair color. How do you spell grey/gray? Ah”.

And to answer your question, both spellings of gray/grey are correct. 🙂

I am still looking for more SSSs. I love getting them from you. Info here.

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  1. Carmen Byler says:

    Oh.my.word!! Does that lady have the touch or what?!?! Just like you Jenny! ! !

  2. Dorcas says:

    I was just visiting her blog again last night and wasn’t sure whether to be inspired or completely depressed…I LUV that playroom, tho. 🙂 I also love seeing all your pictures. You have such Beautiful!!! style.

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