Happy Monday.

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1. My guest room, where I put all the junk that I love that doesn`t go anywhere else.

2. We have lived in our new/old house for 3.5 months now- and my favorite thing about it is the open windows in the living room where I can just GAZE out at the drifting snow, the stately town courthouse, and whoever is walking over to the lawyer`s office beside us. It soothes my soul every morning when I walk into the room. Btw- I`m not here to say this is a great lighting shot or anything. 🙂

3. “HOUSE / HOME”. I adore gluing little chalkboards to old silver found at thrift stores. Tarnished silver cleans up in seconds with a wet rag and Barkeeper`s Friend. Why people get rid of tarnished silver- well, I can`t wrap my brain around that. Anyways- they make great plant markers. We live in town and I want to put a raised bed in our back yard this spring. I`ll have to make more of these, I think they would look nice as row markers.

4. My chalkboard table- that I am sure ya`ll have seen before. The perfect addition to the playroom. Another fun thing to do– that can be seen here– is super glue pretty & cool plates to candle sticks. F-u-n. Nice place to display nice chocolates, or vintage postcards.

5. I had to “snap” this little birdie- because it`s another of the little (stinky perfume) AVON bottles I wrote about 2 posts ago. I LOVE little birdies and this one got spray painted and is quite darling in this jar, I think. She was quite ugly, but I don`t have a “before” pic.

6. Laila & I.

7. This is a plain old jar, leftover Reindeer moss and a “G” Christmas ornament. I bought the moss and ornament at Pottery Barn when we were there before Christmas. Two little (cheaper) reminders of G and my fun day in the city.

8. I got these darling little Gap shoes for Elle at a thrift store. I had washed them before I wore them on her and they were drying on the radiator so prettily, I had to include them. 🙂

9. Another play room picture. That`s Elle there. She thought it was very cool to put her little Strawberry Shortcake doll on the plate when I took a picture of it. I love her. 🙂

10. More upscale-ish places love to sell these clear, little votives– but Walmart makes them too (for a lotta less dollars) and I just LOVE to stick them all over plain, or embellish them with labels and twine.

11. A poster I ordered from Amazon. I tacked it onto a $3 thrift corkboard covered in burlap. I kinda like it– but haven`t hung it because something isn`t right yet. I think maybe the burlap should be white linen or something to keep the lines of the room soothing and fluid. I`m not really sure?? And ideas?

By now you are probably asking yourself why I do this waste my time making little collages and then typing about “pretty things”.

Well, this blog is my therapy. I come here when I`m bored or want to feel inspired. I ADORE following creative bloggers and feel so refreshed after looking at other lady`s gifts and expressions of beauty.

I think out loud on here and just kinda spit out what I`m rolling around in my pea sized brain at the time. I don`t think my neighbors care when I glue or measure, but I guess you do. Well, you`re here anyways… hahaha So yeah- I love the conversations, even if I don`t get 100% of my comments answered- I love to hear what you think and I love when you leave ideas or tell me what you`re working on.

Plus. God created this earth and when He did, He went all out. He didn`t paint the world in black and white. I`m pretty sure He got great pleasure from making the reds and the golds and all the lovely textures. For me, beauty is Worship. Worshipping the Creator of Beauty- He thought of it first.

[And He is ‘pretty good’ at that whole- turning trash to treasure thing too].

But that`s just me. 🙂


My SSS (Super Simple Saver) from me to you today is:

A link! A FABULOUS IDEA here (pictured below), and a very darling blog.


(Photo from Rocky Bella)

So worth your time to check it out.

Thank you, Karli @ Rocky Bella! 🙂

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  1. Mary June Miller says:

    Keep it up! I absolutely love what you are doing here. And love to see all your pictures, etc. This is a gift of yours!

    “For me, beauty is Worship. Worshipping the Creator of Beauty- He thought of it first.” – amen & amen! Love your heart – this is so true and I believe that when we respond in worship – that it must BLESS Him so much!

    Love you – Mj

  2. Sandi says:

    Jenny, thank-you for inspiring me this morning! This is your “song” and you are singing it for God’s glory. I love your ideas and your honest writing. I don’t comment often enough, but know that I read and enjoy so much. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Betty says:

    I love to come here.

  4. Jenny says:

    thank you! you all were a huge encouragement to me! very kind of ya“ll to stop by. 🙂

  5. Aug says:

    I loved your thoughts about worship and they struck me especially much because we just had a discussion in our Sunday School class at church on Sunday about worship. I might even quote you on Wednesday night at our Bible study when we continue our discussion on worship. Love your pictures and your thoughts and your sense of humor!

    • Jenny says:

      thanks, aug. 🙂
      yes, i just really think that we have things like “singing” all neatly boxed up as true worship. it is a great way to worship. but what about people who can“t sing? it has been a journey to see that what my gift is– often can be a great way to “see God”. and understand more of what He is like.
      also, in a Bible study, we learned that one of God`s attributes is beauty. which is something he places with-in woman specifically. i mean do men demonstrate beauty in their person? i think not.
      i think a woman should be able to hold two sticks in her hands and make them beautiful.
      that doesn“t really make sense, but you get the idea.

  6. Charity says:

    My head just spins with your ability to turn something ugly into something SO cute…actually I’m a little bitter that it comes so easily for you…but OH well! #8: Chloe had shoes just like that once but I took them to Other Mothers a few weeks ago…

    • Jenny says:

      THAT`S WHERE I BOUGH THEM!!!!!! AH- this is hilarious.

      • Charity says:

        Funny! Well, I feel better knowing they have found a good home. It’s always very hard for me to part with the girls’ clothes and I always walk away feeling sad and wistful.

  7. Heather says:

    Your Monday sounds wonderful! Now I want to know how you do it???? My house is always trashed by the time the weekend is through. We always get home WAY late on Sunday night and seems like Monday is the day to get caught up on all the things that got neglected over the weekend. What am I doing wrong?

  8. Dorcas says:

    Love the God/beauty/worship paragraph and it fits in precisely with a talk I’m giving at a women’s retreat in PA this weekend. do I have your permission to quote you??? Or wait, maybe you’ll actually BE there–it’s at Faith Builders or somewhere close by and maybe that’s where you’re from. If you’re there make sure you announce yourself so I can have you stand up and be honored.

  9. Carla says:

    I came here to say that your blog makes a difference and touches more lives than you know! We had a great ladies’ seminar today and Dorcas quoted you in her talk. I remembered reading your words here. Then I saw that she already contacted you. Blessings to you as you worshipfully create (or is it creatively worship).

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