You`ve Got Mail.


Something dropped through the slot in my front door.

And landed on my floor.

Why am I so excited?


This came in the mail.


You can`t think of a better word than that?

How about–

beautous, bewitching, gorgeous, delightful, captivating,

delicate, delicious, delightful,

alluring, adorable, fair,

lovesome, knockout, pleasing, scrumptious,

dainty, comely, exquisite. …

That`s better.

I love me my Anthropologie wishbook!

[I said “wishbook” because catalouge, catouloge, catalogg is a word I cannot spell.]

Catalog. There it is!

Would I love to LOOK like what, while I serve you all THAT?

Well, yes I would!

Check. out. that. buffet.

A ghost is not turning the page.

That`s why it`s so helpful to have children.

Two year olds make great page turners.

No, Laila doesn`t wear fancy sweaters to bop around the house.

Grimy jammies or sticky pants usually.

Elle Laments.

“Mom, we`ll never have a life like this!”

I told her something very wise,

“In heaven we will”.

No, we didn`t say that.

Plus, I`ve heard that heaven is out of our comprehension.



A bedroom fit for a very artsy, and classy little family.

That`s not us.

We have a layer of dust on our headboards and dresser right now.

And the sheets are always bunched up from two small lassies that love to climb in and slumber too.

[I thought “lassies” more Anthro-ish than “girls”.]

But I don`t think it really works there either.

I guess my mind just goes to a certain legendary, heroic dog.

Moving on…

Is it okay to say that a CATALOG of pretty things made her-

generally happy , sometimes hectic, and yes, also humdrum


a lot


lovely today?


Today`s SSS is from Michele:

(THANK YOU, Michelle!)

Awesome idea.

“Super Simple Saver: When cooking double the recipe and stick half of it in the freezer for later. I do this with spaghetti, lasagna, chicken tetrazzini, tator tot casserole, refrigerator mash potatoes, chili soup. It comes in very handy when you know you’re going to have a busy day!”


and a Post Script:

I need more SSSs from YOU.

For info click HERE.

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  1. lisa says:

    you have a slot in your front door where your mail swishes in? sigh. that is anthro-ish!!

    • Jenny says:

      haha, it is kinda cool, i guess. i didn“t put it there though. great for lazy moms who don`t like to tromp in snow.

  2. Linda Hershey says:

    I must say I have become more..”worldy-wise”, shall we say, because of you. Before you there was no “Anthropologie”. And now there is!
    And I wish I was smart enough to come up with cool SSS ideas. Really. Not only can I not think what to put on walls,I can’t think of cool tips to make life easier…

  3. julana says:

    i want that magiz.!

  4. Anonymous says:

    …you must realize the baileyandme2 picks up my spirits like antropologie does yours….your creative spirit of making boring “normal’ things beautiful speaks LIFE to me…and i love that right now in this long winter…thank-you!!

  5. Ruby says:

    oops that was me.. funny at times i feel invisible now i don’t even have a name….

  6. Heather says:

    Sounds so lovely! The pictures seem so fresh and beautiful. Makes me look forward to spring and summer and all the beauty that comes with them.

  7. Clarita Yoder says:

    LOVE this post! Pictures of your house and your girls are so warm and inviting. And I LOVE what you said about Beauty being Worship. I never put it into those words before, but that is how I view it as well. It draws my soul to God to create, to restore, to be in and work with beauty… You said it so well.

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