The Children I Call “Ours”.

I have been so busy lately- I thought it would be fun to snap some pictures of my girls.

You  know, before they start telling me who`s boss and asking for money.

Oh, wait- the one already does that.

In my brief history of being a writer on a blog…

…my hus has always told me that my traffic slows considerably the days I post pictures of my kids.


(That was you guys)

I guess it took me years to figure out I wasn`t the only person who was proud of her children. And yes, I know my old posts like this, with 50 pictures of baby Elle with her head tilted 5 degrees differently on each picture can sure be BOR-ING!

Hey, I am learning.

All that said.

I didn`t go through swollen ankles, going under the knife, and taking Vicadin home with me– for nothing.

(I am a C-section girl)

Plus, this is my space.

SO HERE… is my shout-out!

I love my Elle-belly and my Laila-consuala.


Oh, really- you thought ‘Belly’ was Elle`s real middle name?

Well then, I can`t help you.

Here I said, “Can mommy, PLEASE take a picture of you?”

And she is really saying, “I am looking at you, mommy”.

As she looks at the floor, with her arms folded.

That is so Elle. There is no better way to describe her.

Deliberate, opinionated…

Wait, where does she get that?

I mean WHO ELSE in this family is opin…ion…ated… ?

If you know us, you are laughing now.

Well, it might not make you laugh– but you`ll know the answer.

(A. is G)

Here I said, “Please get up on the couch with Laila, so mommy can take a nice picture of you two.”

Elle did try. But she was holding an eraser (why?)  and as she climbed past Laila, she bumped her in the face with it.

Now Laila is crying.

And Elle is saying,

“I really sorry, baby”. Over and over.

But it`s over for Laila.

And now she sees her Giver Of Life.


Really. What kind of mother keeps taking pictures when her baby is crying?


Yes. Right. I need to put my camera down, and go gather up my screaming baby.

Plus, I hear small children in the cereal cupboard, and the sound of chips in mouth.

Later. Love, Jenny


Todays`s SSS (Super Simple Saver) is from Christine!!

Thanks a mill!

“This is a sanity saver…. sometimes when my children are fighting and I am too upset to deal with it, I give myself a timeout on the basement steps. A little prayer and some time to cool-down and I’m ready to be the mom again. They are usually quietly waiting  to see what the verdict will be”.
“Here’s an electricity saver……run your washer or dishwasher at night time when electric is cheaper. Never quite sure how much this saves or if it does at all, but it’s worth a try. i like to think that at least somethings working while I sleep”.
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  1. Aug says:

    Hey, we can always scroll through the many pictures of your kids as quickly or slowly as we want to…so it’s all good. Your girls are adorable! I love that “Giver of Life” line, when Laila was crying!

  2. Jenny says:

    so true. so wise, aug. 🙂

  3. Marylou says:

    OH. MY. WORD.
    So I am addicted to your new blog!!
    I told myself I WOULD get up from the computer at 3 o’clock but now its 3:05 and I’m still here! You’ve given me so much inspiration to do stuff around my house to make it special!! I can’t wait to get started. Favorite of all??? THE PILLOWS with fabric painted script. The possiblities are endless!! K….coming back here when I have more time. Blessings!

  4. lisa says:

    i read that paragraph several times where you talked about the footprints dropping off when you post pictures of your girls. i was SURE i was somehow reading it wrong, and you meant that it increases traffic. i totally like those posts the best. so there is my vote.

  5. diane says:

    i love it best when you post pictures of your babies. thats cause i miss you so much. since you won’t put tons of pictures of yourself up (naturally) i can look at them and see you. luv di

  6. Lois Ann says:

    I had to laugh at your screaming baby and you snapping away with the camera.

  7. Linda Hershey says:

    Yeah, I wrinkled up my brow and said “Huh?” when your dear husband said the traffic slowed down with kid pics. He is, after all, a male. I guess.
    If nothing else, us women want to feel affirmed that somewhere in all the adorable pics of YOUR beautys there’s one that makes us feel good about our own kids!
    They are cutie-patooties, for sure!

  8. Charity says:

    Totally relating to the frustration of trying to take DECENT pictures. Maybe that’s why I have barely taken any in the last month?

  9. Anita says:

    Hey Jenny, I haven’t read your blog in a while, and I stumbled onto this entry, and it made my day. You and Galen’s kids are way too cute. Love the pictures -and I especially love the witty way that you write! Thanks for sharing…

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