Junk, Part 2.

Okay. In my last post I showed you some junk I had deliberately picked up on my last “thrift store run”– planning to revamp.

Today`s post will show you the results. Mmm, I had so much fun. I hope you have fun too, when I show you, and we can share in the fun together.

Skill level: Anyone can do it.

I guess that is one of two reasons I wanted to do this, is just to show you how easy it is. And it takes no skill what.so.ever.

It takes only a zeal and a desire to do it. I have to roll my eyes whenever someone acts like it`s a skill you acquire, it`s really not.

Honestly? It`s mostly in this secret weapon right here.

Once you hold within your hand, this can of spray paint primer ($4) – you become Captain Awesome.

You can do anything. Anything.

See, if you would try to spray paint say like, that gold little birdcage with out this primer, all your paint would roll off, and not stick and you would want to say some very bad words.

Like say- “Oh,  no!” and, “Arrgh!” 😉

Once you coat with this– btw, I use it on wood, metals, plastic- any other paint pretty much sticks to any surface. And you can find it at Walmart and anywhere after.

So, yup, that`s pretty much all you need to know. Easy peasy.

I said I did this for 2 reasons. The second reason I will tell you at the end of the post.


Can we just give 3 cheers for white paint! I cannot say it enough– paint covers a multitude of sins. Can we say fresh beginnings…


Here I will show before and afters and talk a little about each one.

This looked hopeless. This was my favorite of these re-dos.

All I did was spray with primer, spray again with regular white spray paint, then carefully painted the circle part with chalkboard paint. Three coats of that, I think.

Welcome to the early 2000s, Mrs. 1960!!

Mmm, sorry, but I kinda love her.


Here`s my 2nd favorite of the re-dos.

See, this brown box WAS SO BORING that the only shot “before” that I have is with it in the background.

Talk about a wall flower!

Happy sigh.

This yellow adhesive paper was found the same day I bought all this junk. It`s a pretty large roll for $1. I thought it was cool, but laid it down twice in the store– just because I couldn`t picture in my mind where I would use it.

It was so fun to use it with this box once I started working on it. I lined the box because it was a boring, hideous brown inside.

Details of painting are: Primed, applied 3 coats with a brush and then adhered a stickers from Cavellini and Co.  (shown below).


Hmm, yes. Gag me now.

Yup, nothing more then primed and spray painted.

She was a fun one too. Super easy.

Having fun with her on the coffee table. 🙂


Ah, yes, the Box of Bore.

Taking “vanilla” to a new level– the index box.

Now she is pretty and ready to be seen; instead of hiding in shame all these years.

Seriously, I bet this is the first time anyone has looked at her in the past 50 years and actually SAW her.

Here she is hanging with her new friends.


The Madonna figurine.

The reason I picked her up, is that I am seeing that solid color figurines are so in.

As long as there is a defined shape ANYTHING can be painted a solid color and look trendy and “new” all over again.

It was really, really hard to capture on pictures how she looks different than before.

I thought of painting her another color other than white, just so she would stand out better. But no, she was made to be white. I love how she doesn`t look so ceramic anymore– her cheesy gloss is gone.

She did not turn out perfectly. As you can see her forehead and neck dried kinda ripply.

That`s the beauty of it– now she looks imperfect, which makes her special.

I love how since she is painted she looks more like a peasant girl, than a Madonna. I think she would look really cool sitting on a lovely dresser holding necklaces around her neck. (As a place to store them)

Pretty and practical.


The only “before” shot I had of the little frames.

Gold and old. Old, being the reason I gave them a chance.

Fun to do.


Had to take a picture of the birdie and the bowl, even though they were too pretty to re-do…

When I was looking in my files for all the previously shown pictures, I came across this re-do that I thought I would throw in here too.

Since I know birds are cool. I grabbed this at a Goodwill the other week. But ugh- the frame! It`s wooden, orange tinted stain did nothing for me, but make me think of the 80s.

I really wanted the bird picture but didn`t really want to pay $2.50 just for a print. You know how it is if someone gives you something free, but it`s so gross you don`t even want it near your person? That`s how this frame made me feel.

Since the lady said, “No, they are a set”

(I understand)

I decided to show her some love.

The frame, not the lady.

Like I said, paint really covers a multitude of sins. Goodbye 1980s!


Now. You know how I said earlier that there were two reasons for doing this?

Well, I have been so, (there are no words) touched? at your kind words since I have been back. I have just the sweetest readers ever. I have been so wishing I could something fun and nice for ya`ll. To kinda “give back”.

Something fun– like a give-away.

I don`t really have much cash though and was just thinking and thinking what my give-away could be. And I decided to do, well THIS for my giveaway. Give you the stuff I have shown.

I am kinda putting myself out there because the voices in my head are telling me, “They are rolling their eyes at you, no one wants your junk”.

But I decided to anyways. If it`s not your style- you can always give it as a gift if you win. Plus, if only 2 people enter my giveaway, then you have a %50 chance of winning!

The giveaway will START this WEDNESDAY. Check back then, for more details.

I think what I will do, is separate the items into lots, and do 1 giveaway a week, until all items are gone– and then whoever wins can pick a lot.

It`s gonna be fun. Won`t you join us?


My SSS (Super Simple Savers) today is from ME:

Unoriginal I know, but I am out of entries from ya`ll. Please be kind and send me more.

Please send them to Ilovegk@gmail.com and put “SAVERS” in your subject line. thx!

Here it is:

If you have a 2 year old that suffers from uncontrollable urges to write on walls and yet begs for markers and paper to “write ABCs”– (how can you refuse such an educational idea?) make then sit in a high chair like this if they want to write. It`s the only way she can have markers and then she is very contained.

I know, I know it`s a lame SSS, but it`s the best I could do.

Send me something better.

Lolla says,

“Goodbye ya`ll. Come on back when you can stay longer!”

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  1. Mary June Miller says:

    Wow! Jenny – they’re so fun! Can’t wait to come back for the giveaway! Maybe this time I can win something. ( :

    Seriously – I know you roll your eyes when someone says you need talent to do this – but you really do have the ‘knack’ of seeing the beauty in something that others see as junk! And I would take these things – all of them!

    Love you – Mj

  2. Amber says:

    Amazing. I wish you’d come give my house some love or maybe just go thrift shopping with me. 🙂 You seriously have a gift. I will def. be back for the giveaway!

  3. Jenny says:

    Mj and Amber– you two have been so supportive! I don“t take your kind words for granted! God bless ya, ladies!! Love, Jenny

  4. Shannon says:

    You really do make it look so easy – I think the boxes were my fave – that is so something I totally don’t even look at when I go to GW. Now I’ll have to start.

  5. Heidi says:

    Ok now I’m inspired! I’m gonna go through my stuff and see what I can give a new life!:)

  6. Becky says:

    wow, jenn!! i have been waiting to see what you would come up with!! beautimous!! i was thinking that the mirror would make a cute chalkboard, too. 🙂 your talent has such cool style!

  7. Betty says:

    yes, jen it’s easy or well do-able w/your step-by-step pictures,
    but w/out that i wounldn’t have a clue to use primer 1st so no eye rolling 🙂 keep on sharing your giftedness !! (a word??)

  8. Charity says:

    I agree with Betty, I wouldn’t have known to use a primer–but now I do! Everything turned out really great!

  9. Rachel says:

    I just love your style! I think I will go through my Junk too 🙂

    I will be back Wednesday 🙂 I also agree “its a gift you have” I see stuff like that and all I think is ugly! I think the gift you have is seeing the beauty in anything, sure other people can do it too AFTER they get the idea from someone l else ( thats me)

    Thanks for inspiring me ~Rach

  10. Tracy says:

    Wow I am very inspired too. You make it look so easy, I need to go through some of my junk and see if there is any hope for it. I must say you do have a gift!!

  11. Linda Hershey says:

    I Really think you DO have a gift! I went to the thrift store after seeing all your “unlovables” and tried to make my mind think outside the box…I left with books!!! To read, not makeover!
    Def be back Wednesday! Thanks for not second-guessing and talking yourself out of this giveaway! Like I would/do!!

  12. Andrea Esh says:

    Hey Jenny, I really like your new site and am glad your back in bloggy land. And like the others say you do have a gift, because trust me, if I would buy junk to refinish, it would stay looking like junk not urber cool decorations. BTW i really like the madonna bust.

  13. Naomi says:

    Jenny,I very much enjoyed the “transformations”And you really have a gift,thank-you for sharing it with us!

  14. Sanny says:

    Jenny… no doubt about it… your eyes see things others can not. I look at your pictures and I love what you do with things… but when I look at “junk” like that in a thrift store, I roll my eyes that they think anyone would want to buy it. Your blog has inspired me to think beyond first impressions. Part of my problem is that I’ll pick something up, planning to re-do it, and then it sits in my basement for a couple years before I get around to either pitching it or putting it on garage sale. So part of your gift is loving what you do! Cheers to you!

  15. julana says:

    amazing simply amazing that stuff all was. i love thAT bird picture at the end esp well! also i love love those jars you gave me. .’ll be the first to take your overflow anyday. i put the jars all different places trying to decide were there home should be. i finally found the perfect spots AND things to put inside. they make me smile when i see them. can’t wait for you to see.

  16. Drusilla says:

    Seriously, you say it does’nt take talent but its definently a God given gift to be able to look at “junk” and see something beautiful!!! I love LOVE seeing all these things come to life!!! hey maybe you should open a lil store a couple days a week an sell your stuff!! I be you’d do great:)

  17. mariann says:

    you ALWAYS put me in the mood to do some redecorating with what i have….or give somthing a new live:)thank you!ENJOY your blog very much.

  18. Aug says:

    Its not that it is hard to re-do the things. I mean, I know how to spray primer and paint on something. BUT, the issue is to see the things and buy them realizing what you can do with them and then actually following through with doing it…AND know where to put them in your house. THIS, my friend, is the skill I am lacking. And that gift that you have an abundance of. I was hoping your give-a-way would be that you could come to someone’s home and transform it to look as awesome as yours. That’s what I need!!

  19. Tina Hostetler says:

    Wow, I love the new site and all your ideas!! I may just come back here with a few questions for you. 🙂
    Your taste and style is just lovely!

  20. Clarita Yoder says:

    You. Are. Amazing. And INSPIRING!! I LOVE your new blog!! Everything about it speaks warmth, invitation, and creativitity. Just LOVE it. I haven’t been on here yet since you moved, and I am having so much fun. Being SO inspired. And I will not be gone so long again. My soul is bettered for having come here. Really!

    Absolutely LOVE what you did with these junk-turned-treasures! You have such a gift to see beauty in something unattractive, and turning it into that beauty. Love your practical tips – you make it look so easy and doable. Spray paint is one of my best friends too. 🙂

    I’m thinking that I would love to live closeby to you. 🙂 You feel like a dear friend, and I’ve never even met you! I love your creativity, and your heart. You have a beautiful heart.

  21. MonicaR says:

    Such neat ideas. I love them. I definitely could see some of those things looking great in my house. Thanks for sharing.

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