Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Drum roll…

And … the…



(enough of the dots already)


and she said,

“Oooo! How fun are YOU??!!! Sooo fun!! :)
Ok, Spring!
I dream of finally feasting my eyes on lush green medows. I LOVE the color green so-
green trees in all it’s spring beauty
Green soft grass
My little boy’s cutsie little toes in SANDALS for the FIRST time! :)
That sweet smell of flowers!
BRIGHT sunshine (the kind you have to squint) haha
Dancing in my car, with the windows down, singing with my little man in the back seat!! Woop woop!
I could go on and on… but I won’t! Instead I will go link your site so I can maybe win a prize!! hee hee !!
Can’t wait till Monday now!!!
You really are too cool & very generous!! :)


Honey, you call me ‘cool’ and “generous’ and I will GET YOU A PRIZE. 🙂

I`m so happy for Ashadee, she is my cousin`s wife and a wonderful lady on fire for Jesus! Congrats, you so deserve it.

I have to add here, that I LOVED reading your spring themed comments. It just made me feel all warm and happy and blessed my day when I read them…

The theme I heard the most was, open windows (yes, happy), lilacs, and flip flops. I guess we all love the same things, when it comes right down to it.



PS. I will try and edit this post and let ya`ll know which prize she picked- as soon as she picks it!

PSS! The winner was chosen with and the winning number was 46. (I did not count the one comment that I left)

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  1. Linda Hershey says:

    Thanks for not adding any more dots..the suspense was. killing. me. And now I can go cry in my orange juice!!
    But your cousin’s wife DOES sound like she deserved to win!…”dancing in my car with the windows down”… I was like, now THAT is living in the Spring!! Can’t wait for the windows down in my “sporty” blue mini-van…

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