Jar Art.


Can the Holder of Relish ever look good again?

I don`t promise this to be the most interesting post I have ever spit out, but here are some pics of something I tried awhile back.

Wash them good. The labels come off pretty well if you soak them in hot soapy water and rub off with a scouring pad.

It`s nice to have ready labels like these, but you can easily cut and paste label-like things that you find that have character, from all over.

Prime lids, spray paint them any color. Black worked well in my opinion.

I even did a few of the lids with chalkboard paint. I though this would make a fun gift. Then you could write the person`s name on the lid and fill it with chocolate or candy or whatever.

Yes, I know chocolate is candy- I just think it`s in a class of it`s own.

This was my favorite jar. I wish I had a better picture of it. I didn`t really need these jars- so I gave them to my sisters.

I loved the simplicity of this one. It holds chalk.

Cute cork holders.

A great gift and a handmade one at that. 🙂

I have painting to do in the basement and it`s almost too dirty to take the girls down with me. But I have to. I have been dreading this since last night.If a certain someone (me) would just sweep her basement this wouldn`t be so dreaded.

I was at a ladies seminar this week with God as our Father as the theme. I wish I had HOURS to try and share all the thoughts running through my brain. I feel like I learned so much and especially feeling more in touch with the Holy Spirit.

All Laila will eat is bananas. Do I keep buying the biggest bunches they sell and be okay with this? Hmm.

And with those thoughts I will leave you. Love, Jenny


Today`s SSS (Super Simple Saver) comes from SHEL-LY, with some great ones!

My close friend since birth- our moms went to Lamaze together.:)

Here we go:

“I buy a large bottle of fabric softener dump half of it out and refill container with water and use  it just like you would normally.  When its empty I pour in the other half I have set aside and fill the rest with water.  It’s like 2 for the price of one!”


“Another one I was just thinking about the other day.  When my kids are little and I need babyfood for them, I make a pot of  mixed veggies or whatever and then when they are soft I put it in the blender till its smooth.  Next, I put them into an ice tray and freeze it into little cube sizes.  Then you can put them into little baggies or a container and getout one little serving at a time.  So easy if you dont have any “babyfood” on hand.  By the way I got this idea from my mom.”

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  1. Amber says:

    Very cute idea! And please tell where you get cute labels! I have a little, square white frame that needs something besides a photo. 🙂

  2. julana says:

    and i can even say i am the proud owner now of 2 of those adorable jars. THANKS! i already got compliments on them!

  3. Thelma Musser says:

    such a good idea. i have trouble throwing out jars. i have a whole box of ‘junk jars’ in the basement. i figure sometime i will have a fabulous deck or Christmas party, fill them partway with sand and put in a votive candle. rows of them lit make great ambience:-)

  4. Betty says:

    Love it!! I have all these cute jars in my can cellar & am not a lover of canning or jelly making, but now you have inspired me once again- a use for the jars. thanks!

  5. Carmen Byler says:

    You are so gifted! The way you started out your blog, I figured it wouldn’t be that great….BUT, I love you creativity!! Keep them great ideas comin’ lady! =)

    • Jenny says:

      🙂 that`s funny. i`m so happy we get to be at your house tonight! you have such a spirit of hospitality and i can`t wait to see where the bylers live!

  6. jennie z says:

    cute cute idea!!

  7. Linda Hershey says:

    NOW THIS I CAN DO. A perfect gift idea.
    Did you ever try it with tin cans? I was thinking of wrapping them with cool fabric or designed paper…and then the kids can put crayons, markers in them…whatever kids dream of putting in decorated tin cans!! Any tips from smart you would be appreciated!!

  8. Clarita says:

    Cute cute!! I’ve done this with glass baby food jars before, and loved it. For some reason I never thought of big jars! Definitely will try this! 🙂

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