Easter Dresses and Cute Chicks.

[Courtesy Green Wedding Shoes]

I am soo wishing I had time to make Easter dresses like this (above) for my girls.

Click on, for larger view.

I bet I sat and looked at this picture for probably 5 minutes.

They take my breath away.

Oh well- Elle and Laila are wearing cute ones anyway.

Even if they are from a  store. And not handmade.


How about this one?

You also can`t really go wrong with this pretty & happy number from Boden.

[Janie and Jack]

Also finding this one “speaking to me”.

[Sugar City Journal]

LO00-Ve these 2 handmade dresses.

Sugar City Journal was actually the very first sewing blog I came across that made me really fall in love with sewing again.

HERE are tons of pictures of her beautiful, one of a kind clothes she makes for kids. (Enjoy!)

(Needs a candle in it yet.)

The porch is coming slowly.

I admit it has been really discouraging because it just hasn`t worked out the way I had planned in my head.

Notice how I took all very close up shots, so you can`t see how bad the rest of it looks yet.


You just never know where you might meet an unexpected friend.

On the mantel, at that!

(Anyone recognize the white bird- as the bird from this former giveaway?)

Even the chicky-est chicks get lonely.

And long to belong in a great friendship.

Friends forever.


And you never know when you might meet someone that is looking for a friend too.

That might like to join your group.

Even  if that person looks a lot different than you.

Happy Resurrection Weekend!

May you celebrate JESUS this weekend…

I love you all, Jenny 🙂


P. Graham Dunn Giveaway still open here!!

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  1. Becky says:

    jenn, your chicks in the last pic cRaCk me up! 🙂 happy easter!

  2. Charity says:

    Hehe, the singing birds made me laugh out loud…your little arrows served their purpose! But laughter aside, AMEN! And your links are all so great, SOME day I will take the time to browse through them.

  3. Christy says:

    Pretty dresses! Especially like the last one.

  4. Aug says:

    Those little chicks with their whole conversation about friendship and including others…ok, a little corny, but very funny! And doesn’t it just bless your heart that they all ended up praising the Lord together? I don’t even have an “Easter Dress” for Nicole, so if you bought some, consider yourself better off than I am!

  5. Christy says:

    I love the chickies! That’s the sort of thing that just makes me smile and smile, not laugh but smile big for a long time.

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