Everday Lovelies, Pt. 1

I would be lying, if I made it look like my life is full of lovelies everyday.


I have been having such stress with my girls the last 3 days- that today I mentally pictured myself with the top of my head literally blowing off.

I told G tonight,

“I ask myself 50, no 100, times a day what I am doing wrong and- I don`t know… they are just so grouchy”.

He calmly said, “It`s not you- it`s them”.

That`s what I thought!

Laila cries 24/7- I pity her so bad, but I`m not sure what`s wrong with her. She does not appear to be sick, just very hot and angry.

Elle, well, here`s a snapshot of a few moments with that little darling. Oh, I just can`t help but love her.

(Mother`s love.)


The other night she was wearing panties, although not fully trained. She was in the fridge– like she is NOT supposed to be- and dumped a jar of salsa out onto the floor. She must have been riddled in guilt and nervous, because she also peed right there, in the middle of the salsa mess.

If you think cleaning up a salsa-pee combo is not fun- well, you just don`t have a good sense of humor!


Today in Target Elle dumped a box of apple juice over Laila`s head. The juice went in my purse too.

Apple juice is sticky.

I took off Laila`s shirt, and made Elle wear just her undershirt, so Laila could have Elle`s top shirt.

Got all that?

Laila`s hair got real crunchy and curly, once the juice dried. So after that, every stop we made- when we went through the cash line, I felt the need to explain why her hair looked like that to the cashier.

Yes, G says I have a tendency to over share.

And that sometimes I talk, just to fill awkward silences.


Today at Aldi, Elle screamed so loudly for an apple, as we went through the cash line, that finally a grouchy, little grandma- that had been staring at us earlier- called over to me,

“Can I give her an apple?”

I heard, but had no idea she was talking to me.

I looked up when I heard,


“Um yes!” I said, excited.

She walked over to our line and gave it to Elle. She said,

“Will you be nice to your mama now?”

Elle firmly shook her head NO, and swung her swishy hair from side to side.

I know though- that that little gramma knows… this mama`s got `er covered!


Or how about the other night when I was getting ready for a school function by myself and Elle got perm marker and wrote all over our bed sheets.

Big black swirlies all over the sheets we love.

Five minutes later-

Right before we were ready to leave, I couldn`t find Elle. I looked for her so long, I finally called G at school. He said he would leave right away and come home to help me find her.

As soon as I hung up the phone I heard a girlie squeak. About 5 minutes later, I finally found her, huddled in a little corner, up in my art room.

Clutching a red perm marker.

She had gotten a little jab of it, on her new blouse I had just bought for her. 🙁


I was gonna close with some uplifting pictures- from every day life around here. But in going with the theme, I guess today you get these:

“Oh, momma- how can you not love this noodle/snot/pizza sauce face?”

This exquisite photograph is called,

Noodles on floor.

Dancing in my mess.. and PROUD of it.


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  1. Becky says:

    i feel your pain. i really do. 🙂 but you know as they always say….tHiS tOo sHaLl PaSs….read my sarcasm here….i absolutly HATE when i hear that! because i don’t want to live every day WAITING for this to be overwith…but i juuuuust waant a break! have a happy!

  2. Tracy says:

    Wow sounds like your girls keep you busy. Just some advice mom to mom. I think any mom can identify with the week you had, we all feel like total failures as moms from time to time but just know that you are not!! Just hang in there usually next week is better, and believe me they really do finally grow up a little. Now I sound like an old grandma….but really my girls are tons easier now than they were at 1 and 2. And I must say boys do not whine even half as much as girls or at least that is my experience.

  3. Lynnelle says:

    I find it so uplifting to hear other horror stories like these. It means my life isn’t as abnormal as I thought. When I was at Aldi last, I had a cartload of groceries and girls were wearying of shopping. I was unloading as fast as I could and not paying as much attention to the girls as I should have been. A was bothering S and finally S was tired of it and punched A in the nose. A started screaming very loudly calling all the shopper’s attentions. Sigh, sigh, sigh. Everyone looked on smiling pityingly. Anyway, thanks for sharing and making me feel less like a loser mom. 🙂

  4. anna says:

    your salsa-pee combo made me laugh and cry both.

    Sometimes when my kids are so horrible I loose it and yell at them, just did it this morning when they were both screaming right when they woke up. Brennan was screaming because he wanted me to dump his ear into the trash can and I didn’t understand him and Kirsten because she didn’t want Brennan to scream, and then I screamed at them to stop, go figure that one. After I finally understood what Brennan wanted and I did indeed hold Brennan’s head upside down into the trash, he stopped screaming and Kirsten’s cry subsided too.
    After that, I sat with them on the couch in peace and Brennan looked at me and gave me a hug and said, “Sorry, Mom.” I was so proud of my little man for beginning the reconciliation process.
    … See More
    May the rest of our days be peaceful.

  5. Marla says:

    Your so great at this blogging thing…maybe you should write a book. I love that your so real and yet have such a great sense of humor about those life moments that most people just try to forget. 🙂 I don’t have kids yet so I can’t pretend to understand, but when I do I hope I go through the “little lovilies” with as much grace and fortitude as you seem to. Hang in there…your kids are lucky to have you for their mom!

  6. marilyn says:

    my favorite line is “Oh just enjoy them – they grow up so fast!” In the middle of not getting much sleep, sharpies where you don’t want them to be, and so much whining from 2 little girls that you have a permanent twitch – that phrase just about sends me over the edge. While it does have a messure of truth to it – I have personally promised myself not to allow those words to cross my lips unless I am at her door with supper, cookies, and an hour to stay with the kids so she can shower in peace!
    oh and the subject of house cleaning is a touchy one too…..seriously – when I have 3 kids 4 and under – don’t give me a hard time for not spring cleaning this year! (that really did happen to me a couple of years ago! She bluntly asked me where I am at with spring cleaning and I calmly announced its not happening at the coblentz house this year………yikes. The response was not pretty)

    • Jenny says:

      love it marilyn! my spring cleaning comes and goes too. for sure not all in one week. i have been “working on it” for weeks now, too. 🙂

  7. Cindy says:

    i love it! like the others said, its good to know that my kids aren’t the only ones naughty and I’m not the only mom that can loose it at times! hope tomorrow is a better day! =)

  8. Aug says:

    My two youngest are totally driving me up the wall right now! I feel like I have run out of ideas of how to deal with them. They fight and scream and hit and (oh horrors) Nikki bit Kendall the other day. Hard! Sometimes I just sit there and stare at the wall when I hear screaming and hope that they don’t notice that I am doing nothing about it! I have my limits! Anyway, you are certainly not alone! Maybe its time for a girls’ night out!

  9. Kristen Lehman says:

    Sure can’t wait to have kids of my own someday! Spec that apple juice story.

  10. Carolyn says:

    Oh Jenny (she says as if she knows you), your life sounds normal. Unless we look for lovelies, we’ll have very few in the midst of this part of life.
    The other day my 2 year old disappeared and I found him much, much later 1 1/2 blocks away at the edge of a busy street on the side of an empty lot. Talk about a loser mom moment…

  11. Elmina says:

    This post is such a picture of my life right now! Having kids is so stressful and I know there will be better days ahead, but how to cope with the “here and now?” That’s where I have to literally cry out to God daily for wisdom and emotional strength. I wonder if whining is worse for girls. My girls all know how to whine and drive their mother crazy with it. And quite frequently, their whining gets on the others’ nerves and then I have two or three whining/screaming. Hang in there. I know how it feels. HUGS…

  12. Wow, can I ever RELATE!!! I don’t know what is going on at our house either, but lately I’ve felt on my very LAST nerve! Makes you feel like a rotten mom. Good to see some humor in other people’s lives to make you realize that’s it’s all going to be OKAY even if it doesn’t feel like it! And just love them anyway, just because! 🙂

  13. Shannon says:

    Oh, I can relate – sometimes I think I will go crazy if Nadia insists on sitting on my lap (of which there is little room) and pushing against my stomach one more time. This morning I about lost it when I came down and Stasia had gotten all three of them glasses of milk which they were blowing into with straws so that the milk bubbled up and out onto the counter, then before I could get to the counter Nadia managed to dump her whole glass on the counter and herself and the floor. Not something you feel like waking up to. And we will be adding a baby to this madness in 9 weeks. Good Lord – give me grace.

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