And These Are a Few of my Favorite Things…

One last batch of things I like- “during a regular day”!!

[new crayons]

[playing creatively]

In reality, this project probably didn`t last very long but…

[my baby`s soft curls-awww]

hair gel helps…

[tree branches from G]

Red branch from our own tree, white one from a tree across the road (cough)…

[softness asleep]

Why do babies seem sweeter when sleeping? softer too…

[Bosch washer G just bought for me]

I could rave. I never had a dishwasher before where all the dishes came out clean…

[children`s parties]

Look at blurry Elle and her dead stare in the background…

[adorable daddy moments]

I cannot get over the cuteness of Laila`s bum and plump leg in that first picture…

[sweet southern friends]

No. They are not drinking sweet tea…

[dinner with family]

‘Racheal Ray’ was there…

[creative ‘I dressed myself’ children…

…who won`t let you take their picture]

[my slave, the vacuum]

She has sucked through good times and bad…

[good liquid creamer]

That powder stuff is terrible…

[children interacting]

We didn`t take pictures of the hitting and fighting…

[team spirit on game night]

[my husband home & my computer]

We fight over the computer when he is home…

[Elle centering herself]

Is that a correct Yoga term?

[happy babies- that belong to me]

Dirty face and all…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What enjoyable pictures.

  2. diane says:

    o jenny. i love these posts. its you. so you. all you. the pictures of galen holding his girls as if his life depends on it gave me a tear. you catch the best and worst moments of your girls. these posts always make me miss you so much.

  3. Aug says:

    I got a kick out of Elle “centering herself.” That’s totally what it looked like she was doing. And the new crayons…do you know that I STILL like to color? I don’t know if I should be embarrassed about that or not. Enjoyed your post, as always!

  4. Amber says:

    MMM, I like to color, too. Especially with new crayons! And I’m with you on the creamer! Good vanilla caramel or chai spice. 🙂 Any DH and I fight over the computer, too. 🙂

  5. Becky says:

    ya…i am with aug…loved how elle is centering herself and still love new crayons and coloring with my kids. 🙂 beautiful pix. beautiful moments.

    oh and btw…rachel ray must have lost some weight?? 🙂 joy is so ca-UTE! 🙂

    have a happy!

  6. Linda Hershey says:

    this made me happy.
    so consumer report was onto something when they said Bosch dishwasher leads the pack…? Weldon was sure it was because they were pricier!! So now the prooof is here…
    Love the branch from across the street 🙂

  7. Kristen Lehman says:

    I liked the rachael Ray comment 🙂 always love ur posts. I tried that copying a word off of the comp onto freezer paper to paint a word onto a wooden box.. didn’t turn out as nice as urs but I think Ryan was impressed w the idea 🙂

  8. Hi, this is very random and whatever…but I love to look at your blog and your very interestingly creative ideas!!! [I’m one of your “stalkers” I guess you’d say.] I don’t think we’ve ever met…but somehow I stumbled across your site way back. Anyway what I am wanting to tell you besides I love your style and if I had more time I’d love to try out some of your great ideas…is that I work at a thrift store our school started and we got in a bird cage thing I think pretty much exactly like you re-did…also I have this little pack of eggs that might be a little smaller then the ones you have but I would love to send them to you -free-if you did get rid of the other and would like another. 🙂 I would try it myself but am afraid I’m not going to ever get it done…If you just e-mail me and let me know if you’re interested. So much for my very random and long comment here…Hope you have a wonderful day!

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