Nine Lil Projects.

Just an odd and random collection of things I have been working on for the past couple weeks.

1. The & Pillow

This was so fun to make! I saw the inspiration for the “&” symbol here…

(courtesy of Etc)

Yes, inspiration came from this photo (above)- it`s from the book, Etc.

I have seen various pictures from it`s pages and would love to own this book.

If you have checked out the link… sadly- you will see (by the price tag) why I will never own this design book! 😉

Anyways- I tried to copy how off to the side the symbol was on the pillow. I loved that look.

I used thick cotton and burlap fabrics.

Now where to put it.

Um, yes- I realize it needed to look more lopsided- so as to look intentional.

Oh, well…


2. Twine Jar

I have seen this twine covered bottle idea, a few places online, and here is Aimee`s version.

Mine was a Pellegrino water jar and thick jute (twine).


3. Wooden Character Embellishments.

This kind of project is SO FUN.

Because it`s SO EASY.

You can buy these wooden embellishments at any craft store. I got these at Joann Fabrics.

I paint them black first. Then glue them on with wood glue.

Paint over them. Sand them off. Now the black shines through and adds a lot of pizazz.

Pretty. And they had so many other shapes, too. Long, square, etc.

I could go SO hog-wild with adding this to lots of my projects.

I am thinking they were around $3 for two pieces. Cheapo.


4. Front Door Initial Wreath

Needed: Wreath form, glue gun, moss or other ‘grassy greenery’, a wooden letter, eggs, nest, bird, piece of ribbon or twine…

Inspiration for this project came form this article. I wanted to add a bird, like she did…

But all the birds at Joanns were tack-Y!


5. Outdoor Chalkboard

I am hitting myself for being to lazy to snap a “before” shot of this crusty old piece of wood from the basement.

It was filthy, old and unloved. I saw that it could be SO beautiful.

It got cleaned, then, 3 coats of exterior paint. And then 3 coats of chalkboard paint carefully trimmed in the middle.

This was really fun to see shape up, but took kinda a lot of time.

It needs to be mounted low on the wall yet- but at this point we aren`t sure how to that. It`s very heavy.

I love having it on the porch… I picture summer nights where we will sit and eat supper out there with friends… and the girls will happily create cute pictures and laugh and tickle eachother all night long… so we can talk.. in peace…

Nope, not happening.

This would also go great in a kid`s bedroom or as a fun headboard…

Maybe in the winter?:)


6. Long Sleeve Shirt Re-do

You know how spring comes- and no one buys all the winter stuff at garage sales?

I love revamping shirts for the girls and making them for summer.

It`s fun to save the original cuff and threading, like here.


7. Add an Iron-On Shirt.

Shelly gets all the credit for this.

She showed me these cool Iron Ons when we were at Joanns last time.

Can you tell that is the only good fabric store we have around here? And the closest one is about 40 min away. 🙁

Attach it to a cute and cheap t-shirt.

I ended up sewing it onto the shirt to make it more durable. The T is from Walmart- they have cute ones right now. Four bucks.

We thought this look was very “mini Boden”.


I think it would be cuter- worn with a fun, striped or flowered, shirt.

But mom was too lazy when she snapped the pic. So leggings it was. _________________________________

8. Porch Floor Sandoff.

Before: Remember this ug-u-ly porch. I couldn`t even sweep it, it was so crummy.

After: You were right, Jessica! I sanded it with a belt sander.

It is as smooth as a baby`s bottom now.

I think I am going to leave it like this. I just LOVE how that last layer of white shines through now.


9. Little Buffet Redo

I repainted this little item white. You may remember it from here

This redo, might make some of you really sad. It makes me really happy though. 🙂

White just fits into the room overall better.


Today`s SSS (Super Simple Saver)!

It`s been awhile hasn`t it?

I LOVE this one from my friend, Terri! How simply perfect.

“Maybe this saver can be considered a marriage saver- by some stretch.

I pack Josh’s lunch for work, and recently decided to buy him a masculine little tiny journal (Staples has cool ones) to write a note to him in every day when he eats his lunch.

I’d written notes in his lunch box before- but thought it would be fun to have a little book to keep for years to come of our little notes instead of pitching them every day.  It’s been fun!”

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  1. Shannon says:

    great post! Someday I will get to all these wonderful projects that I keep seeing around – for now I guess I will go back to my ironing. Bleah.

  2. Shelly says:

    The shirt turned out real cute! Cant wait to get one for my kids now. I’m going up there next week so maybe then. I still think your wreath looks better then the one you linked too. love the white K.

  3. Drusilla says:

    Hey:) loved your post!! you are soo creative an fun!!!:) Thought I’d share a simple cheap breakfast that I make for my lil twinnies…Instead of buying the individual packs of oatmeal(the add water an microwave kind) I started making one big batch of made from scratch oatmeal but double the water, the only thing i add is flaxseed when I’m making it, but then every morning I add frozen blueberries an peanut butter, might have to add a lil milk too…I LOVE it an I love the health of it! no sugar, no salt no yucky preservatives etc… anyways, thats my tip:) love ya~

  4. Drusilla says:

    And I just thought of it, I’m not sure if the comment box was the right place to send a tip??

  5. I echo Shannon. Can’t wait til I have time to do stuff like that again. For now – it’s painting for me. 🙂 Lovely ideas you have – as always!

  6. Carmen Byler says:

    Awesome!! So fun to see all these neat things you do! So inspiring….

    I really like terri’s tip!

  7. Heather says:

    I love all 9 of your projects. It’s awesome that you break it down and make it seem simple for people like me who get overwhelmed easily with things that I’ve never attempted before.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only mom who turns long sleeved shirts into short sleeve shirts. If the kids get a stain on the sleeve that I can’t seem to get out they get turned into short sleeve shirts too.

    And I love Terri’s tip. I have a notepad that I periodically write notes in for Joe but I’ve never stuck it in his lunch pail…….

  8. Anonymous says:

    Adding to Terri”s tip……. we started a little book that we stick a picture of us in for each anniversary and write how we celebrated our anniversary, etc. Although we are only at our 9th….it is fun to look back over the years.

  9. Jessica says:

    I love the porch floor. Gorgeous!! I have every intention of making that wreath too. Just have not been to JOA yet…

  10. julana says:

    love all that you do! the & pillow is awesome and i forgot to tell you the other day when i was there that i love that bullet board i saw on the pictutes here. awesome. you got talent.

  11. Christy says:

    I REALLY like the & on the pillow idea!
    I’ve done a couple of the twine on a bottle things, and use them for vases. Cute! I think they’ll look especially good w/ daisies in them this summer.
    Thank you for the wreath idea. I have this old one w/ a few stray fall decor items hanging on, that I was planning to put w/ my garage sale pile. I just knew the minute I sold it, I’d think up of a new wreath idea.
    And the T-shirt w/ the iron-on is cool. I like that kind of shirt, but they are always SO expensive! I think I might like it better on a plain shirt vs. gathered, but that’s just me.
    Nice, inspiring post. 🙂

  12. Aug says:

    I thought that was a great idea to turn a long sleeved shirt into a short sleeved one. IF I had a sewing machine, and IF my kids didn’t stain the front of their shirts so often…then I would do it. Your girls are such little cuties, btw. And I loved the idea from Terri as well, cuz a lot of times if you do write little notes, they get tossed eventually.

  13. Amy says:

    Where do you get your burlap and what “kind” is it? I wanted to get some but it shed so bad!

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