Things you find at the Library.

Every week my girls and I go to our local library.

It`s like “that thing we do”.

Yes, we are so “out there”. We go to the library.

Last time we were there- there was a sweet, little, old, lady leaning over a poster writing her name with a black perm marker- trying to save the library.

Stupid budget cuts.

Anyways- Elle walked right over to her,  looked up at her and said,

“MOM! What`s that grandpa doing?

And again,


She had to ask twice because I was hunched over, by the elevator,  with my back turned,  shaking with immature laughter.

But anyways.

Because of the budget cuts- that I mentioned before- I hardly ever really find anything cool for me.

Was I ever “delighted” (I hate that word) the other day- to find a stack of cool picture books for the housewife.

Cookbooks and Home Deco books.

Wanna pull up a couch and swig a pink lemonade with me?

Served of course in a glass goblet.

In case you don`t know what I look like.

My sister keeps telling me- I never have pictures of myself on here.

I think that`s the truth.

I tried to get Elle to take this one for me. I am the one on the right.

It seems to be my destiny- cut or fuzzed in photos in this (young mother) era of my life.

If you read my blog- you know I think reading material posts are fun.

You might not. Oh well.

Here is another one.

And here we have: (title) RUSTIC FRUIT DESERTS!

I love the eye candy of gourmet cookbooks- but I can`t say I often actually bake from them.

I do learn stuff though and I usually read most of them.

I like getting familiar with methods and ingredients that I didn`t grow up with.

For instance:

Can you tell me which of the following two- are NOT a kind of cobbler-type desert?


















(Time passes.)

If you guessed “hermit” and “dorothy”…


See what you can learn from a cookbook?


No, they aren`t talking about the fancy Mennonite hairstyle of the 80s. (The French twist)

Again, I didn`t MAKE anything from this book, but I loved it for

1. Ideas

2. Eye Candy

3. Relaxing read.

Boulevard butterfly trench.

Not something I am going to try to make any time soon.

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE vintage notions?

I collect them whenever I see them from thrift stores. They look so cool- I don`t know how else to say it. I love the way they are packaged, and the font of the lettering on them.

Cafe blinds made from tea towels


Bistro placemats from the same.

Button backed gallery chair

The back of this chair is made of tons of shiny buttons- it looks so cool.

A cute upgrade to the traditional white pillowcase.

Can I just say- if my breakfast nook was as cute as this- maybe I could get up better in the mornings?

I have a tin “bread” box EXACTLY like this though!

Kinda cool.

Anyone feeling the urge to hit Barnes and Noble about now?

Maybe I`m feeling that urge all alone…

Ok, well-

Gonna go wade into my emails and pick out a few SSSs for ya!

Love, Jenny 🙂


Super Simple Savers:

Here`s one from my neighbor and friend, Rachel!

“When your newborn baby loses that first soft hair and you don’t want your baby to be bald:)
Every time you wash their hair , first use baby oil and brush the hair opposite of what you would normally brush. Then follow with shampoo. You will in no time see lots of beautiful soft hair coming through. Or if you wash their hair daily then you might just want to do it 2-3 times a week.”

And two more from Lynelle, my super sweet and close friend!

“A Pain Saver:
A friend tipped me with this one so I’m just passing it on.  I put  several squirts of conditioner in a small spray bottle (I use Pantene because I need to use that on my own tangly hair–don’t know if the other cheaper brands work as well), fill the spray bottle with water and use on my four year olds long tangly locks every morning.  This tip has saved me a ton of tears every morning (mine and my daughters).  This homemade version works about 12 times better than the detanglers you can by at Wal-mart.”
“Calorie/Time Saver:
I started making simple dinners–a meat, starch and veggie.  It doesn’t take as much time since there’s no mixing, sauces, etc.  (It’s pretty boring, too but. . .let’s count the cost.)  I usually make enough for two meals and pop it in the mike for the next evening.  My family loves leftovers.  These simple meals ensure that my family is eating healthily and I’ve lost a few pounds to boot!”
Thanks ladies- loved them.
And, hey, keep them coming! You can send YOUR Super Simple Saver to me at: Thanks in advance… 🙂

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  1. Becky says:

    loOOOOOVe the grandma/grandpa story!! i have so been in the same position of hunkering over in the corner laughing my head off when i should be trying to come up with a polite, nice thing to say! 🙂

  2. lisa says:

    the elle story and your email address made me giggle.

  3. Linda Hershey says:

    i don’t know what it was about this post but i laughed appr. 10 times! and you seriously like the button back chair? now i’m giggling again!! Elle is the coolest little kid to take pics of you. you should watch izzy try. she is shaking so badly that she can’t push the button down!
    what is a “dorothy”?

  4. Linda Hershey says:

    i’m sorry. it really drains the humor when you need to explain it to ppl like me….but, i don’t even know what a betty is!!

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