Elin and Laila.

Earlier this week I tried to take my girl`s pictures in the back yard.

Elin is 3 in July. Laila is 15 months.

(For the out of state grandma)

There were highs…

And lows…

(Yes, our house needs scraped and painted- this summer…)

And yes, bribery and pouting.

I cannot say that I am in the mood for all that again, any time soon…

Maybe I`ll share more of their pics later.

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  1. Becky says:

    i.KNOW.the.feel.ing. !!! of the pouts and bribes and not cooperating!! oh. but they are adorable! and i just tell them, fine. when you get big you will see all this recorded naughtiness and you will look back and think maybe i wasnt the only bad person in the family! 🙂 ha. elle’s hair is bEEEauuutiful!! wow!! i am sure you have ppl tell you that all the time! both are just precious. 🙂 you are blessed, jenn. i know you know that, but…jus sayin’. 🙂 have a happy.

  2. Shannon says:

    I know all about drama with 2 girls in the house too!! You’d think it would get better as they get older, not sure it does, almost seems to get worse. Sorry. 🙂

    Your girls are adorable.

  3. diane says:

    i love elles hair right now.. beautiful locks.

  4. Aug says:

    Elle sure does have a good mouth of pouting! And she even looks cute doing it…at least if you’re not her Mother.

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