Little Brown Girl and… God.

I just had to photograph Elle the other morning.

I admit- I have been perusing a lot of European style blogs lately.

Maybe it`s the fact that I will not in the near future be traveling…

Actually I`ll just say never. I mean, we are going on a family trip when school let`s out and I am so excited (!!!)- but I meant like traveling the world, traveling.

I will likely not be doing that- until we are empty nesters and dying of  broken, child -gone, hearts (G and I.)

Anyways- so I like to look for a little “Paris” in my every day life.

If a little girl dressed in brown, with big bed hair does it for me- please let me?

I think she looks kinda Brigitte Bardot-esk here.

I kinda want to talk about Elle in my post here about her.

You know how you always love your child, but one day you realize that your love for them went to the next level.

I am just so crazy about her right now- I could just kiss her all day.

If you know me/us at all you will say that she is a naughty little girl.

She was and oh, she still is!

When she was little- she was the biter.

She pushes. She hits with the best.

Sometimes she`s the one the other kids run away from. Probably because of fear.

Maybe no one would notice this but her mother- but lately I can see her growing up.

She is becoming a lot more tender (finally) and aware of other`s pain.

Whenever we see a picture in a book of someone with a sad face or someone that looks mean, she always says,

“That`s makes me real sad, mom”


“That`s sad for me”.

When Laila cries (like when she wakes up from a nap) and I don`t hop to get her right away Elle says chidingly to me,

“Mom can you get her?”

And when we leave to go in the car-or are anywhere and she can`t see Laila, she`ll say,

“Where`s Laila, mom? We have to find Laila!!”

The other morning just Elle and I were awake, and when Laila got up too, Elle said,

“Mom! She is so ADORABLE. She`s so cute.”

And then,

“Am I cute too?”

Elle is 2.

She will be 3 this summer.

She is OBSESSED with umbrellas, goldfish and flashlights.

Whenever we go to the store she finds them. I have skirted all buying requests by saying: “Maybe for your birthday. “

She don`t really know what a birthday is- except that it`s the time/place where you finally get all the stuff you ever begged for.

It is the Polish Off. The Mountain Top.

She loves to talk about Jesus. If she is watching a movie and there is anything in it that is not happy or looks bad,

She will say to me,

“Jesus doesn`t like that”.

Or take the movie out and bring it to me.

The other day our car battery was dead- and it was completely- DEAD. In one last desperate effort to get it started,  I said,

“Elle can you pray that Jesus would start our car?”

Because mommy`s  prayer He may not see fit to grant, but HOW could He resist the quaint prayer of a 2 year old?

She rambled on about the car, and then anything that came into her mind. Always vague, and quite creative slash random. She usually adds something at the end of all her prayers about “Dawn and Brent`s baby” or the word “Gracie” or “Hailey”. This one ended with Hailey flying somewhere. I didn`t catch the logistics.

So I should wrap this up with a tender story of God hearing little Elle`s prayer, and our car battery BLAZING to life.

What was really cool was, God saw to the innermost part of Elle`s heart, and I know it was telling God,

I wish my momma would slow down and do something fun with me, and just enjoy ME…

Well, God answered that prayer.

We ditched the car.

We walked to town with the double stroller to run our errands, got some sun, and spent AGES at the park on the way back.

We swung in a carefree way, not a “got to get back soon, Elle” kind of way.

She loves swinging, I bet she swung on the same swing… as I pushed her… for 45 minutes.

We talked about stuff.. and just enjoyed eachother.

In a way we never would have done- in our air conditioned car, hurtling down the highway, erratically running errands.

I like that about God.

She`s sitting here with me now and she said,

“Can you read that? Read that how Elle has peeps?”

(Green peeps)

Her prize for letting me take her little brown pictures, above.

Because she is still not above bribery.

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  1. Amber says:

    LOVE this post, Jenny! Photos are adorable!

  2. Aimee says:

    oh, loved this post! The pictures are just divine!! you’ve got skills jenny!

  3. Betty says:

    i’m w/amber on the adorable part! i did not have time to look at this but just had to, as is so often w/your posts jenny, & they’re great! see ya

  4. Sonya says:

    Hmmm….bribery! You’re not alone! My almost 2yr old is so hard to take pictures of right now, won’t look at the camera, doesn’t smile for the camera, so finally I put a piece of candy above the camera and BINGO, she looks!
    Cheers to you too for just ‘slowing down’ and enjoying your day. True, maybe you don’t accomplish as much, but maybe you accomplish more because you focused on things that REALLY mattered.

  5. Linda says:

    Loved this post! …and the reminder to really enjoy my children. My Gracie is Elle’s twin 🙂 and the last week or so I’ve been enjoying her company so much. Several times she ended up sticking around me while I was working when the older ones ran off to do their own thing and I began realizing how much fun the sweet little thing is to have around! It is such a delightful age and, yes, a lot of training needs to be done for her to become a delightful adult!

  6. Heather says:

    [Came here from Dorcas Smucker’s blog] ~ I loved the part about slowing down and enjoying your girl (and, of course, the creative, beautiful pictures you posted). There are times when God sort of nudges me to PUT DOWN the book, stop half-listening, look in their eyes, and just take in what he has blessed me with…and I can see in their eyes that they notice the difference. And then I unexpectedly hug them and tell them I love them, and an ordinary moment turns into something special. I admire you for capitalizing on a dead battery – thanks for the reminder I should have more of that attitude! Happy, Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. lisa says:

    jenny, i enjoy all your posts…but this one, this one i beautiful. outstanding. amazing. tender.

  8. diane says:

    aw i loved this. i love the sepia tone picture. perfect.

  9. Gloria says:

    I once had a little girl like the one you described here….one that hit with the best, very spirited. Now she’s almost thirteen and growing into quite a nice young lady. She no longer hits, but she’s still strong, and I see it becoming so beneficial! She is so not afraid to stand alone when she deems it necessary.

    Thank God for strong women who stand for truth! {and for all the rest too ;o) ! )

  10. Cindy says:

    Sweetly, beautiful little girl…love your photos and words here.

    Funny. As mothers we can see the evidence of God’s heart processes in our little ones, even at yes, 2 going on 3.

    Been thinking lately alot about how often God has scribbled outside of my lines. Sometimes I don’t like it at. all. Even when I can try to believe that He is making the whole picture more beautiful.
    And at other times, the beauty is right there in my face, like you shared so eloquently, getting to swing at the park.

  11. Anna says:

    I love this post- it goes right along with something my husband said to me the other night when we were on a date. He told me that he wishes I would spend more time just enjoying my kids. After-all, they’re only gonna be 4 yrs old once, and play dress up with home made necklaces, my old nighties, high heeled shoes etc. The baby is only gonna be 18 mos old once, and tug at my hand to follow her to whatever it is that she wants, etc. My first reaction was, “but- I do all that stuff- you have no idea how much time I DO spend with them while you’re gone all day at work”. But, I swallowed all that and have been trying to take his advice to heart! It blesses me to see other mother’s doing this with their kids- your girls will never forget these moments!

    • Jenny says:

      um, yes- i can so relate. my hus has said the exact same thing to me. and i had the exact reaction back. (he has no idea- he`s at work) so yes, God is at work in me… slowly…

  12. Aug says:

    Beautiful pictures!

    And I am loving the age that Nikki is right now too (pretty much the same age as Elle). They are growing into such little ladies!

  13. rowe timson says:

    what a beautiful post and a gorgeous girl ella is! thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and entering my giveaway! good luck, rowe x

  14. Anonymous says:

    maybe i need to pray that my battery goes dead. car battery. painting battery. deadline battery. cleaning battery. i think the kids would be ecstatic about a dead battery!
    loved the pics and sweet words

  15. Christy says:

    I liked this post. I so know the feeling of joy over watching my child making changes into maturity, and loving him to bits along the way. Sweet pictures on the steps.

  16. Sharon M says:

    This blog actually made me teary eyed and really ready to have children. Namely, two little girls with curly bouncy hair and smiling eyes. True, by tomorrow I will most definitely have change my mind, and go back to enjoying the spontaneous sort of life with just my husband and I. But for today, this blog has done what nothing else has done before… make me want to have little girls. I definitely wanted boys before. They seem easier. Those you just send outside to dig a hole or blow something up If you need a little alone time. But girls have, ewww, emotions. And I have plenty of those to deal with on my own! But again, this blog has changed that and made me want a little girl. Someday…. Not now! (In case God is listening and thinks I’m ready now! )

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