Shots of Stuff.

My Mother`s Day flowers!

G also took me to Macaroni Grill the next night.

I am blessed.

We did have a fight on Mother`s Day though. (True Story)


I had to add that, so my Flower Life doesn`t sound too perfect. 🙂 hehe

Honestly? I`m not really a “red long stemmed roses” kinda girl…

… and I was surprised how much I fell in love with these dark red ones.

I also love my husband, so that could be why.

Who knows.

What is it about a baby, in it`s diaper, with a bottle, WITH little pony tails- that is a level 10 of cuteness for me?

Purr, Grrr.

I want to bite her.

Somewhere on her neck/ear area.

Yes, I am a safe and stable mommy.

They are dressed!

And clean!


^^Elle, the photographer.

^^The Facebook pose.

(Holds camera out and above)

Ooops. Wait, I showed these already?

Oh. sorry.

I am loving my porch.

Yes, it`s coming along okay…

Elle loves to have friends over. Here is her friend, Haley.

We walked to the park after this. A fun, hotter day than today.

(It feels like winter out there today.)

Me and Laila and Elle`s eyes.

Kids. What?

I was searching my files today and couldn`t resist adding this shot of …

“Adam and Eve.”

And another old cutie pic I found-

Elle and her older friend (and her current muse), Kathryn.

She is “just a little” infatuated with Kathryn.


Alright. Well, the reason I posted was because I`m MAJORLY

(isn`t that such an early 90s word)

shirking something else I should be doing right now.


Better go.

Before the guilt kills me.

Love, Jenny

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  1. Tracy says:

    I love how you add the reality of your life…there are way too many people who only post the flower part of their life instead of reality…
    that’s what I love about your posts, cause I can relate.

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