Paint News, Pt2.


I have the room I mentioned here, 1/2 done now. (Before pics on this link also.)

This room is our “everything” room. Playroom, second living room, room where we can watch a movie, lounge room.

Alrighty- well, I was perusing files to see what I want to share today- and came across these that I snapped when taking a break halfway through painting.

I thought Id share them even though, I hurts my I don`t know what, a little that I don`t have it completed.

I thought I`d just say a little more about what I`m doing with it.

It will be like a “progressive” post- instead of “before and after”, I guess.

As I mentioned earlier I was shooting for this “perfect” blue as I had LOVED on the cover of the latest West Elm (shown above).

I also adore this color and room from French Larkspur.

Swoon worthy!

I also really liked the style of the two rooms shown above.

I was shooting for a cool, relaxing, Frenchy, herbal, serene atmosphere.

Well, as goes as usual in my life- things never go like I had planned. Paint looked 2 shades darker- once you are surrounded by 4 high walls of it versus a little tiny piece of paper the size of A POSTAGE STAMP.

Anyways, well I am plucky and also lazy and didn`t want to repaint- so I am just going to GO WITH IT.

The shade of blue it turned out to be- honestly, I never would have picked. But it`s kinda cool- in a different way.

It`s very organic, IKEA-learning-looking: which it turns out, is great for a playroom!

Just not in the way I had planned.

Switching gears.

So now I`m going for ferns, burlap, glass, chalkboards, travel, dark wood and one word blurbs.

The 3 words I want to showcase are:




I really like these words, because it`s the simple style I like, plus it`s perfect for the 3 things I want a child to experience most in a learning playroom.

The ideas for the words came from all different places and thought patterns in my life recently.

I love them because they are also perfect words for describing a child`s life- growing in Jesus.

Rest: because it speaks of peace and comfort in Christ over just “sleep”.

Think: because it speaks of thinking for yourself and letting GOD move in your life, over just “learn”.

Grow: because it doesn`t matter where a child/person is in his life- if we constantly GROW, we go places with God.

Anyways- pry more on that later.

Here is a first shot of the room- in all it`s messy glory.

I stole the bookshelf from my little bathroom. I plan to make a burlap curtain to cover the front of the shelves where all their little toys are stored in bins.

This was a big project.

Above is the built in wall china cupboard BEFORE. It was pretty but I always felt kinda “vanilla”.

I love the all white look- but not if the white paint has no nice sheen and looks like drywall! 🙂

Cupboard after. ^^

Very time consuming. As you can see the wall below it wasn`t finished when I shot this pic.

I decided to paint the word “rest” on the bar there. Printed it out at size 600 on Microsoft Word and then used the Freezer Paper Method to paint it on.

I was kinda proud of my little get up, UNTIL I saw what Aimee did in her nursery!

FREE HAND! She has a gift.

Here is “rest” painted on close up.

Group shot.

I was so happy- I was at an old barn sale here in town and found this HIDEOUS hunter green birdcage that looked like it was MADE for the early 90s. Man said,

“Two bucks”.

I bought her- and with a can of spray paint you`d now never know she was from the era of “Dude”, Man!” “bonkers”, “honkin`” and “Not!”.

(All trademarked early 90s favorite words)

Top of the toy cupboard.

I have since hung a green lettered, organic looking canvas wrap, above it that says “Grow”.

Well, that`s all the pics I have so far.

Please feel free to send ideas, tell me what you`re working on and all that delightful stuff.

Hopefully when my sofa slipcover comes, and the rest of my pillows are made, I will show you the FINISHED room.


Just had to add my 4 favorite pictures: from the day Jul and I took our kidders to the Hershberger Truck Patch`s petting farm/ bakery/produce/flower market.

I love that place so much- if I could- I would sell it door to door.

Baby`s blue eyes and a puppy.

Slay me now.

Jacinta, sweet, helpful and ‘oldest’. Gracie, pretty and good as always. Isaac, running for cover. Laila, making me laugh with her adorable “bunny teeth”. Elle, nervous about the PETRIFYING ball of fur…

(cannot for the life of me figure out what animal Gracie is holding there- puppy? kitty? rabbit?)

that Gracie has…

Had to add this yet…

Nothing cuter/better/sweeter than children holding baby chicks and ducks…

It was a good day!

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  1. Amy says:

    Where do you get your burlap and how do you sew it?

  2. Amber says:

    Love all your re-do’s! One question I always have…I LOVE the ‘white, clean’ style of decor. LOVE IT! However, how on earth do you keep it clean with 3 littles under 5?? Just a question I always have. In the mean time, I’ll keep dreaming…

  3. Jo Martin says:

    Glad to see this post. I’m so torn right now between painting blue or gray walls. Yours looks lovely.

  4. Mirta says:

    Can’t wait to see more pics! I like the blue. We want to do a very light, tranquil blue (like you first mentioned) in our bedroom. we’ll see how it turns out.

  5. One of these days, after packing and movng and non-working computers, I will be catching up with your lovely site once again. 🙂

  6. Ruby says:

    grow… think… rest… they are classics ~to be honest i could do all my rooms with those words showcased at this time in our life!! I will probably mull over those all weekend!

  7. Aug says:

    I LOVE that blue color that your play room turned out to be. I am just sure that it has to be prettier than what you had in mind originally.

    Also, I think that Gracie is still holding that same puppy as she was in the picture above…but I could be wrong!

    Oh, and I got a kick out of your list of 90’s words!

  8. Shannon says:

    Why does it take so long to get a room to where it’s supposed to be? Maybe by the end of summer I will have my three room apartment decorated with curtains in the windows and looking how I want it to look. Right now I still need to get the 20 or so boxes in our bedroom unpacked. It kinda drives me nuts cause I can’t seem to get to the fun stuff. Don’t think it will get easier with a new baby, but you can always hope. Love what you did with the room so far! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  9. Angie says:

    Very cute. Cant wait to see it all finished up.

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