Paper Flowers.

I have been making paper flowers all day today.

Every second that I could squeeze in a minute.

Tomorrow I am throwing a simple little birthday bash, in the backyard, for my mom and 2 of my sisters.

Wow, they are fun to make! And they are everywhere.

The flowers, not my mom and sisters.

When the girl`s were napping I made 5 of them.

No, I don`t really have time to make them (or to sit here and post on my blog for that matter). But a girl`s gotta have her creative outlets doesn`t she?

(The answer is YES.)

I plan to have a flower in each soup cup and also a string of them over the table.

That is, IF I can get enough made to make a garland. 🙂

CAN YOU BELIEVE the only things you need to make them are: a ball of string, a scissors, and a $1 pack of napkins?

This is what we had for supper. It was SOOO (insert guttural moan) good!

And it is also healthy. How IS that possible?

Here is how you make it.

Slap frozen fillets of Salmon on a baking sheet/pan. Coat with olive oil, lemon pepper seasoning and dill weed.

Bake at 200 degrees until soft and flaky. Between a half hour and an hour?

Pan sear a bag of Asian veggies in a frying pan with equal parts butter and olive oil.

Butter and olive oil should get married- (and have babies!)- they have a great thing going when you put them together!!

Make some chewy brown rice in the microwave. (Double that water to however much brown rice you put in) Cook 5 min at a time, covered. usually takes 25 min? in the microwave.

Add salt and butter to taste.

Mix rice, salmon and vegetables together.

Good luck!

I`m off to make more paper flowers!! Just kidding. 🙂

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  1. Naomi says:

    Love them…would love how to make em(: Also the supper looks so Yum-O.You always have me scrambling to see what “she”came up with now…always impresssed

  2. Becky says:

    luuuurrrve the flowers! should do a tutorial….pleeeease. thx. 🙂 and also i was just trying to come up with a dinner plan and wondered if salmon would be good in a stir fry??!! now i have my answer and dinner will be served shortly. 🙂 thanx, jenn!

  3. julana says:

    now i got a sneak peak into tomorrow! LOOK AMAZZZZZING! wow oh wow looks awesome, can’t wait to see! oh and the amazing supper! what’s with you always saying you don’t make good suppers but always post amazing resp. and every time we come over we have the best food. hello that does not add up.:) looks amazing!

  4. sadie says:

    I would love to no how to make those beautiful flowers. so cute.

  5. Charity says:

    Love, love, the flowers and the meal idea! I second the motion for a flower tutorial!

    • Jenny says:

      hey guys- i really will try to get a tutorial on here. so easy to make- but very time consuming! mainly because the tiny little papers cling together so bad!

  6. Ruby says:

    i used tissue paper for these flowers.. do not stick and very pretty.. fun!!

  7. Linda says:

    Love Salmon…I shall make that dish sometime 🙂 love the paper flowers as well

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