Birthday Bash.

Here are a few pictures of the birthday party we had here for my mom and my two sisters, Julana and Joy!

It was SO much fun to do.

I hope they all felt special- because I love them all very much!

I got up early before my girls were up, and set this up.

This is my kinda fun.

I do not go snowboarding. I was never very good at volleyball. I do not enjoy heights. I can`t swim…

But this I do for fun.

Excuse me, I have a hard time concentrating- Laila is obsessed, at the moment, with reaching behind my neck to pull on my famous skin tag.


I`m not sure why I said it`s famous. It`s not. Even G pry doesn`t know about it.


Added the moss “K” wreath later.

I did finish the paper flower garland. I am probably more surprised than you are.

Depends on how surprised you are.


A lot of you asked how to make the flowers:

Here is a tutorial– she explains it WAY better than I could…

I found this filthy jar in our also (was) filthy garage.

I kept thinking I should clean it up- but never had the Want To.

You know how you can`t get inside a bottle like this to clean the inside because of the narrow mouth it has?

Well, use denture cleaner caplets. They are super cheap and you get a huge amount when you buy them. I found this info on the net (thank you, internet) a long time ago, and have used it many times.

Works great! I usually crumble 3 tablets in a jar with hot water and leave setting over night. Sterilize jar with boiling water, after it “looks” clean.

Those little chalkboards on string are so Happy Place for me. I get them at Joanns- where else?

Don`t feel sad for me that small nicknacks from a fabric store are my happy place. It`s happy in here.

I realize I now sound super shallow too. 🙂

Joy bells and her oldest sister, (me).

This was fun- because I collect a lot of vintage mismatched dinnerware- in all kinds of patterns.

I keep them all in open cupboards and never actually use any of them much.

This was the party where I vowed, there was nothing I would deem “too fancy”. I will def do it again. It was so fun to actually use the stuff and feel in touch with ladies and THEIR pretty things-from the past.

That sounds creepy, but I don`t look at it that way…

Jacinta, mom, Joy, me and a GROUCHY Laila!

Julana brought me the yellow flowers. They MADE my day!!

Oh. Well, there she is, in all her pregnant cuteness!

I`ll be frank with you.

I have noticed that in decor photo shoots, besides fresh flowers- these Pellagrino bottle are the #1 thing they add to a room to add “flavor”.

I LOVE them dearly- but they tasted awful! They are bitter, tonic water. You need a sweet syrup to mix with them, and I was serving them just like water.

Lesson learned!

Appetizer table: punch, fresh pineapple, crackers with cream cheese/pepper jam spread.

Kids make everything better.

In other kid news:

Elle is here crawling all over my lap, going:

“Please mom, can I crawl inside your shirt?- it would be so fun.”

How do I blog? I have no idea.

Meal was very simple.

If I had my way- parties would include very little food prep.

Ceaser Salads, Italian Tomato soup, warm loafs of bread w/ dipping oil, Ginger Ale. Icebox cake for desert.

Nothing like a cold drink of something pink n fizzy.

I fit interests you- the balls in the glasses are reusable ice cubes. They are awesome because they don`t melt in the glass and make watery drinks.

They are $5 at World Market for a bag of 12 or so? Guessing.

You do have to hand wash them (annoying). I use them all the time- and always have people ask about them.

I`m not sure- why the boots?

But I wanted to take a picture of her and I said annoyingly, like I always do,

“Elle! Please smile!”

and she said, like she always does,

” I already did mom.”

or sometimes

“I already AM!”

As she glares scathingly at me.

We have had this exact conversation with eachother so many times, I could recite our lines in my sleep.

If there is one thing she hates, it`s posing for a picture.

I`m kinda proud of her for that.


Well, that`s pry half my pictures. I suffer from a disease called Snap Happy.

Maybe I`ll add the rest another day.

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  1. margaret says:

    This was my happy fix for the morning. Love it!

  2. Shelly says:

    I loved everything! looks straight out of a mag. Wish our B days werent in the winter so we could do an outdoors brunch like this.

  3. Shilah says:

    Jenny, I still don’t know if you are Ok with me snooping here… But I just can’t help myself… I love what you said about not snowboarding, heights, etc… but that this is what you do for fun… Also, Please don’t tell me this happy stuff is shallow. It’s my kind of deep. Keep it up so I can keep being inspired… Smile..

    • Jenny says:

      hey shilah- i loved visiting your site. so, so fun to see your family “now”!! i lost the link to it though- can you send it to me again? thanks!

  4. Aug says:

    Wow! That all looks so pretty!

    And since I was reading three of your posts all at once, I also wanted to comment on your family reunion post a couple of posts back. Your captions were hilarious! And I really wish you would have taken the time to do captions for the 8 or 9 old(er) people on that one picture. That could have been soooo good!! Guess I’ll have to think them up in my head.

    Hope you are having a great day, my friend.

  5. Shannon says:

    It looks lovely – I made decision that since we moved we are going to use all my old bowls and stuff and etc. and make the table nice most of the time instead of it being a once a year thing. I’m so practical it doesn’t always happen, but I purposely put my dishes and stuff in places where i can get to them fairly easily. Stasia and I made paper pom poms today, I think they are similar to what you made – it was so fun and easy! And thank you a million times for the denture cleaner trick – I have been trying all kinds of stuff to no avail and I will get some tablets on my next trip to the store.

  6. lisa says:

    my neck has many “famous” moles (which xander calls my nipples!!!!!i cannot convince him to call them anything else. therefore, we try avoid mention of them in public.) and each of my children has gone through a stage of being fascinated with them.
    the birthday party….i stand impressed. again.

  7. Jo Martin says:

    happy for the denture tablet trick. Wishing I had some every time I see my bottles on the counter in my kitchen today!

  8. Rachel says:

    your party looks completely delightful! i love, love, love outdoor entertaining…our summer is going to have numerous outdoor parties; i just cannot get enough of them!

  9. diane says:

    loved it! your so funny. see ya soon!

  10. julana says:

    best party i ever went to by far! now i know how it would be to be in one of the magizen pictures i always look at and dream about. wish that cute spot could have never got taken down. thanks again!

  11. Gloria says:

    Your creativity amazes me! b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

  12. Christy says:

    The birthday table is stunning. Like really, really pretty!!!! I’m not a huge pink person myself, but when I see it used like this it makes me feel soft (in a good way, not flabby 😀 ) and happy and dreamy.

  13. Ashey says:

    Jenny, I love this it’s so beautiful and happy and, and, and…I don’t know. Just really really nice. I love sports, but I don’t have a creative bone in my body which stinks SO bad. I would give $50 bucks to pull something half this neat off. I just can’t and it makes me sad! I keep thinking how cool and fun it would be to do something like this for my friends. O well, I guess I’ll keep looking at your party and try not to be jealous!:)

  14. Di says:

    Can I be your sister? 😉

    Anyway, so cute. Love your creative touch. ~ Di

  15. Anna says:

    I’m wondering- is Pellegrino like a club soda? My husband orders it alot in restaurants and adds Sweet and Low to it and squeezes a lemon and a lime into it. It tastes like Sprite basically, and its sugar free! The bottles add a really cool touch to your decor anyway!

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