Lovely Girl`s Weekend!

Dawn, Laila and I went to Penn. last weekend to spend some time with the darling:

Christy, Diane and Jennifer.

A good time was had by all.

These girls are SO special to me.

I feel like it`s a gift when I get to be with them.

“Whilst” I did this- my husband rode a bicycle across South Carolina- with Ride For Life.

Once again, he made me proud.

Elle had a super time having slumber parties with Gracie and Jacinta while we were gone. (Thanks, mom and Jul)

We had so much fun.

Lots of sitting in Jenn`s pretty living room- talking. Went to the pool, got pizza, hit Target, visited Di`s church- which I was so impressed with, watched Vince and Laila cavort about, sat on the deck in the evening, painted toenails nails, didn`t sleep much…

Elegant meal the PA-ers made for us on Sunday.

Jennifer made this good looking bruschetta and iced tea. De-lish!

Christy is the hand model.

Spinach Strawberry salad. I really love this picture.

Christy is, again, the hand model.

I wonder if Vaseline or Jergens are looking?

Christy pulls a Racheal Ray pose.

Dawn looks cute pregnant.

Jennifer says,

“One more lap around the table- and I`m ready to sit down with ya`ll.”


Wish I could cook like this.


Chicken & Spinach Lasagna made by Jenn.

Pretty ladies.

Beautiful hearts.

The one store we hit after Cracker Barrel Saturday morning was The Pottery Barn Outlet.

Table napkin, pink bucket, and ice bucket all from there.

After church in an old house nearby.

Sleepy baby after church.

Laila loves Vince…

I mean, look at the way she manhandles him.

Laila: “I tell ya what- Those mommas of our sure know how to talk,

and talk,

and TALK!”

Vince: Hmmm so true… Laila, you a wise chick…

“Here let me help ya up, Buddy… “



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  1. Ruth says:

    I cannot even express how jealous I am. Definitely one of the downsides of living on the other side of the world–I miss all the fun “xanga 6” girls weekends! Looks like a ton of fun.

  2. CAROL B says:

    There’s Nothing in the world like a good girls wkend!! I would LOVE to have those recipes….since I went to HBS with Jen…maybe I should message her for the recipes, the spinach lasgna looked to die for!!

  3. Charity says:

    I won’t lie…drool was kinda pooling in my mouth as I looked at all the food!

  4. julana says:

    i just have to comment on kristy’s beautiful hands… no i;m seriouse. right away i was like those are some beautiful hands. i could sure get into a meal like that one you all had about right now!

  5. Jenn Smucker says:

    yes, christy does have beautiful hands…maybe that is why she is a teeth cleaner so people can look at her hands up close?=) enjoyed the photos and the commentary that went with it! you always make me laugh with your dry comments….

  6. What a beautiful group of ladies! Girls’ weekends are just awesome… And I know Jen – such a sweetheart! Pottery Barn Outlet. Can you believe some people actually LIVE close to it?? 🙂

  7. Christy Good says:

    i was so hoping you would post pictures of our super duper weekend, Jenny. um yum. i could eat that meal RIGHT NOW. it was so delicious and you can’t forget the vanilla pie and icecream. and a special thanks to everyone who thought my hands are beautiful. never thought about that before. yes, i would consider being a hand model. no other kind of model but hand, yes, i think i could do that 😉 love you Jenny!

  8. Gloria says:

    That chicken-spinach lasagna made my mouth water! Looks like good food and great times!!

  9. Looks like good times to me….food to die for, talkin’ all night, and cute babies, what more could a woman want? Your blog is so GREAT! I love reading it, just found myself laughing outloud at the reunion pics…how funny! Can’t wait to meet you for real…see you in July.

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