A Little Before and After…


The first thing I wanted to show you was a el cheapo little re-do, I did last week.

After that-  I will pry have to put up the rest of the pics from the birthday party. I said I suffer from a condition called Snap Happy- well, I also suffer from one called: Can`t Delete Pictures.

The above 1980s picture frame was found at Goodwill for the hefty price of .50. Isn`t it funny how when you say “1980” it`s a huge slam and everyone knows it. But had I said, 1920s frame- ya`ll would have thought Wow…

I just wonder if gear from the 80s and early 90s will ever be cool- in a found, vintage way.

Oh and the gold leaf mirror shown: (also above) was painted white and is in my play room. I LOVE it- someday I will snap a picture of it to show too.

Anyways- here is the pretty lady AFTER. It took 4 coats of primer/paint and 4 coats of chalkboard paint to cover this bad boy. Er, lady.

I also added the little decorative, wooden swirly to the top- that you can so barely see. Just Gorilla Glued it on.

I could not resist using my new chalkboard at the party- even though she was pre-destined to live at my sister`s as a thank you present for watching my oldest.

Yeee-ah. The kids table wasn`t so decor friendly- but we sure do love our kidders!.

(Exclamation mark removed because a mother does not need more emphasis when she says she lovers her kids!!!!)

Nevermind. I just really hate !!!s is all.

Lady Chalkboard- in a shot that has “Delete me because I`m really boring” written all over it.

I`m dreaming of a party where I get to sit by Joy.

Laila isn`t Gracie.


She can squat wherever she wants.

^^This picture has special meaning, because this is my grandma`s quilt that my mom remembers sitting on. When all her goods were divided- this quilt was one thing I got. It was not in good condition stain wise- so I only use it like this- in the grass.

Yes, I washed it.

Also, the little pink chair- was one that my Mother in law gave me, that was G`s when he was little. I wanted it to be special for my girls too, I painted over it.

Actually I know I have a “before” picture in an archive somewhere. Hang on. I will try and find it for your viewing pleasure.

Yup, there`s the little pink chair BEFORE. G`s sweet little childhood chair.  ^^

Opening presents.

It was SO FUN.

All the gifts I gave this year were either found or handmade. I paid almost nothing for the gifts- and they were greatly touched. I loved it because it felt so personal.

Elle and Laila wish they had a jungle gym.


This is a random shot thrown in. Kasey Buick did something so cute the other day where she did a “What we are wearing today” post with cute, little daughter Lola.

I thought it would be fun to do that with the fashionable (?) chicks in my house. I DEARLY love to dress kids, especially girls.

But anyways- as you can see- it went terrible.

Maybe one day I`ll have the guts to try again.


Ok, well, see you when I read my comments. Or not.

I have to tell ya`ll I was in Penn. this last weekend- and pulled up my comments the one night on my in law`s computer- and ya`ll just made my day/night with all your thoughts and funnies. Ya`ll`s comments always make my day.

I love you all. 🙂

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  1. julana says:

    i love the fact that i am now the very proud owner of that awesome chalk board on those before pictures!! i have such ugly hand writing so i’m waiting for you to come over and write something on the blank front.:) i love elle’s outfit on that tank top picture of her on the coffee table.

    • Jenny says:

      aw, yes- i found that side walk chalk looks coolesta nd is easiest to write with. i will gladly write it for you although i never considered my handwriting real cool either. what are you going to write on it? i think elle`s entire outfit is from thrift stores…

  2. kasey says:

    what an amazing little party…too cool.
    and love the shot of the girls;-)

  3. Gloria says:

    I am amazed at your creative eye! Makes me want to shrink back in the crowd!

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