Fun With Shirk`s.

I keep coming across pictures in my files that I never posted.

These are from when Orion and Lynelle came to stay with us. We felt so honored that they would come all the way in here just to spend QT with us…

We missed you guys, Chuck and Cindy!!

Chuck and Orion are old school buddies of G`s. We got together every year for the last 7 or so?? Us woman became tight friends too. Thank you God- for real, wholesome, fun friends!! Charles and Cindy are living in Bangledesh at the time and for the first time this year couldn`t be with us…

Here are just a couple snaps.

^Antoinette, Elle and Skye having fun with the bubbles.

These 3 little girls had a lot of fun together.

^Antoinette sure is a darling little poser is she not?

Elle is wearing the boots because she saw an ant the size of, well, an ant, and had to run for her heavy duty killing gear.

^A picture that makes me smile. I love fun colors together.

^Little brown heads.

Good food? No idea what they are even eating anymore. Good friends, YES.

Orion and his lovely wife Lynelle. We value them highly as treasured friends.

^It would appear that Elle is not letting the Bible story penetrate her heart…

Antoinette is only a little less skeptical.

Juice is good.

That`s all I have.

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  1. Cindy says:

    jenny – thanks so much for posting these pictures!!! i had tears in my eyes looking at them. looks like a good time, like usual… we really miss times like these w/ our dear friends! BUT, I’m soooo glad you guys got together and had fun anyways! please keep doing it and telling us all about it, k?!?! =) love ya!

    • Jenny says:

      wow so glad you were touched. i try and try to picture what it would be like to view people`s lives in the US- from foreign soil. i`m sure it all looks so different. you reminded me today to treasure the little things in life and relationships that i have. we think about you guys a lot. i hoe charles is doing better. so happy that fb lets us stay in contact easily. you have internet right at your house?

  2. Gloria says:

    Love the boots on the wrong feet…..brings back memories of when my kids were younger!

  3. lynnelle says:

    Such fun times! Thanks for fitting us into your busy week and for showing us such a good time. Wish we could do it more often and that Chucks could join the fun.

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