The Roscoe Village.

My mom, sisters and I,  just briefly spent some time at The Roscoe Village last week.

Fun snapping pictures there- such a peaceful, pretty place!

And while I`m thinking of it.

SEE. I DO sometimes use exclamation marks.

Btw, I sure don`t care if other people use them, they just aren`t very “me” so I annoy myself when I use too many of them on my blog. 🙂

Actually, smiley faces aren`t me either.

I guess I just don`t smile or get excited.

Geraniums look chummy with the weathered, brown box.

Liberty House-

we didn`t actually get to tour much, we were there in the morning and a lot of these houses weren`t open yet.

These tourists were taking up the whole sidewalk.

Can someone please, oh, please tell them it`s not polite to spread so wide?

Vintage pop bottles in the window of the country store.

Blue bicycle, red and white flowers- feeling pretty patriotic.

Blacksmith demonstration.

Joy longs for deliverance from the heat of this room.

Jacinta warily eyes the demonstrator, Phil.

For Phil, was his name.

How do I remember his name? He was an older man, very tall and heavy, with a long sleeved, flannel shirt on, jolly and friendly and sweating to death. His job looked so utterly miserable bending iron over a fire, in a dark hut, at the end of June… that I had to know the name of this man so I could think of him often in honor of his longsuffering…

and there it was on his name tag…

Bless you, Phil.

Elle belts out a moo.

Julana and her cute little calves, er, kids.

Garden Room.

I love the mossy-ness.

Fairy Gardens everywhere. Oh, how I love Fairy Gardens.

I really want to try and make one sometime. Maybe next year.

Check out this cute one.

Run, Elle run.



Fairy Garden.

Hey, there were a ton I didn`t take a picture of.

The one child`s store had THEE darlingest little play area.

Us girls were in Happy Land. I think these mini us`s (above) were excited too.

“Mom, is this heaven?”

No, she didn`t really say this.

A real shopping cart. Heavy too.

Laila knocked it over.

Her mother (me) and my sibs crawled around on the floor, flayed out our hands, and hunted for all the scattered, little, wooden groceries.

The cashier said,

“Is EVERYONE okay!?”

Yup. Just picking up what`s left of our dignity.

“Laila, hurry! If we escape now- we can still drive mom insane by lunchtime!”

(Another exclamation mark. Actually 2.)

And this vanilla photo marks the end.


Thanks so much for the Roscoe Village tour.

Reply: I was happy to do it.


Love, me

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  1. Rachel says:

    oh! i love Roscoe Village! haven’t been there in years; it’s such a fun place to visit! thanks for the pictures…took me back to a fun time from my past just seeing ’em!

  2. Dorcas says:

    Love how the three ladies all have their arms crossed the same way in the blacksmith photo. A family trait, maybe?

  3. Wilma says:

    Ha Ha! I was going to say the same thing Dorcas did! What a pretty little village.

  4. Joy says:

    ha love your sence of humor, EVEN FUNNIER IF YOU WERE THERE.

  5. Linda Hershey says:

    Bless you, Phil! and altho this was not mentioned-wow, I love the top that Laila is sporting.

  6. Gloria says:

    I’m just plain down jealous! You all look like you have soooo much fun together.
    I have a sister…love her like crazy….but we have almost n-o-t-h-i-n-g in common. We send the day together from time to time, and I enjoy it, but I know we don’t have this much fun!!

  7. Stina says:

    I really like your photos. Beautiful!:-)
    Hug Stina

  8. julana says:

    why did i just now find this post? that day was really fun… it was fun looking at the pictures.

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