Twin Mirror Redo.

Well, these are FINALLY done.

I saw these 2 twin mirrors at a garage sale this summer. I liked them but was SOOO not into picking up another little project right then, so I left them.

Well, they stayed on my mind.

Isn`t that so corny- when other woman have classy things on their mind like pedicures and getting their hair done, I dream of gilded mirrors from tag sales. 🙂

Please feel for me.

Anyways- well, since the nice lady at the garage sale was Naomi, a friend of my friend, Erika…

I “threw my weight around”, and “made some calls”- (called Facebook)- and ended up getting them after all. Delivered to me by my friend Brenda, who works with Naomi.

Only in Holmes Co.

^^Happy to be reunited.

When I started on these, I admit, I kinda thought it was one that might not go down well.

The key to “before” pics is the baddest lighting possible! The crappier the better…

Basement work room lighting: perfecto.

^^I primed the whole thing with 3 coats of spray primer.

Then sprayed the frame part, with matte white paint.

Now ready to carefully apply 2 coats of chalkboard paint to the mirror part, with an artist brush.

I took these LATE at night. Laila has baggy eyes.

She needs Mary Kay to help her.

Here they are finished.

I am happy.

I am so glad I tackled this project.

I LOVE how the corners are in white. PRETTY.

Laila. Go to bed.

In July I am helping with, or doing 3 different parties.

Just throwing around some different sets here.

I think the twins-ies will be a nice addition to some of my get ups this summer…

Tablecloth was from a tag sale for $1.

Tissue flowers are from Tar-shay. (Target)

The lighting must be terr-i-ble because the “red” paper flower for instance is NOT red. It`s very hot pink.

Ok, well, feel the love!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jenny,I have a question(or maybe you aren’t doing FAQ’s today)how do I keep my spray paint from running?am I spraying to much?Anyway..way…way love your creativity!

  2. Naomi says:

    Oops,that was me-Naomi

    • Jenny says:

      first use a spray primer. a must. then try spraying farther away and less. the lighter the coat- and the more coats applied, the better. hope that helps!

  3. Mirta says:

    As always I love it:) You keep me inspired!

  4. Anonymous says:

    was in my daughters room the other night thinking how I would like the frames of the pictures in her room to be white. kept thinking of you and your projects. =) you are almost persuading me.

  5. esther troyer says:

    hate when ppl leave anonymous comments. =) ^^^^ was me.

  6. Aug says:

    So funny about “throwing your weight around” and “making a few calls.” Your sense of humor SO cracks me up!

    And what EXACTLY is Laila sitting on in her late night stupor? Old bed sheets? Curtains? Her favorite blankie?

    • Jenny says:

      oh that. it`s a loooong valance i`m going to use at one of the parties. tying to figure out how. pry you`ll see it flip flops fri morning. 🙂

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