i took a million pictures the other night.

And since this blog is my “doodle pad”- i`ll probably dump them all on here…

here`s a sneak peek…

nothing like a soft, chubby hand, and the legs of a 1 year old.

when elle was born, the first thing we noticed was her gigantic mouth.

she`s still got it.

i love low converse shoes.

especially with a cute skirt.

oh elle, you bless me.

i love my “brownie”.




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  1. Rach says:

    Thanks for the transparency. Please know you’re not alone & there’s another mom with 3 wee ones that doesn’t always shine in the area of motherhood. With God’s help, day by day & loads of grace…

  2. Junita says:

    Thanks for posting this. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a “mother” through and through – Oh, I adore my little girl more than words can say, and I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted to give her away for even a penny!, but sometimes I feel like I was cut out for a business career, rather than motherhood. And then I find myself living in fear of how horrified the other good mennonite ladies in our community would respond if they knew that I felt this way even a teensy little bit. I SO connected with what you were saying.

  3. LOVE the first picture of Elle with the skirt and low shoes. Coloring is so chic, and I just love that look with skirt/low converse too. I’m doing it on myself, not just my girls too!

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