Girlie Snaps, Pt. 2

I just love girlie stuff and (mmm) I love all the fun stuff that goes with them.

Like fun shoes, kitties and colorful skirts.

I mean kitties on shirts. I hate cats and kitties, literally.

What “mommy” says that?!

Ring around the rosy.

Laila cannot talk except to say- “ma”, “me”, and “my”.

Yes, those DO all mean something different.

But she can sing: “Asha, asha, asha, all fa dow…”

It`s kinda cute (very).

“Oh, Elle please be merciful to a little baby with a saggy diaper like me.”

THIS is what they do 99.9% of the time, when I want to take their pictures.

I love the freedom, wild abandon, and energy of little kids.


Elle, I love your brownie eyes.

I don`t know where the blondie sprouted from- I never had one of those before.

Heart to heart.


Leader. Follower.

Lil (hair) B-uns on b-abies are the b-est.

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  1. Rachel says:

    what kind of mommy says she literally hates cats/kittens, you ask? well, i must admit i would be that kind of mommy too. but, i’m hoping i can get past that, for my kids sake. kinda.

    so extremely glad i got to meet you…liked your blog for a while, and now that i’ve met you, i like it more, cuz, i really like(d) you!!
    happy monday!

  2. Gloria says:

    I’m still finding myself wishing I had gotten the chance to talk with you more. It seemed we were at the end of a great weekend and there were just a few I felt as though I had missed out on….you were one of them. I have a hunch there was a lot we could have connected about!

    You have two of the most beautiful little girls! Brown eyes are the best!

    • Jenny says:

      i feel the same way, gloria. i think by the time i got over feeling intimidated by you- and saw that you were all heart, the weekend was nearly over! how sad for silly little me! haha. i love that we can keep in touch though online and that`s a treasure i think. you gave me lots to think on after the weekend was over… i want a soft heart like yours… <3

      • Gloria says:

        “a soft heart like yours”….that is the waaaay best compliment anyone could ever give me. then of course there is the little nagging voice inside of me that says, “oh, if she only knew”. we all have the things we struggle with – some more openly than others.

        but a soft heart, that is who i want to be. when i grow up, that is.

        someday we’re going to get that chance to sit and talk and connect in a deeper way. i’m looking forward to it!!! <3

  3. amber says:

    oh, how i loved sitting here scrolling through your blog, Jenny… it was like looking through some great magazine or something!!! so much beauty and inspiration~ and your girls… deliciously precious. 🙂

    so good to meet you this weekend and enjoyed our little chats here and there.. though, never enough!! 😉 can’t wait until NEXT time. say maybe in the fall???

    take care. look forward to keeping in touch on here…

    lots of love~ a.

    • Jenny says:

      thank you, amber- you have no idea how unworthy i feel of your praise. but it made my morning anyways– i feel honored have met you, TOO!! you`re a inspiration in so many ways…

  4. gaia says:

    those are two real beauty!
    You made my day with that post!

    Love the little princess!

    Thanks for visiting me!!

  5. Rachel Helmuth says:

    It is just incredible how different I feel about your blog now that I’ve met you. I always LOVED it but now… well, it just grabs me in a different way because i’ve “seen” a bit of your heart and it’s beautiful. I look forward to more times together.

    I’m a huge fan of yours. And i think you have some adorable girlies too.

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