23 hearts of gold.

wow. why is it just when you really do not have time to do something… is when you want to do it the most?

we are leaving tom (thurs) for the weekend and i don`t have groceries bought or the food packed, or the bedding or the clothes packed. in fact the clothes aren`t even cleaned. laundry is in piles all over the basement.

but anyways- as i trudged about the house, my computer called to me softly, i won`t tell you the stuff it says to me, but it always come across so fun, and way better than what i was doing.

i edited around at random some of my photos from last weekend so here they are. i was honored to spend the weekend with 23 smashingly kind, big hearted, and hilarious other women. so that is what today`s entry will feature.

so many of my “home friends” asked me about the big weekend after, and so these are for you guys… as well as my “new friends”– you`re all very dear to me.

i wish i had time to write more– i feel kinda “short and to the point” today so bare with. 🙂

since a lot of us did not know eachother, we had a get acquainted time where we each used props to tell about each person in our family. as it turns out we all like to talk. this took hours. i loved every minute of it. there were prizes for best props, some of them were beyond precious. like kristy`s pipe cleaner family complete down to the daughter shown with highlights on her hair, using different colored pipe cleaners.

we got to go to rebecca`s bistro after hours for a fancy little banquet. this was at the beginning when all was still new. from what i could tell, there wasn`t an awkward conversation to be found.

we came from all over.

jennie from wisconsin, christy from south carolina, and thelma from penn. their smiles are real. these 3 beautiful girls blessed me in a big way.

my old, true blue friend, linda.

it was so PRECIOUS to be with, and around her again…

[note to self: puffed sleeves made shoulders look wide]

michelle, mary june and rachel.

spunky, passionate, beautiful- 3 things these all have in common.

the “founders”- the movers and shakers of it all.

i LOVE this picture. the lush colors, the beauty of these 3.

[and they represented oregon, wisconsin and montana!]

spent a lot of saturday morning at good `ol java jos. we left there only to hit walnut creek cheese for lunch, and stayed there, sitting and talking, until 6:30 that night!by then it had dwindled down to only 4 of us that could not let this party die. 🙂

yes, we talk.

mary june looks awesome.

is her friend braced for collision?

this was fun. about ten of us worked on food and prep friday morning and had a brunch in the sun room…

this is gloria at java jos.

she has a heart of GOLD and is it fair she is so pretty? 🙂

i admit i wanted a picture of her outfit because i wanted to show it to my stylish sisters who always manage (eas-i-ly) to out dress me.

flowers make me weak in the knees…

anyways- this was probably a fourth of my pictures, another day i will share the rest once i have them edited too.

i feel like there is so much left unsaid. but who said you have to say it all?

i wrote more but erased it, maybe when i have more time think i can expound better.

God gave me a gift that weekend- not feeling eloquent so will leave it at that.

love & thank you, jenny

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  1. Aug says:

    I love how you said “God gave me a gift that weekend” and how you can’t really explain it all. That’s how I felt. It felt sacred, if that makes sense.

    So great to see at least a few pictures…while waiting for Michelle and Christy’s to come around!

    I was SO, so blessed to be there. and so glad YOU could be a part of it. Even right up until the final 4!

    • Jenny says:

      back at ya, SISTER! final 4 won`t let a party die! …thank you for “getting” the first part too. you described it WELL. (sacred)

  2. jennie z says:

    aw….LOVED to see pictures! i can’t wait to see more. what an awesome 3 days. Love u girl!

  3. Rachel says:

    now, i can get to work.
    i think. ;O)
    i’ve been longing to see some pics from the weekend…mine are still on the camera, and i’m quite certain rather ‘blah’ compared to the ones coming from sister Michelle and Christy…;O)
    thanks for posting these..you’re so right..it was a GIFT of a weekend!
    love ya~

    • Sheri Helmuth says:

      I loved looking at your pictures… I just noticed you know two of my first cousins Rachel Helmuth (my dad’s side) and Jessica Yoder (my mom’s side). What’s your connection with them 🙂
      Looks like yall had a party… I love your sence of decorating… wow,,, a talent indeed!!!

      Sheri Helmuth (your xanga / facebook friend 🙂

  4. Gloria says:

    I would have SO been in that final four – had it been just about what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, very little in life is about what we WANT to do.

    So kind of you to say I have a heart of gold, although I really do prefer silver. (ok that was dumb. just accept the compliment)

    Cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures from the weekend!!

  5. lisa says:

    one of the best things going about reading your blog now is that i can just HEAR you saying it. it makes me laugh even more at the dry little comments.
    it really was a weekend that cannot be reduced to words.

  6. Kristy says:

    this just makes me smile….. a really happy smile! and hearts of Gold says it so well. those few days reknewed the longing in my heart for a place that I “fit” in. People who make me forget the outward and see SO much inward beauty. Missing Sat was quite hard on me..trying not to think about it much. Next time I won’t just “assume” I will be ready to leave early cause that SO was not the way it worked out! More like pulling teeth.

  7. Aimee says:

    Oh my word – so funny! I was at Rebecca’s on Saturday morning! My cousin Miriam works there and said that she had served a fun bunch of ladies who were bloggers the day before! I guess that was you!! Would have been so fun to meet you!

  8. Michelle says:

    Oh, I loved this! What a great mid-afternoon pick-me-up. You know what I loved about you is that even though you are so super talented and from the famous Holmes County place you know, you were so real and funny and accepting. Yeah, I know. Can you tell I had some bad experiences in SS when I visited OH in my teens? 😉 Your pictures are beautiful! I love the sepia tint to the breakfast one. Oh, and did you EVER make a beautiful breakfast!

  9. Mary June Miller says:

    Jenny – Love it! I soooo understand the ‘can’t explain it well’ – I’ve given up trying! My sisters wanted to hear all about it – and I didn’t even know what to say without sounding like a crazy teenager who said ‘awesome’ every other word! ( :

    I still can’t believe we were at Walnut Creek Cheese from noon – 6:30 – but the memories are so perfect. I’m still laughing out loud. And I really thought I should have had some ‘abs’ showing through after all that! ( : Nope – not there, think we need another weekend to make that happen!
    Love you – Mj

  10. julana says:

    i am so glad you posted some pictures of your weekend. i was hoping for even more though. liked hearing and seeing some of you fun weekned. fun you said that about “gloria’s” outfit. i wanted to tear her top and purse right out of the commuter as soon as i saw it.:)

  11. Sarah says:

    Oh jenny, It looks like you gals had the most fabulous time ever!

  12. Rachel Helmuth says:

    I think i’m just about pathetic… but every time I get a chance to hear thoughts/see pictures on the wkend my heart just does this pitter-patter and i can’t help but laugh-out-loud every single time. It’s like getting my fill every couple hrs. and then it’s back to the computer to see if anyone else posted. See, i said pathetic.

    Def. a big hug from God/ and so with MJ about not being able to explain to others except using the awesome word 50 times.

    Have a fun trip Jenny… hope it’s just another good memory makin’ time for you.

    Oh, and Sheri, Jes is your cousin? I can so see that now but that’s just crazy. Loved her.

  13. Cindy says:

    Jenny, what a precious post and photos! A gift from God indeed…awesome…sacred…awesome…indescribable, which is why I know it was HIM and awesome and yeah, my heart has been going pitter-patter over every little connection with each one since then. love that you shared this. thanks. <3

  14. amber says:

    ” a gift” is such a perfect description.. when you stare at that thing in your hands and find your heart so full that you just can’t even describe how you’re feeling, so you say simply – “thank you.”

    i’ve whispered a dozen thank you’s to the Lord every time i think about our precious time~

    so enjoyed our talks and wish they could have been MORE! i think we could still be sitting at that table in walnut creek cheese even now!! 🙂

    i remember seeing all the prettiness around the brunch table in the sunroom and wondering who had done that~ so creative and sweet to have that special touch… which i now know was “jenny’s touch.” 🙂

    thanks for this post – makes me not feel so weird that i’m the only one still relishing in it all. hee hee~

    love ya.


  15. It sounds like *such* a lovely, lovely weekend… I’m so glad you all had such a good time! I’m soaking up every tid-bit about the weekend that I can! 🙂 The breakfast that you all did looks *amazing*… If the pictures look that great, real life must have been dreamy…

  16. Becky says:

    the more pix i see of the event and the more i read about it, the more i have no words….but i love how you described it as “gift from God”….that is PERFECT!! and exactly how i feel. there were so many good and perfect GIFTS for me that weekend that were sooo from Him. i am way amazed at the way everyone felt this…and the way that He blessed each of us with the different gifts (i am sure) that each of us specifically needed. i mean, he could have just handed out Peace to everyone and that would have been good…but I feel like He handpicked several gifts that were so fitting to every individual and Personally gave them to each of us. in HIS way…ONLY….could we each be ministered to and minister. i am beyond WOWED!! 🙂

  17. I’m just in the depths of despair…you were there til 6:30? I so missed out, and I hate to miss anything! It was so special wasn’t it? I’m so amazed that I really have such a warm feeling about the whole wk. end. Not knowing anyone and I feel like I’m missing everyone after only a few days of yakking. Truly a wonderful, delightful bouquet of women! I have to know who the last four were….you lucky women!

    Jenny, I’m so counting on you coming to stay at my house some time. I’ll give you my sparest of spare rooms!

  18. Linda Hershey says:

    I seriously can’t even comment on the weekend. All i can remember is thinking over and over again, “…and you thought you would be nervous?”I guess i was looking at it thru a first day at MBS impression!
    So so glad to get to see you. precious, as it were!!
    thanks for taking me.
    I have never ever been around that many women and felt so understood and at eaSE. never. ever.

  19. Linda Hershey says:

    the part where i wrote “thanks for taking me”? never mind it. I had started to say something and guess i didn’t get around to deleting it. so I will finish here–“thanks for taking me back in time to a beautiful weekend filled with incredible strong beautiful women. and thanks for taking me to Dantes and letting me “spill” a little.

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