New Baby {Love}

Sydney Paige~ Born July 16, 2010

New baby girl belonging to my sister Julana, along with her husband, Jason and Gracie and Isaac. So HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!

Julana looks awesome, and she was so at ease when we saw them. I think she was born to bare and raise {nurture} children. She has a gift…

Is there anything as precious as a new baby? I always think it`s a huge reminder that there`s still a God at work and He loves to kiss us with the blessing of New Life.

I can not say it enough. Sydney is so ti-i-i-i-iny and oh so pretty!

If my husband had twins. ..

He`d say, “Run along and go find your mother now.”

I have to say, I`d love to try twins with this man some day. Just whenever I get my sanity back would be great. 🙂


And this~

is Lily Ruth (Born July 17, 2010)… beautiful daughter of our loving friends Brent and Dawn. Another joyous congrats sent out to you two!

The whole way to the hospital, Elle sat with her chin in her hands and looked thoughtfully out the window. When we finally drove into the hospital parking lot, she sighed heavily and said,

“I just cannot WAIT to go see this baby.”

The JOY on her face (above) says it all. She has prayed and prayed and prayed for this baby.

I think she felt personally responsible.

WHY I didn`t get a picture of Dawn holding her baby, I have no idea! I want to pinch my arm until it`s pink, or kick myself in the shins.

She looked radiant and was just glowing with joy. Mommy and baby were so beautiful.

Laila, says, “Excuse me mom, I heard there are babies here?”

We were in Penn. spending the weekend at a rental house with friends. Both these births are EXTRA special to me, and they weren`t due until August (first part of). And wouldn`t you know…

they were both born while we were gone. Made for a thrilling weekend!

Dawn and Brent were actually with us at the house, but disapeared one morning setting sail for home… (we found out later)… they left to have Lily!

Happy sigh.

Thank you Jesus, Sydney and Lily are both safely here…

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  1. julana says:

    well i felt special. 🙂

  2. diane says:

    i’m sure dawn has a good story about sailing home to have the baby. i didn’t think about that they would have been at beech creek with you guys when the baby was coming.

  3. Aug says:

    I got a kick out of the line about “I would like to have twins with this man…whenever I get my sanity back!” You’re funny!

    Cute, cute babies!!

  4. lisa says:

    well, i shouldn’t be looking here if i am trying to get over my baby fever! what little dolls!

  5. Carmen Byler says:

    Such darlings! Makes me even more itchy to hold this babe that keeps growing inside of me….

  6. Cindy says:


    sweet post and babies and Elle and her prayers.

    and yeah. sanity is handy with babies. especially twins.

  7. coleensr says:

    This post touched a special place in my heart. I just wanted to reach in and pick out those babies and hold them close! My daughter-in-law is due with her 4th child right now! I can’t wait!!
    Elle reminds me so much of one of my granddaughters-Ginger!

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