She`s Here!

Yes, I mean the table.

G`s parents have given each of the children a sentimental piece of furniture over the last few years. A long time ago, we said we wanted the heavy old table, but I often forgot about it because I always thought there would never be a time when it would get shipped from PA to OH.

Time passed. Lots of it.

Now a few weeks ago my husband drove to PA in a semi with one of his buddies to haul something else back to Ohio. Something ELSE they packed to bring along back was this huge old table. 🙂

She definitely belongs with us.

Her legs are splendid.

I ADORE things rich in history, and this table was G`s family`s table all their lives. And before that a farming family had it for 30 years.

I am looking for more history for it from my mother in law. Any news in interesting to me.

The top of it needs refinished. I plan to sand it off and restain it the color the legs are. Saving WORK and TIME and yes, also money. Plus, I love her the way she is.

Here is the box that holds all her leaves. Yes, they all need refinishing too. Like I said, the table is HUGE. If we were to put in all the leaves, I think it would reach across our dining room and living room. For now tablecloths cover a multitude of sins.

Winter project, you wait for me.

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  1. Gorgeousness!! LOVE LOVE LOVE old tables like that, and this is even more special because of the sentimental value! Ever so cool!

    Loved seeing a sneak peek of your house through these pictures too. 🙂

  2. Gloria says:

    Great table…great legs…oh, and the table legs are nice too… and I’m glad it ended up in YOUR hands! I know you’ll do wonders with it!

  3. jessica says:

    Despite having a sweet farmtable myself, I now have table-envy!

  4. Kristy says:

    that is a treasure….. gorgeous legs is right 🙂

  5. lisa says:

    i would NEVER forget that i was supposed to get a table like this! it is incredible! and the story just adds so much depth to it.

  6. Marilyn says:

    wow jenny, i love that table! i have to ask….with all the boards how many can you seat at it? i dream of having a table that seats the whole neighborhood 🙂 i love the captians chair (is that what they are called?)

  7. Rachel says:

    oh my. furniture for me is like, well, hmmm…how to put it delicately…i just a.d.o.r.e. furniture. more than clothes, more than makeup, more than a lot of things;P!
    and your new (old!!) table is wow! gorgeous! and yay for family heirloom tables! that’s what we eat all our meals off of; a table that was passed down from my grandparents. it has it’s flaws, but i love it nonetheless.
    congratulations on the new addition! ;O)

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