{FFE} FridayBrunch.

Here are some more of the pictures from FFE. The Friday morning brunch.

I have so many pictures, I am posting them in categories now.

{As she ducks her head in SHAME.}

If I could have any job in the world it would be to set up tablescapes and photograph them for magazines…


Or run and own a Bed and Breakfast…

Or author a book…

I have too many dreams. Seriously pray for me. I can get really unfocused, and I need to be a WIFE & MOM right now.

Which I do love insanely much, by the way. The wife part comes more easily than the mother part, usually.

But anyways- please endure my long string of pictures by obliging me because I was fulfilling a fantasy by doing so…

(The tablescape one)

Thanks much.


Muted tones and loveliness of candid conversations…

Aw, Baby Madison.. could you be sweeter?

Could you be cuter?


Speaking of baby names. G and I were talking on the way home from our trip last weekend about themes of names.

Our girls have family names (Elin, Julia, Jeanette.) I love quaint, sturdy old family names. We have good friends who are going with books of the Bible (Jeremiah and Leviticus, so far). I would never have thought of it, but I love it! Another friends/couple is going with Bible names: (Hannah, Zachariah and Matthew).

I love themes.

Rolling with that.

G and I were saying wouldn`t it be fun to go with Fairy Tale characters for theme names?


“Hey, it was so nice meeting you all, too! This is our oldest, Goldilocks is 12. Pinocchio is 7. And the twins Hansel and Gretel are 3. (Shakes head) They are into everything! And of course, my lovely wife, pregnant with baby girl Cinderella.”

In hindsight, I guess I should have made the twins 2, since that is a more stereotyped “into everything” age.

Carmen saved the day with her killer flowers.

Founder Audrey Kilmer Miller struggles to get the crowd whipped into submission and listening.

Sister Michelle is rather blatant with her uninterested-ness.

Aw. Okay.

Two sweet souls were listening faithfully.

Rachel and Thelma get caught up over coffee and a camera.

Yikes, Thelma, you are spreading (huge) camera envy all over the world!

The camera is also huge.

Lots of color here. Good representation of the group at hand.

Lisa and Linda, soul mates.

Buffet Line.

All attire acceptable. PJs if you want to.

Pjs equal overall happiness for women, generally speaking.

Men take note. (all 1 of you, G)


Madison and Gloria.

Linda and Di.

Again, there is a camera/coffee meet up.

Orange juice pitcher came from the “wrong side of the tracks.”

Jessica: “My eyes are big aren`t they? I`m going to shut them now, so Jenny doesn`t put a notoriously crazy caption with them.”

Rachel: “But Jessica. They are still big.”

I resisted!


Later world, Jenny

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  1. Rachel says:

    first of all…your post-processing of your pictures is fabulous! i love the colors you bring out, the softness you embrace….
    secondly…i so hear you on having too many dreams…and needing to be wife and mom RIGHT NOW. i’m struggling to let go of the ‘good’ to embrace the ‘best’…you are not alone in that journey, and your many talents, many interests…it is a GIFT!! hold onto those dreams; they are part of what make you the beautiful person you are!
    and, lastly, the ‘oj pitcher from the wrong side of the tracks’ thing cracks me up! cuz, when i see that set up, it is the one thing that really BUGS me!!

    love your way sweet soul!

    • Jenny says:

      oh i know! 🙂 rachel, bugged me too. i looked and looked for something other than tupperware, even a jar, but nothing… 🙂 oh well, this way i got to make a joke.
      after seeing your blog, i have to say i was pretty (ducks head), intimidated that i tried to set up this mess with you sitting there. YOU should have been doing it. you have ta-a-alent, girl!!

  2. Di says:

    Awe cuteness!! lol I love all our “speaking with hands”. It was comforting to see I wasn’t the only one. 😉 I still smile about the whole breakfast decor and talks. Was so dreamy and fine. Like a little lala land.

    You and Rachel are both very gifted, I adore each of your styles. I see you use those gifts/talents with your childrens lives as well. It’s hard to manage it all into one…..

    You are an amazing women, and it even goes way beyond your talents…into the beauty of a heart that trusts/hopes in God. Luv ya!

  3. jennie z says:

    aw….i miss this!love the pictures. they are beautiful.
    ….i only wish i would have brought madison’s brush in for her wet hair BEFORE you took pictures of her. oh well. she’s cute

  4. Rachel Helmuth says:

    You are just hilarious with words… i was totally cackling. And love the way you are passionate about beauty. I think God must smile down on you a whole lot.

    And after reading the pitcher comments…. well, i’ve decided i’m not as tuned into things as i believed myself to be because honestly, i. never. noticed. All the other beauty certainly stood out to me though.

    Cannot wait to read… “the rest of the story.”

  5. Audrey says:

    I’m glad people took pictures of the beautiful brunch table because I was too busy running around getting muffins out of the oven and trying to track down toilet paper and answering questions to even really notice it much! But, wow! It was so beautiful. Wish I could have been there! 😉

    And yes, poor me trying to make announcements to that group!! Next time, I am farming out this job!! And even the two who were supposed to be listening?? I think you can see that Carmen is looking at something else out of the corner of her eye!!

  6. Beautifulness. Wow. You did an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. job on the brunch. Looks like a magazine! And the pajamas. You got it, girl! 🙂

    I hear you on the dreams, oh, I hear you. I think I must pray nearly every day for God to keep me focused on right here, right now, because I can be so much of a dreamer that I neglect present-day. (sighs) My big question in all of that is this – what am I supposed to do with all of those dreams? Try to forget about them? Because most of mine are pretty far-fetched. Still rolling that one around with God!

  7. Oh, forgot to say – a bed and breakfast is one of my dreams too!! Perhaps we should hook up so we could fulfill that dream, but then have off every once in a while too! 🙂

  8. Kay says:

    Gorgeousness, Jenny. Very dreamy decor, perfect for ladies. I loved it. I don’t know how you do it, quite talented you are! I was SO awed when I walked out into that sunroom… didn’t know you were out there doing all that before brunch! You really oughta go into the set up n photog tablescapes business! Loved your captions on the pictures, as usual. 😀

  9. Okay, so was I the only one in my pjs? I totally know that all those other fine ladies were plugging up the bathrooms beautifying themselves….give me a break ;), I was graciously waiting my turn! As for my eyes…what a picture…..I’m sure you had a great caption….;) maybe I should talk to myself in the mirror before I go out the next time. By the way, I know I need to update…just haven’t been inspired yet. I promise I’ll get to it yet this summer ;0. Love your pics and I’ll be waiting for the next installement!

    • amber says:

      i came down in my pj’s that morning… typically at home i’m in them all day. but started feeling slightly lazy when i realized everyone had “normal” clothes on. 😉

    • Gloria says:

      ….and my hair wasn’t “done” either due to lack of bathroom space. in fact when people were snapping away – taking pics of baby madison – i had requested to not be in the pictures. of course i was told that – oh, no. i wouldn’t be in them. they were zooming in on the baby. – yah….and hell is freezing over too.

  10. amber says:

    okay.. i had to hold my belly several times throughout this post cause i was laughing – and that hurts now! 🙂

    still thinking of the whole fairytale name theme thing makes me chuckle. shayne and i JUST finished this whole, “what in the world are we going to name this kid??” talk. we go round and round w/ names. never agreeing. and i’m starting to clue in to the fact that he had way more girlfriends than he originally told me.. cause too many names i suggest get shot down with, “nope. that was a old girlfriends name…” :/

    and the picture of Jess! she is just the cutest of the cute. i love her spirit and spunk and yes, the way her eyes show so much expression!!

    so much fuN all the memories! and the connection we each felt just hasn’t stopped to awe me.

    your brunch was so gorgeous. i remember trying not to stare over that way at all the little lovely details my eye kept catching during our share time – i didn’t want the one talking thinking i wasn’t interested – but i admit, i was highly distracted. 🙂 i later took a picture so i could gawk in private! my favorite was the clothesline of music sheets.

    how did you make the flower thingy that hung over the top?? love that.

    you could/would/someday WILL so rock at any one of those dreams you mentioned. I would start w/ the book idea filled with all your beautiful tablescapes, each chapter a different fairy characters name 😉 and put copies on the nightstands of your little quaint B&B while you continue being a fab wife and mom!! how’s that for a start… 🙂

    love to you sweet girl~ a.

  11. Linda Hershey says:

    really. you are amazing. because you got the whole decorating thing rocking. AND. you are still smart and funny. very funny. tell your sweet husband that! and it isn’t every day you find talented decorators who are still cool and smart and so not boring.
    and thankyou for that one side pic of me. i have a jawline. yes. without any trace of slack. i love jawbones. so i stared at me for awhile.

  12. Shelly N says:

    Ma’am, did you leave a comment on my blog . . . the one for the herba-smoothie sample pack giveaway? ‘Cause I chose the name “Jenny” as one of the winners, but it had no other contact info with it. Better run to claim your prize before anyone else does! =)

  13. Rachel says:

    me again. 🙂
    just wanted to say something yet about the whole b & b dream you have. that’s aNoTheR dream i have, but i’ve also been able to temporarily side table that one after taking over a b & b a couple of times while the owners were out of town. actually, we helped Joe & Sue a couple of times when they lived in here…and I LoVeD it! but, it also made me realize that it is a Lot of work, and for me right now with kids that are little and basically no help, it is something that if ever we do it, it will have to be way down the road. and, i’m okay with that. like i said, the experiences we had with it were great, but also a reality? check? so, that said, maybe you could find someone in your area that you could fill in for? to get the experience without the whole tying you down commitment for the rest of your life thing..just a thought…cuz i KNOW you would be beyond AWESOME at it!

    happy Wednesday!

  14. Terri says:

    hey! we got an honorable mention! 🙂 i love reading your site and can hardly wait to see some pictures of the weekend in pa since i hardly got my camera out! love you…

  15. Michelle says:

    Hey, I helped yell for attention so it wasn’t all in the interest of uninterestedness. It’s just that the food was really good, you know. 😉 Oh, and the fact that it was still kind of early morning.

    I love your captions … you are so super witty. 🙂

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