For… Sale.


Well, I am here with some of my stuff for sale. So far this blog has not been a Craigslist. But today it shall be.

For Sale:

If interested, please contact me at or Facebook private message me. I will do my best to go first come, first served.

I “named” them all, so you know what to put in the subject line of your email.

Cash only.

Because all items listed are glass and a lot of them are heavy- I don`t think I want to try to ship any of them out. Local sales appreciated.

Why am I selling them?

Because before we moved to this house I was collecting vintage blue bowls/plates for my future kitchen. As it turns out, I never went with this “look” or color. I kept them for so long because I loved them so much and didn`t want to part with them.

Right now I`m going through a purging fit and am just sick of them hogging a whole cupboard.

They are priced according to what amount I remember purchasing them for (or less).


Name: Plate on a Pedestal. $4 SOLD

Here she is with “her crowd”. She has a small chip on the one side. I think it adds character. 10 3/4 inches across.

One more picture.


Name: White Folk People Bowl $8

10 3/4 inches across.


Name: Turquoise Mixing Bowl. $16

(I paid $19 for this one)

13 inches across


Name: 50s White Pyrex Bowl $6

8 1/2 inches across


Name: Blue Flower 2 Part Bowl. $5


Name: Blue Swirly Bowl. $20

10 inches across.

This bowl is just gorgeous and in perfect condition. When I paid for it, the old lady at the counter said, “I think that bowl might be pretty valuable.”

Who knows. I paid $20 for it.

The white “swirlies” are raised.

This one would make a GORGEOUS coffee table “statement” bowl.


Name: White Chalkboards. $10 each SOLD

In great, but not perfect condition.

19 3/4 by 8 3/4

Can be hung horizontally or vertically.

People buying them together get first priority (I really do not want to break them up 🙂

“Buy us”- corny, I know.


Thanks for looking! Jenny

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