Oldest Friends Weekend.

wow, we had such a good time last weekend…

there is just nothing like being with a crowd of old friends and the super comfy feeling, great conversations, banter, & kid escapades it brings.

i feel so, so lucky. we love my old friends.

it`s saying a lot that it was so good, because we spent the whole weekend together (in july!) without air conditioning and lived to tell about it.

in this old house. i just had a to take a few pics and show you how breathtaking the front of it was.

you said we lead a charming life?

well, when you aren`t rich in material things i guess most of life has to be charming. 🙂

i love the character and freshness of the cool green stucco against the white curlios. (the real name for those is escaping me at present)

sorry, zebs you guys have a great van but i still tried not to get it in my picture (and failed).

these hung in a row inside the kitchen door. like they were there waiting for the maid to grab one on her way out to milk the cow. not sure why she would need a house key when milking the cow- but you get the idea.

lots of chandies everywhere.

yes, the front entryway had THREE heavy wooden doors you had to pass through before entering. the first one had a screen in it, but still…

goes to show there were paranoid people living in the 18 and 1900s too.

laila enjoys the parlor, curling her toes, and expressive page turning.

“the tension was so thick; you could cut it with a knife”.

hahaha. just kidding.


not that you can tell by sanny, terri and josh`s passive attitudes (above), but we enjoyed eachother`s company mucho grande and “the parlor”- as it was SO CREATIVELY dubbed by us- was a hit place to sit, second only to the back patio with the massive, green yard behind it.

more pics later. i have more.

well, i need to get ready to wear my gray, small plaid, apron, smile fetchingly and carry diet pepsis on trays all day…

…for all kinds of fanny pack wearing sojourney-ers…

waiting on tables. i love it.


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  1. Terri says:

    you make me laugh out loud. thank you. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Time spent with a good friend(s) is priceless; there’s nothing better than being with those who allow you to just BE. Would the beautiful ole’ house y’all stayed in happen to be in Lock Haven? I have heard about the house Crit Lapp’s family bought and fixed up and the pictures reminded me so much of it. I love old houses 🙂

  3. Carolyn K says:

    Well excuse me! I most certainly didn’t try to be anonymous! I forgot to type my name

  4. Kristy says:

    everytime i think of you waitressing i think of your defining moment and i am blessed all over. i am not sure i could have come away from that with the lesson learned that you did.
    waitressing was my favorite job….. or at least one of them. i loved getting to know people and just being around them. would love to have a chance every now and again to do that!

  5. Carmen Byler says:

    lovely old house….and I can imagine sharing it with friends would be tops!!

  6. Heather says:

    What a wonderful weekend indeed. Can’t wait to see more pictures…. I don’t think I even saw the front of the house so I’m glad you noticed and took pictures.

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