[my]thoughts of today.

I found this time-stamped in my files, so it will be my post for today.

I am still finding new entries from you all on this post.

Keep them coming- I feel greatly loved and ‘heard’ by God… I hope you feel the same. I can`t tell you how “fed” I feel from all of the comments and thoughts there so far.

Wisdom overload! :) I love it.

Never underestimate the power and wisdom and leading of Christian women speaking life and TRUTH to eachother!


[what does God think of, when He thinks of me?]

Proof that women have very random thoughts in a day.


PS. Check out this gorgeous dinner party. I fell in LOVE.

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  1. Rachel says:

    i like today’s thoughts too.
    and, i can feel your husband’s pain of 1000 days of scraping your house….in the all-too-near-future, that will be me and my hubs scraping our house..
    but we’re hopin it can wait til next year.
    or the year after.
    because, i don’t think you are bluffing when you say 1000 days of scraping.
    i just know it’s that kind of long, drawn out affair.

    the only way you can be shallow for missing anthropology is if i’m shallow for missing pottery barn.
    happy tuesday!

  2. amber says:

    so much prettiness~ love the 5th shot down!

  3. Aug says:

    Am I teaching her the things that really matter?? That’s a good one!
    Love your pictures.

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