{Family getAWAY} 1950s Diner

You know how everyone`s vacation pictures are always more interesting to them– than to anyone else?

I`m doing that.

Self awareness fixes everything. And allows me to continue on.

Here is just a few from a 1950s Diner we hit on the way to the beach.

I am over it a bit, but when I was a lot younger, I dreamed of being school-age-young, in the 1950s.

It seemed like such a clean, innocent, nostalgic era. I probably pictured my whole life sitting at the bar of a “50s diner” in most of the fantasy. Sipping a “malt” with a boy named “Donald” or maybe “Chester”. Other than the movie That Thing You Do, I didn`t know a whole lot about the 50s– just that after school they went the drugstore, wearing penny loafers (or on roller skates), for a drink from the soda fountain, while listening to Etta James, Patsy Cline or Young Elvis on vinyl records.

Isn`t it funny how we only get tiny snapshots of an era in our minds, and then we think we “know” that decade.

Plus, now I`m glad I wasn`t born and in school then, because that would make me 70.

But anyways, being here made me kinda happy.

And there is 1950s Elle– I mean Ethel.

She is so cute and tiny– I just want to pick her up and pinch her between my thumb and first finger. And then let her run and play with Thumbelina.

I had a grilled chicken sandwich– I know, I`m so healthy– it was pretty generic actually, but they had a couple “fixin` stands” set up with GREAT sauces that revved up my chicken sandwich to a raving 10.

And took it`s healthy rating back down to a 2.

Anyways–It was keen and swell.

G, what were you thinking? You know a ketchup row is not complete until you have 4 in a row.

I love this picture.

Isn`t it just so All American? All it needs is a piece of apple pie in it yet.

Oh, Sally, you know there`s no gas in your pump.

G is MONSTER PUMPED about this old muscle car.

He always tries to hide his emotions like that.

Just so you don`t miss G.

If you ever have trouble identifying him, he has a small scar behind his right ear.

Mom, how much am I getting paid to do this again?

If you ever think,

Aw we`re just going to the beach. Combing my hair will just be a huge bother…

RECANT! Because you will have so much regret later.

G said the least I could have done was comb the girls.

Hey! HEL-LO? What vacation?!

So if you were to look at these last 2 photos– and observing the 3 year old– would you say:

A) She isn`t photogenic.

B) She isn`t well trained.

C) She is mildly funny.


D) All of the above.

It would also be true to say that the 1 year old is easily diverted.

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  1. I have this fling with the 50’s too. 🙂 I think it must be those old black and white movies that I love. Yes, those rollar skates, little malt shops, everybody knows each other, great old cars… Just has an air of romance about it. But like you said, Glad I wasn’t a kid back then because then I’d be too old now! 🙂 Just fun to hear someone else rave about the 50’s. And love the pictures of your family enjoying that little diner. Love little memory-makers like that!

  2. Drusilla says:

    I love your take on pictures, I have this quirky habit of describing the general public while I sit and watch them go by, like “saying” what would be appropriate for their expression:) looks like a fun getaway, and I love the whole 50’s thing to, I think it feels like such a simple lifestyle maybe?

  3. julana says:

    love that your actually on acouple pictures there and i love all elles outfits.

  4. Aug says:

    You are so extremely hilarious!

    That’s why I love to read pretty much anything you take the time to write!

  5. amber says:

    🙂 you crack me up! i’d say that 3yr old inherited a bit of her mommy’s sense of humor if you ask me…

    such a fun post. and such a cool diner. i’m suddenly craving chili cheese fries and a chocolate shake!!!

  6. Rachel says:

    what a great little family vaca!
    yep, makin’ your vaca look like something soooo much better than we ever do!
    sometimes i imagine life ‘way back when’ and wonder why life can’t still be as good as it was in those days.
    but, then i realize that someday, my kids will do that with my era (at least i hope!) and it makes me want to make this NOW ‘the good ole days’ like never before.
    because, someday, they will be.

    oh, and Ethel? really? i say stick with Elle. it sounds more sophisticated and classy. isn’t it funny how Ethel is such a days-gone-by name? my great grandma was named that, and for me it conjures lots of good memories, but my hubs FrEakS! out at the mention of such a name! ;O)
    happy tuesday!

  7. Heather says:

    Love the multiple choice. 🙂 What a fun time. Thinking that we need to make a family vacation a priority.

    Sometimes it feels like a family vacation isn’t much of a vacation at all for the parents. Or maybe we’re the only ones that feel that way??? Packing, loading, unloading, bathing kids, feeding kids, loading, unloading, unpacking, laundry. I do think it is worth every ounce of energy it takes and any sacrifice it requires on the parents part. My memories of family vacations are wonderful and I’m so glad my parents were willing to do the work. I want my kids to have all those good family vacation memories as well.

  8. cretora says:

    I’m sorry, but I had to burst out laughing several times while reading this. Like, the hee-hee-haw-haw gasping type of laugh, not the polite little conservative chuckle.

    • Jenny says:

      glad it wasn`t a polite chuckle, cretora. that would have been disapointing for me. 😉
      it was actually fun for me to read this. it had been months. 🙂 great memories.

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