Since I am not feeling super inspired this week, (no idea why) I am just going to share a few over the top glorious images I was struck with this week.

Hopefully you will enjoy them too.

I wanted to say a huge Thank You too… to all you readers. I feel so undeserving of all the kindness you all show to me in the comments. I feel so touched and loved by you all, humbled mostly! I am not that cool in real life– under-ly ordinary actually. Ha

I hope I can bless you back occasionally. 🙂

(image called “sunny bedroom” that is all.)

Doesn`t this image make you want to cancel anything you had going on today and just READ in bed! How peaceful.

(source: Dreamy Whites)

What a party!

(image unknown)

Love the uniqueness here. The punchy colors and the letters on string…

OH. Yum.

(Source: House Beautiful)

The vintage bottles, the weathered floor, the cool texture of the C, brown wicker… de-lish.

(Heather Chadduck image)

My dream kitchen. Period a hundred times. Yes, the chalkboard takes me over the edge!

(image unknown)

Love the textures, here, the color scheme, the simplicity of the green A. This may be inspiration to add texture to my girl`s room. It is so gag compared to this room. Ah…

(Again, image unknown- I didn`t save where I found them from, when I saved them to my desktop. And some didn`t have credits to start with. So sorry!)

The cleanest, prettiest bathroom I have ever seen… Love the subtle punches of color…

(Source: One Simple Addition)

Ah. Perfection. So lovely. I love the gold tones with the lavendar. So not a me idea- love the out of the box-ness of it.


If you`re going for more eye candy check these lovely links out:


Jones Design Company

This indoor garden party, at Life is a dance

This chalkboard, at A Beach Cottage


Freckled Laudry


God bless your day with tranquility!


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  1. Rachal says:

    Lovely pictures. But I was trying to figure out why the pillow with the Red Cross symbol on the bed??? 🙂 Not sure I want that in my bedroom…like maybe I will fall out of bed and break my neck or die of a heart attack in my sleep. 🙂

  2. So you always bless me ;). And if your girl’s room is gag what do you think mine is?

    So what do you think about me using an old white french door for my spare room’s bed headboard? I’m needing to paint my wall some shade of green and then redo the room it needs a lift. Was my only white room in the whole house and now I’m ready to add a splash or shall I say a subtle touch of color. Let me know if you’ve seen anything like that or have a better idea….Have a good rest of the week. I’m sure you’ll have some great inspiration before too many moons.

  3. Eye candy for sure. Wow. LOVE that girl’s bedroom too. I had just seen that same image a few days ago and love the colors in it. Maybe a future bedroom. Ha!

    So ya liked Jones Design Company? Isn’t it fun? I foresee all kinds of projects coming up for me from inspirations there!

    And I’m very very honoreed to be linked in your lovely site. 🙂

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