Oh, Lolla! {and a Charlie & Lola rave}

No, it`s not Laila`s birthday, but I just felt like celebrating her today. She is my stinker pants.

In case you are wondering about the title of today`s post, everyone here affectionately calls her ‘Lolla’, and Elle, G and I are often heard saying,

“No, Lolla!”


“Oh…. LOLLA!”

Depends on whether she just did something cute or naughty.

I have always adored/loved her, but to me, she just got fun, if you know what I mean..

A little photo tour of her life so far.

Here she is a couple weeks old.

3 mo.

9 mo.

10 mo.

Here she is now at 1.5 years. An a feisty little firecracker she is. She can be very intense and supercute and funny!

There was a little girl who had a little…


right in the middle of her forehead…

and when she was good, she was very very good…

and when she was bad, she was horrible…

Sorry, just made me think of that little song.

She is really enamored with textures and how things feel. Even when she was a lot littler, she would sit and play with a silky scarf rather than a toy. And just swirl it around her face and try to hide her head in it.

Now her “security spot’ is my arm pits. When I`m holding her she doesn`t feel relaxed until her sweet, little arms are tucked up as deep into my arm (yes, pits) as she can get them.

Oh, stop saying gross. I shower a-lot.

She also Lo-o-o-oves playing with the skin tag on the back of my neck.

And, (trying) to stick her finger up my nose– she thinks it`s a tunnel (she does it so FAST), and if I have any hair on my chin she will stroke it as I rock her to sleep, so peacefully. As if, ahhhh, everything is right with the world… because mommy has a chin hair.

Hell-o, it`s just runs in my family!

And okay. Be honest with yourself…

Now I think I haven`t convinced you so much that she likes textures, maybe just that she likes things that are gross on mommy.

Here she thinks she is really cool because she is in Elle`s princess play box and Elle isn`t yelling at her!!

That bracelet on her head is probably her equivalent of being dressed like a princess because she did it herself. She is proud and feels pretty.

“Hey princess, I see your underpants!”


While we are on all things kid related. I came across this reading somewhere and have just fallen in love…

with… KIDEOS.

Or as Elle says,

“Can we watch those cutelittlemovies? PLEEEASE, mom?”

They are a rainy day lifesaver. Or okay, on just a regular day too.

And Oh, my, I also have to share with you my new kid`s book/show crush


They are so cute I want to cry. I think I like them more than Elle. I always make her watch them then I sneak in and sit with them and I`m the one saying,

“Just one more okay, we don`t have THAT much work to do kids.”

How sweet Charlie is to his little sister, Lola`s darling British accent, the funny dialogue, the artsy format (which takes a bit to get used to), Lola`s laugh, the subtle humor of the adult writer, how Lola walks bent over when she is sad, how they refer to things It`s a bit old fashioned…

Here are 2:

(Don`t miss the little boy who drops his basketball when he sees Lola in her old red shoes.

I do want to say, Charlie has a monster themed birthday party in this episode. I just don`t want anyone to be offended.

Well, the Stinkerpants that I wrote about earlier, is up. She is now at large. She is the same one that got me up in the night with her cold and made me sleep all night on the recliner with her.

Smoochy, smooch- I love her.

LIVE UPDATE: `Ope, nope, OHHHHH, she just flung her whole bowl of my favorite cereal out into the air, and now, CLUNK onto the floor. Honey Nut Chex were bombed EV-ER-Y-WHERE…!”

(To me it`s worse if the cereal they wasted was delicious.)

Still. love.                                                        her. mostly.

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  1. Kristen Lehman says:

    I watched the shiny red shoes one (and I don’t even have kids), and I loved it! 🙂 they’re so cute! U buy them online? I would watch another one but Ryan is coming home from work any minute n I’m sure he’d wander what was wrong w/ me 🙂

  2. Thelma says:

    it’s all your fault. i got nothign accomlished this afternoon! charlie and Lola are SO cute. I couldn’t wait for Abbi to wake up , and when she did, she loved them as much as I thought:-)

  3. Rachel says:

    oh, she is just the cutest little tike!
    and, her mother, i just love when she updates her blog.
    it makes my day!☺

  4. lisa says:

    jenny, did you seriously just give me one more reason to love you? i never knew charlie and lola before!

  5. Wilma says:

    I adore Charlie and Lola! I have no kids myself to justify watching, 🙂 so I’m telling all my friends & relatives (who do have kids) about it. I’ll watch more in the privacy of my office…no one needs to know!

  6. You are so funny!! I laughed out loud, because yes, I have ONE black hair that sprouts on my chin every few weeks? months? not sure how often, but every once in a while I find it and pull it out before anyone else can see that I GROW CHIN HAIR. !! 🙂 so, just really funny to me.

    And Little Lolla is soooo cute… Love how different your girls look, and each so beautiful…

    And Charlie and Lolla – you like them too?! Aren’t they just darling! Good idea to watch them on you tube.

  7. Ruby says:

    Thanks so much Jenny for introducing us to Charlie and Lola,the girls and I are hooked!Briana absolutely loves them and she trys to imatate them speaking with there accent!

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