Favorite Words.

This is my 100th post on this blog!!

I feel like I should be doing something really cool in memoriam, but can`t really think of anything.






Also, I need your help picking which edit is better.

Will you please vote for me?

“Neither” is an option as well.



Thanks chicks! Jenny

(SuperSimpleSavers will be back one day– when I can get them better organized. Sorry to have slacked in that area!)

(Happy 100th to meeee.) 🙂

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  1. Cindy says:

    HaPpY 100th!!!

    My fav edit is #2…
    and while you weren’t asking 🙂
    (my kids can tell ya that I am real good at offering unsolicited info)
    my fav word is rest.
    and just about to participate in that very thing.

    good night, friend.

  2. Kristen Lehman says:

    I say #2.

  3. Lynnelle says:

    Happy 100th! My fav edit is #2. and my favorite word is rest which is not what I’ll be doing next, but I rather wish it was! Were those your own peppers and eggplant in that {grow} picture? They are beautiful. How I love the harvest season!

  4. Rachel says:

    such cute pictures; all of them!
    i’m going against the flow and rooting for #1. only because i think you can see Laila’s facial features better in that one and their skin tone is more ‘warm’. but, both are cuter than anything.
    happy 100th!

  5. amber says:

    yaY! on 100 and love the words – some of my favorites too!

  6. amber says:

    whoops. gotta get my vote in… #2

  7. Di says:

    My vote is #2 as well.
    Yeah, 100 posts! That is a lot accomplished. I read on FFE exco- how you love to set the headers, new fonts, arrange the photo’s, your blog shows it. So well put together. You do that perfectly. Together. 🙂
    Someday I want to visit your creative blogs you link on the far right. Fun Fun!!
    Have a great day ~

  8. I say an edit somewhere in between the 2. 🙂 Not because I think I know all about editing, but I like the warm tones of #1 and the sharpness of #2. That’s just me.

    Love Laila red shoes in the first picture. I’m a sucker for red shoes – kids’ size or my size. And I really like all the words ON the pictures you editing for this post. That’s something I haven’t really done at all, but I really like the look…

    And happy 100th! Can’t believe it’s been that many already, but I think I’ve enjoyed every single one! 🙂 Here’s cheers to many more!

  9. Gloria says:

    I like #2 with the caption of #1.

    your little ladies are so pretty! and their names are pretty too!

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