Bobby Pin Flower Giveaway (yay!)

I got up way early this morning and thought I really should make something to give away for my belated 100th post celebration.

What celebration? I know. So far, I haven`t produced any “cupcakes” for you all–  if you know what I mean.

So here come the cupcakes.

Anyways- so my day was really super crazy and busy but I fit it in wide open and the girls were still in bed, so I got out some scrap fabric, glue gun, needle and thread, stray beads, bobby pins and a scissors.


“It was Easy Peasy- Lemon Sqeeze-y!”

That is a quote from Lotta, on Charlie and Lola. I`m not that cute.

*Hmm, apparently she really DOES watch that children`s program…*

I made 5 of them– 2 to give away (to you!) and one each for Laila, Elle and I.

What a fun little rendezvous.

When the girls got up, I thought it would be great to have someone model my new bobby pin flowers. Since I hadn`t showered yet, (I look “crazy” in the middle of a creating frenzy) I thought I`d go ahead and let the girls take it away.

This one had just woken up and was sitting on the love seat staring dead into The Nowhere.

She was pretty angry at me for trying to make her wear this stupid hat. I promised her a tootsie roll and it all seemed to work out after that.

Laila`s face says it all.

For some reason, she was harboring the same resentful attitude as sister.

You can pin these babies on to anything– a blouse, a book bag, a jacket, a low hair bun, use it like a brooch…

It really felt like I was “selling” it there, which really wasn`t necessary since this is after all a GIVE away.

Thought it gave a cute little kick to this Gap jacket of Laila`s.

Okay– since we all are going to be running around this holiday weekend– I`m going to leave this giveaway open until next Tuesday. September the 7th.

I will be picking 2 winners– each winning a tiny teeny, eensy weensy prize of a flower hairpin. Both pins are identical!

Exclamation mark unnecessary.

Both pins are identical.

You can enter up to 3 times, once for commenting and then 2 more times when you connect to any other social network.

blah, blah, blah.

But wait!

To enter, say anything you would like, on the subject of:

Labor Day.

What is it? Where will you be during it? Do you like it? Did you have to Wikipedia it?

There are no wrong answers.

Us? We are spending a long weekend with good old friends. Sitting around eating, I think the guys will golf. There will be lots of talking. We cannot wait.

Enjoy yours!

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  1. Gloria says:

    I was working, hence the reason that I just now am posting a comment. Yep, while the rest of ya’ll were picnicking!

    Love the flowers! I had just picked up a silk purple gerber daisy to do just this!

  2. Maria says:

    TFC made us go to classes on Labor day. Boo-hoo. But on the other hand, who else got to join a Jane Austen discussion to celebrate the beginning of Fall?
    PS: Please pick Maria. She likes the flower pin. Thank you! 🙂

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