“Come sit in my living room”. {By You}

Here is something I have been dreaming of doing for a long time now.

Shall I explain what “it” is?

I am going to do a post that stays LIVE right here, featuring the living rooms of women from anywhere on planet earth.


Well, I had this idea, because every time a blogger posted a picture of their living room on the web somewhere– it always made me feel like I knew them a little better, like I`d love to sit there and soak up their peaceful space.  I started brain-storming about how FUN it would be to gather them all up, and enjoy them together.

I thought it would also be REALLY fun to have each woman share what food she would share with you (imagine) if she were to serve you refreshments. Plus, if you are like me, you can always use new ideas of what to serve friends when hosting.


I`d love to have a picture of Y.O.U.R living room. I`d love for YOU to share it with us. No matter how humble or how grand. THIS IS NOT A FASHION SHOW. It`s not.

I want to capture the aura of you as a woman, not a show-off session.

Just send your: name, city and state along with 3 items that you would serve a guest. Also, a photo of your living room— clean or messy. 🙂


Send to: Ilovegk@gmail.com

with “LIVING ROOM” as your subject.


Now, if you read this:

Remember it means YOU! I`d love to get a 100 or so pictures to display. Keep checking back for more photos/entries. I will be adding them as they come in.

Can`t wait…

And heeeeeeere are the lovely spaces we have so far. Thanks ladies!!

(Remember, you can click on any image to view larger.)


Shannon Hostetler
Martinsburg OH

With curtains I dislike a few toys here and there, this is half of it. Smile emoticon
What I would serve…. cheesecake and coffee if I knew you were coming, popcorn and lemonade it you just stopped in. Right now I have pumpkin cookies so you might get a few of those or some ice cream. I am indecisive so you never know what you’ll get.

Teresa Miller
Macon, MS

Food:  We recently hosted the youth group, and three things I served were, Rotel cheese dip with chips, hot pepper jelly poured over cream cheese with crackers, a Hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting, oh and of course, Good ol’ southern Sweet Tea. =)


Kayla King
Bird in Hand, PA

This time of year I would serve chai latte and/or hot apple cider, with a cinnamon stick and whipped cream. Does that count as three? ha.. Maybe the new pulled pork recipe I have been wanting to try, and some Davy Crockett bars.


Melissa Stoltzfus

Lancaster, PA

For food I  might serve pretzels and warm apple crisp with milk.



Esther Glick

Gap, PA

we don’t eat a lot in the the living room because we prefer eating around our dining room table. but when my brother & his wife come for game night (usually Rook!), it’s something sweet, something salty & often ice cream, served with water! 🙂


Jessica Yoder

Vandallia, MI

I’d like to serve warm apple pie with ice cream, maybe a good ranch
pretzel mix, and your choice of hot, spiced apple cider or coffee, and
if you brought the kids I’ll serve some milk.


Freida Hostetler
Martinsburg, Ohio

Food? I don’t know. Probably something sweet, like pumpkin cookies, coffee- iced or hot, and fresh cantalope from my garden. Whatever I have on hand at the moment. 🙂

Lisa Martin
Narvon, PA
This is my house at Christmas!
I thought maybe I should say I would serve Hot Choc (my hubby would say coffee)., Christmas cookies & a cheese ball/crackers at Christmas.

Brownsville OR

Food? tonight it is pan fried pork chops, southwest veggies and rice, and a salad. if you surprise me and we need a meal? I will make chili. There is almost always ice cream. 🙂


Amber Swarey
Honea Path, SC

I would serve:
Sweet tea, coffee with flavored creamer,  and chocolate brownies.

Kendra Zimmerman
Lititz, PA

mini pizzas made with english muffins


Rachel Beachy
Brownstown, PA
three foods i would serve….
this time of the year, and in my major ‘i’m in love with all things fall’
mentality that kicks into high gear, it would definitely be:
pumpkin cheesecake, pretzels, and hot spiced cider or hot coffee.


Sarasota, FL

3 foods i would serve are coffee cake, fruit & dip and coffee w/ french vanilla creamer


Diane Miller
Martinsburg Ohio

Food: COFFEE, chocolate chip cookies or apple-crisp with vanilla ice cream. Crackers and dips.


Jennie Zimmerman
Ladysmith WI
Food?  She says,
Coffee, brownies, and ice cream often gets served in my living room. Strawberries too, if I have them….which i don’t this yr. I missed strawberry season! Who does that!!?! Sadly, I did.

Lisa Yoder

Wilmington, Ohio


I would serve cold mint tea and a cookie or fruit and veggies with dip


Gina Wilcox

Corvallis, Montana

Three foods I would serve to my guests in my living room:
1) Veggie Pizza (I’m dealing with an addiction at the moment!)
2) Chocolate fudge brownies w/ ice cream and coffee of course!
3) Havarti dill chesse w/ crackers (another addiction)


Amber Hutchins

Cincinatti, Ohio

…if it’s favorite food items then::
potatoes fixed any way
chocolate cake w/ white butter frosting
cheese – any and all kinds


Terri Good

Wilmington, Ohio

She says: (I had to include this because I loved it so much)

“my simple living room has a rip in the free recliner, yes, a baby sleeping on a boppy pillow (illegal, i know), and a free iron burn on the carpet, compliments of my 2 year old’s explorations. but i guess my living room is the way it is because it’s hard for me to spend money on my decor and i want it to be relaxing to anyone from michelle obama to the little kids from wilmington who come from such sad homes… you can spill lemonade on my carpet and know it wouldn’t be a really big deal. 🙂
my very normal food is hot brewed coffee, lemonade, and peach delight… :)”


Kristy Willey
Abbeville, SC

For food…..vinegar marinated chicken and wings
lettuce salad with strawberries
iced tea
custard or pecan pie


Audrey Miller

Hayward, WI

Food:  Jeremy would make his FABULOUS chicken on the grill, I would make my special home-made baked beans that everyone raves about, and we would probably have brownies and ice cream or something to go with it.


Joann Kauffman

Guys Mills, PA

Food: She says:

“Now for the three food items … how can I ever keep it to 3?  but right now it would be yogurt berry smoothies, FRESH salsa & chips, or maybe warm chocolate chip cookies w/milk & coffee.  I am so funny but I enjoy making food that I think suits my guests … like the other night when we had homemade pizza at 10:00 w/our company :)))  (Shel thought I could have served apple slices but I told him apple slices don’t always make the best memories)”


Aimee Weaver

New Holland, PA

What I would serve? (I guess hot dogs and potato chips are out of the question? Ha, ha!)
-Sparkling peach drink because it’s peach season
-Pita chips and fresh salsa
-Something completely chocolately and divine like warm brownies and whipped cream

Clarita Yoder

Jesup, GA

Food? She says:

“So, here in South Georgia, a beverage that I keep on hand literally all summer long is fresh-squeezed lemonade. This is a place where the heat index is over 120 degrees for weeks on end (no joke), and a cold drink like this is sooo refreshing! And, because it’s so hot, a big meal doesn’t happen very often. A light lunch for us often consists of a grilled sandwich and a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit that’s in season. Light but filling, and I don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. :)”


Jenny Kauffman

Mbg, Ohio


Probably… warm box brownies and ice cream

flavored coffee, liquid creamer



Now. We are waiting to add YOU.

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  1. Jenny, this is the BEST idea~! As soon as I get all the pillow towers put away 😉 and figure out how to send my picture, you’ll have it!

  2. Sarah says:

    I like to see the others living area… I might send you mine. “Might” being the key word there. It might be awhile, right now i have to recover the furniture. It looks more like the laundry room with a tv then a living room! =)

  3. jennie z says:

    sent my picture….

  4. Di says:

    GREAT idea. I’m going to love this!

  5. Shannon says:

    Ohlala I love this. Once the storm in my living room is cleaned, I’ll try and send some. I do so hate my curtains right now tho!

  6. This is SO FUN!!!! I just loved seeing every single picture! Such a neat, neat idea!

  7. jennie z says:

    btw, this was SUCH a neat idea….you’re so cool that way. it put a little bit of fun into monday. 🙂

  8. Shannon says:

    This is the best idea EVER! It makes me so excited for when my windows get finished and I have something to take a picture of. I loved looking at everyone’s pics and seeing what they’d serve.

  9. Kay says:

    Love this, Jennie! What a great idea! I LOVE Terri from Wilmington, whoever she is! What a gem she must be. I’m gonna send you a picture this eve…

  10. Kay says:

    Ooops, sorry, i spelled your name wrong. hate when i do stuff like that. I guess it’s because I just read it spelled like that in the comment 2 above mine. 🙂

  11. Aug says:

    That was so much fun to look through! You could get great decorating ideas from this too.

  12. julana says:

    i could have looked all day. sooo interesting!!

  13. Lisa Martin says:

    What a creative idea. I love it! It is so much fun.
    I love some of the ladies bible verses they have on their walls.
    I think it is awesome that when someone walks in your home they can tell that you love Jesus! Thanks for all the pic’s.

  14. Linda Hershey says:

    i.love this. and i am SO excited that i think i will take a pic of my torn up living room first thing tomorrow. which means i must go charge batteries. could you give me a memo on that about 11:00 tonight in case if forget? 🙂
    Seriously cool. yes. i said cool.
    p.s.—you know i really like this b/c i am willing to not be intimidated by everyone’s cutely decorated l.r…

  15. Rachel Helmuth says:

    so fun. can’t wait to see more.

  16. Heather says:

    Jenny – enjoyed looking through these. What a wonderful idea!

  17. Gloria says:

    I’m thinking I need to paint and clean FIRST, then get busy snappin’ away to send you a picture. Oh, yeah….and get that leather sofa I’ve been wanting too!

    I’ll get a picture to ya!

  18. Jessica says:

    Wow. my living room did not get any prettier by posting it here. UGH! O haste the day when our new house is finished… !

  19. Cretora says:

    And will you do a post on “living rooms you do not want to replicate?”

  20. Cretora says:

    BTW-This was v.e.r.y. interesting and I loved every minute of gazing at these beautiful living rooms! (well, most of them are beautiful)

    • Jenny says:

      cretora dear,
      until you send me a living room picture– you may not throw rocks.

      • Cretora says:

        lol-but you still love me, right? I’m actually looking for a picture now. Be forewarned. I don’t decorate. At all. But it’s never kept people from being happy at my house. 😀

  21. Andrea Esh says:

    I love this Jenny. I won’t be sending any because my camera batteries are dead, and I can’t find my charger. I am looking through my archives though–and not finding anything that would be appropriate. What it makes me want to do though, is infuse more of my personality into my living room.
    I keep coming back to check out if more rooms are posted.

  22. Di says:

    I had my husband come see these pictures and I was amazed at his interest. Jenny he loved your colors. 🙂 looking over these I see mine again is dark and drab (it is all I know to do ) lol but I am enjoying the idea that we post even our imperfection. Sometimes I am most comfortable in the living room with the least perfection. Guessing others may feel the same way. Mine has coffee and sweet tea stains. And some toys were kicked out of sight for the picture. I think even a pair of socks. 😉

    I keep coming back…..it is like visiting friends houses. Near and far. 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      “Sometimes I am most comfortable in the living room with the least perfection. Guessing others may feel the same way. Mine has coffee and sweet tea stains. And some toys were kicked out of sight for the picture. I think even a pair of socks. ;)”
      i so agree, di…

    • lisa says:

      your livingroom is not drab. it is restful and welcoming. i felt so comfortable in it. not depressed. =)

  23. Rachel says:

    lovin’ this!! so fun to see so many people’s tastes and styles…seems to be a common thing amongst the furniture colors, and quite a few of the wall colors are similar too…
    wonder what these same rooms will look like in about 15-20 years? 😉

  24. lisa says:

    my favorite was di’s. because i have sat in it, and it brought back such a rush of happy memories.
    what a fabulous idea. terri almost gives me courage to send in pics of ours. because all i can hope when someone walks in our front door is that the spirit of love and happiness we try to have in our home is more important than “pretty” to them. because “pretty” just isn’t happening right here, right now.

  25. Terri says:

    wow. thanks for the words of encouragement. i seriously looked through this list and almost felt really stupid for sending my simple living room. sometimes i think we have issues: when i actually looked through my whole house this morning, i found 4 furnishings we spent more than $11 on–my washer, our mattresses,the microwave, and the crib. but like you said, this is a chance to warmly welcome someone to your house. i wish i could genuinely welcome these people and host them in my home instead of showing them a picture because we are definitely not better homes and gardens! beautiful pictures!

    • Rhonda says:

      Hey, terri, I’m with you. there are only a handful of items in our house furnishings that we bought new. My living rm would match yours. I can honestly say its lived in n I dont fear (too greatly) my children or guests messing it up.

    • Christy says:

      Are you the Terry I know…from TX? I loved your note, and wish I could come sit in your living room and hear about the children who come to visit.

  26. Thelma says:

    aw…i want to share, but i’m away for the week, so if this is still going when i get back, i’ll send a pic.

  27. Anna Miller says:

    I LOVE this idea… and I’m really enjoying looking at all the pictures.

  28. Cindy says:

    this is so FUN!!! i loved seeing all the rooms and of course! especially my friends here. happy sigh with tears. i am feeling all emotional. what you said jenny…like i somehow know them better seeing their living rooms!

    going to send photo. been thinking about getting this over with on my own blog. but i’ll do it here instead. i have the ugliest sofa on the planet hands down. and i would just die if anyone visiting thought that i have it because i like it. so i just want to clear that up. i don’t.

  29. Di says:

    Cindy, mine just got replaced a year ago. My “purple/plum” one is settled down in the basement haunting me every single day. woooowooooo

  30. Christy says:

    Jenny, this is a super cool idea! I’ll send a pic one of these days.

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