Indian Bear Lodge

The other weekend we had a groovin` movin` weekend at a cabin with my side of the family.

So much fun…

Daddy love.

Or Baby Love.

Ever since bro Jason was a small boy, he dreamed of being a part of a Newspaper Observation Club…


(Gracie) “This sun`s sure getting me back here, Laila”

My parents, getting ready for our service sunday morn…

Pretty new momma, my sister Julana…

Spring chicken Jason, outruns brother in laws.

My favorite pic of the weekend.

Even though the men are every age, style, size and have very varied interests, they always seem to have a good time together.

Bro Jordan– “the boy with only one leg”.

Girls and Isaac had lots of yard and places to explore. It was such a nice place for all ages to roam and do fun stuff.

I luff my baby…

^Vinnie stretches before “Miller Olympics” start.

Vinnie organized a couples hours of outdoor games and relays for everyone out in the yard. It was SUPER FUN.

I highly recommend doing some lazy, and also some organized things on family get togethers. Our ages vary so much and this was really an exciting, funny thing to all do together.

I wish I had photos– but the relay included adults drinking from baby bottles, scarring.

Siblings pic.

“Girls get your chins up”

No, I don`t have a favorite child.

Elle was always off playing. Stay with mom and you get shot more often, is what I`m trying to say.

Man to man, they faced each other…

the admiring crowd watched with baited breath…

My dad, sister Joy, my mom and new niece, Sydney…

Touch his salad bar and DIE.

Ready set…

This makes me think of a mug shot. Laila the criminal. Her crime.


Smuggling knock-off Huggies and Similac over the Mexican border…

Nice couply hand on thigh.

Elle has white leggings on, for your info.

My brother Jason thought it would be a real pain for me to find a picture of his toe on my camera.

Yeah, I think this might have worked out negative.

Mom keeps the toe nail clipper in the back bathroom, top drawer, on the left, Jason.

Julana did THE cutest treasure hunt for the kids. There were prizes with every other clue. It kept them having fun for a long time. Ended with a little picnic in the woods. 🙂

Oh no, Laila has gone Controlling.

Blondies and besties.

This was a cute little art station at one of the stops in the treasure hunt.

Thanks, aunt Julana!

Someone dreams of a hot tub dip…


That`s all I have.


Love, me

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  1. rosann says:

    thats such a fun family place,we had such a good time when we were there

  2. Shannon says:

    Family times are just the best aren’t they? Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. julana says:

    ahhhhh. just love those pictures~

  4. Aug says:

    That treasure hunt looks AWESOME! Could Julana do one for me? 😉

    Loved the family pictures. And your captions. I was just discussing with a fellow admirer of yours the other day about how we both LOVE your sense of humor. One of a kind, for sure!

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