Tales of a Rainy Monday.

Today is Tuesday. Its been a rough Tuesday.

So I thought I`d share a few happy pictures from:


A rainy Monday.

I love rainy days!!

~Cozy on the couch watching moving pictures on daddy`s old laptop.

~Wow. That did me in. I`m out!

Laila: “Elle, may I approach you and your house?”

Laila: “Thank you. Now may I put my hand here?”

(This sort of describes the fear Laila has when joining in with Elle`s play. )

That night I found them happily together (rare) playing with my phone.

So if I called you last night that could be why…

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  1. Lemmo says:

    yeah, jenny, it is me again. i loved your post where ppl sent in pics of their living room. i’d love if you would ask for “my favorite spot in my home”-just for fun. some of the pics, i could actually see something was wrong with their decor, some just beautiful. the thing i liked was that they were not all “magazine” style, more practical to get ideas from. i also enjoyed seeing that there are others who got married in my era and still have their wonderful oak furniture 🙂 as I do and my hubby would never part with it or allow it to be painted…

    i was at goodwill this week and found a milk glass vase and bought it. i think someone in blog land has me liking milk glass-funny.

    i am the crazy lady who said, i enjoy looking at your pics, i have 6 children and my home will never look like yours, i’ll just enjoy looking at it. well, i have 4 girls and 2 boys. if i am not mistaken, that is what is your family?

    time to tuck me in…goodnight!

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