Anthro Love~

No one may have noticed, but I haven`t been able to post the greatest lately because I am just too…


swamped right now.

Who isn`t?

October is one of the most fun, yet nutso months for me.

So I think I`m happy and crazy right now.

Anyways~ but I came across these pictures of an Anthropologie in London!

Over at:

(Yes, I have to time to surf a little, even when I don`t have time to blog.)

I thought I`d share the link and at least give you a little love. Well, actually a you`ll feel a LOT of love, when you see this COOL post w/ pictures.

Love ya`ll. Be back one day…


(Jenny K., not ‘just kidding’)

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  1. Cindy says:

    gasping. great store. ‘course. but London?!!!
    London is my fav place on the planet. I love London!!!

  2. Cindy says:

    and someday. hopefully.
    i even plan to visit. sigh.

  3. hhhhhheeeeeeyyyyy!!
    Seems like I haven’t “talked” with you in ages. Guess it’s because I haven’t been on your site in ages, and tonight I read all the many posts that I’ve somehow missed and got caught up with you again. If you know what I mean. Not that you feel the same way, but you know, now I feel like I know you again.

    FUN Country Living Fair. You and Rachel make me want to go to the one in Atlanta sooo bad. I can’t even imagine how creative/inspired you’d feel after all that. WOW.

    And what FUN projects you’ve been doing before you even left. That corner in your living room (right, is that where it is??) is so precious! Love all your unique things! So funny, in a kind of cool funny, but somehow you and I seem to run on the same page a lot with our projects. Not totally, but similar. Like the music, for example. I’ve been doing some projects with sheet music too, and it’s just so fun when I saw you are doing stuff with it too. Just cool. But I haven’t done that amazing music/bird collage. WOW. That is cuteness itself. But now if I do one I’ll be copying?? 🙂 Love what Jones Design does with that stuff.

    You’re just one inspiring, creative woman! So fun to read your blog again!

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