Easy, Warm, Night, Light Meal.


{GarlicGarlic from Tastfully Simple,

Progresso Classic Tomato soup,


sliced Provolone or Mozzarella


PIZZA BREAD (sliced) from the legendary Der Dutchman of Walnut Creek!}

~This pizza bread even has real banana peppers in it.

If you don`thave a bakery close by that makes pizza bread, any deli bakery has SOME kind of cool bread you can use. French bread, Italian bread etc. Even Walmart has great fresh bread.

Heat the soup on the stove, add a dash of GarlicGarlic (or garlic powder), a little butter and any kind of milk OR cream. Delish!


Since I have been working more– I get asked a lot how I get supper around for my family when I get home so late at night.

It`s no big deal. Because I have perfected the art of lazy cooking, while still trying to keep up appearances…

This *deluxe*, vamped up, grilled cheese and tomato soup would be classic for us.

You could really classy it up with a great glass of wine…

Or ginger ale is great too. Ginger ale makes a great Mennonite wine. It`s cheaper you know, so you can have more of it, and the kids can drink it too.

I loveĀ  COLD, diet ginger ale, in a goblet– my self spoiling for the evening.. .

Eating while making. I have a house that won`t clean itself…

…and girls that can`t bathe themselves.

I seriously couldn`t even take the picture with out little hands grabbing…

I think it`s more about them being nosy & grabby, than it is about them being so hungry.

I found little sandwich chunks strewn all over the house. Yup, they like to play with them. For fun. Fun outside of their mouths.


If there are picky eaters and mouse eaters on this earth, they can be found at my house. My hus is a very average (not heavy) eater too. He thinks eating is simply for nourishment and staying alive. Basic stuff.

Why do they all have to have that gene and I can`t get a hold of it?


HAHA JUST KIDDING… (Or else my family will come punch me.)
Love my funky Miller blood as well.

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  1. Michelle says:

    This looks so yummy (and pretty). Of all the things I miss since Liam’s million allergy diagnosis, the top two are 1. quick meals like this one and 2. going out the door without food in hand.

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