It`s, like, so RAN-DOM…

{Green scallions on a salad are awesome.}

Good morning– it`s Miss Unfaithful here, back to try and kick some life into her blog.

I have this real problem, that when I get really involved in something, I don`t even come here, it feels too overwhelming. G says, instead it would be better to maintain my blog and at least throw on a picture, with a sentence, every couple days. I do it to weed out unfaithful readers. If you`re reading this– you must be a faithful, so thanks for sticking with me!

I worked a lot waitressing at the restaurant in the month of October and that was fun. But I love the home puttering stuff- so I feel like a bird set free now that I am back at home 100% of the time. Here ruling the two little subjects I live with, that have no choice but to obey me.

“Don`t hit her, I mean it, she doesn`t even know she is brushing you with her leg. Stop whacking her!”

“Prepare me a crumpet and spot of tea, dear, or I`ll call the king! (who is also your father)”

Every day it`s a new thing.

I have 2 sets of very fun, very beloved, overnight friends coming to stay with us in the month of Nov. and that pared with the feeling that I have accumulated a lot this summer, has me unhoarding in a way that should put me on the Dr. Phil show.

“Can you help my wife? She has kept nothing but bread and butter and a pillow to sleep on”.

Anyone want a high that includes nothing hurtful to your body? Clean a few rooms. Carry out bags (garbage bags) of stuff. Fill your neighboring thrift store.

You can have it all back, Save and Serve. It was yours in the beginning anyways!

Do you know the feeling where you open your girl`s drawers and there are clumps of faded clothes riding all over each other? All sizes and styles co-mingling. No rhyme or reason. Ask my hus, when he babysat I would almost always come home to hear,

G: “How do you even find outfits in those drawers? I can`t make heads or tails of what`s going on in there. Next time you work, PLEASE lay out outfits for them ahead of time.”

Me: “What, you wore their pajamas on them to run errands? Those are their pajamas, honey”.

G: (Scowling) “Not my fault! It is impossible to tell… “


It was the reason I was grouchy at Walmart, at church. Well, maybe the reason for Walmart was more because of all the cashiers that walk over to me and tell my girls,

“Sit down sweetheart, or you`ll crack open your head. You cannot stand in the cart like that, little girls”.

I`m holding on to them, o-KAY? Don`t you know Mennonites have no idea how to sue or that they even could.

Anyways– today is day 3 of purging and organizing. G left at 5 am this morn, he is going to be gone for 2 days. I hate it when he leaves, because I miss him, but kinda like it too. I always use it as my ‘kick in the pants’ to get something extra done while he is gone, and then pamper me and the girls. That`s why I added another slice of bacon to my breakfast sandwich this morning. The pampering and spoiling has already begun.

I got up at 5 something,Β  so many more to come in the next 30 or so hours.

I wasn`t sure what to post on today. So I thought it`d be fun to pull pictures from files that I never posted before. Read if you like, or take a rest break and lay your head down on your keyboard, either way by me.

Found this picture of the girls snitching stuff from the guest room and “making a party”. The water bottles are from my welcome basket in the guest room.

I think the alarm clock adds that– a little something special, don`t you?

When they saw I was trying to take a picture of them, they quickly tried un-assembling it all. Why do you do that to mommy?

A fall day, walking to the park.

A leafy, leaf.

This was awhile back, I finally got around to painting this from a hideous shade of burnt, forest green. Did you even know there was such a color? The other side flips down, that`s why the word ‘rest’ is upside down.

Gross photo quality. This was awhile back too. But I was at World Market, and they had a great clearance section in the dishtowels. I have always hated how my kitchen curtains turned out. I like these better. Dishtowels with the bling bling tassels cut off, then hung sideways and trimmed and hemmed them with the sewing machine.

My favorite picture of Laila with the sun streaming all over her.

A fun memory from this summer. Hitting the outlets with some sweet friends!

“Girl on the right, with no fruit smoothie, you are missing OUT.”

I took a whole series of pictures one day because I was going to do a blog post on dressing girls for the new season. Then I waited too long and the urge died. But I will share 2 of them with you here.

Let`s just say that with girls and creativity, no clothes can`t work. (Did I say that right?)

A size 6 tunic/summer tank/ (above) can work as a dress over a T, and over some cute leggings. I got the tunic end of season, on clearance rack at Osh Kosh for like, $3.

Yellow barrette: Osh Kosh

White shirt: Children`s Place ($1)

Grey Leggings: Old Navy

Navy Socks: No idea

Gum: From my purse

Laila, who is going to be 2 in February, is wearing a size 9 month DRESS, as a shirt. Honestly, whenΒ  I shop, no size is wrong for my girl. …Laila`s 3 prettiest shirts, are all tiny dresses I got for a song on some clearance rack somewhere.

I love cool prints mixed with stripes. If you do that, keep the rest of the outfit REALLY simple though.
Less is more.

Laila is wearing faux denim leggings from WALMART. They are like, 3 dollars a piece and I wear them constantly on them. I just love the spin they bring to anything they wear. Both my girls have a pair of these. Great also for wearing the summery dresses longer even though it`s getting colder now.

Another tip. Never get rid of your girl`s tank tops from summer. They look awesome with a long sleeve T under them. I mean as long as the T doesn`t have a summer scene on the front with a saying like,

“Summer Fun” on it or anything. Elle had one like that. It went in the “store in the basement and take to consignment store in early spring bin”.

(A great way to make some cash for more kid`s clothes, btw. I do it often.)

Flowered top: Old Navy

Striped Navy Shirt: Old Navy

Gold Sandals: Old Navy

Leggings: Walmart (bet you thought I was going to say Old Navy again)

Blonde Piggies: Daddy`s side

Anger Issues: Her mother

(joking, I am always calm.)

I took my 3 siblings that still live at home`s pictures this summer.

I love this one of Elle with her beloved Jacinta. Standing by the chicken coop.

Oh boys, put the dimples away.

My brothers are really good men. They are super funny too. Always a treat to spend time with them.

Jor-DAN! What`s funny now?

“You need me to haul your firewood? Cuz I will. And I`ll do it for free. Why? Cuz I`m such a stud.”

(Love ya, Jason.)


Okay, well, hope you enjoyed the, like, totally, randomness… anything from pampering to husbands– we discuss it here.

Love ya! Happy Thursday… word has it weekend is traveling your way.



PS. If you want something to brighten your morning read this blog post by my friend, Andrea. I think she is such a great writer. My only criticism of her, is that she writes so rarely.

My favorite line:

“They would roll down the hill, YELL and cheer and shake their bowl haircuts like I have never seen before.”

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  1. Charity says:

    Loved the random post…way to go with that extra piece of bacon! I think I’ll treat myself to a good breakfast, too! and I’ll have to look for those leggings next time I’m at Walmart, unless they are out of those by now (like they seem to be with almost anything I specifically want there).

    • Jenny says:

      last time i was there they had them. i want two more pairs though– so don`t buy them out!
      rolling up the legs, wide, gives it a real vintage, cutesy look, btw. i love them so much.

  2. Lynnelle says:

    If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. It irritates me to no end when they come up and tell my kids to sit down like that. I say, let ’em fall out and bump their heads a little. That’ll learn ’em!

    • Jenny says:

      it`s even worse when they touch my kids– and manually try to sit them– which they, yes, have done on a few occasions.
      did you catch it that i talked about you in this post? (beloved company coming??)

  3. Kristy says:

    ahhhhh… i like reading a “jenny” post before i start my day! man, wish i had let you go through my summer clothes for the girls. they would have a few more outfits for winter! Lex would be so thrilled with your help! She has such a love and talent for creating and putting clothes together…. i may send her up one day for a class 101. πŸ™‚

  4. Amber S. says:

    Jenny, I have seriously missed your posts! I love this. The girls in the cart…I can get so anoyed! I told one lady, “I’m holding onto her!”
    Thanks for a great start to my morning! πŸ™‚

  5. Heather says:

    Loved it. Just last night I told Joe, “Jenny must be working a lot because her blog hasn’t been updated the last while and she hasn’t been on fb very much.” πŸ™‚ Yes, we do talk about you guys. Kind of hard not to when our kids pretend to be Jenny and Galen all the time. πŸ™‚

    I am right with you. I don’t like it when Joe leaves for business trips but I take that time to get extra stuff done. Cleaning out drawers, getting rid of junk, running errands that seemingly never get done, etc. And I always try do something fun with the kids. Sometimes we go to Wendys for dinner, sit inside and enjoy all our greasy food and when all the greasiness is devoured we order ice cream and enjoy that. When we’ve consumed enough calories in one meal for an entire day we head home and play games or watch a movie or play kickball, etc. Makes the time go by really fast and the kids LOVE it.

    ….and the girl on the right HAD the opportunity to have a smoothie. :O Fun times. Hopefully we’ll do it again soon.

    ….and lastly, I’ve been attempting to purge around our house too but I think I need to do a mega purge. My latest kick is an attempt to live with less. So tired of so much stuff. We have too much of everything. Clothes. Toys. Gadgets. Magazines. Books. I spend too much time taking care of stuff and not enough time on relationships.

    Can you tell I’ve missed you??? (Read: Let’s get together soon. πŸ™‚ Wow. I wrote an entire letter instead of a comment. My apologies!

    • Jenny says:

      aw, thanks for the letter. i loved it. just lately i was thinking i miss hanging with you guys. i was thinking a game night on a cold, cozy night sounds like just the thing for me! lots of coffee and laughing. πŸ™‚
      lets purge together. i think i too, spend so much time cleaning around my “junk” that i have no time to just have FUN! (RELATIONSHIPS)

  6. julana says:

    ok- listen to me!! never NEVER take garbage bags to good will again with out letting me go through them first!(i know you trash cool stuff) THE END.

    • Charity says:

      hehe, that’s the great thing about sisters…their junk is always kinda cool and they never mind letting you have it for free! πŸ™‚

  7. Shannon says:

    What you said about waitressing is exactly how I feel about my job. I love it when I’m doing it, but I’m so relieved when it’s done and I can do whatever I want. I feel exactly like a free bird. Love that feeling. Good to see you post again.

  8. MariAnn says:

    Thanks for making me laugh!I love you’re sense of humor,and i love using it!Doesn’t that just get us through our day sometimes?Yes i know what you mean about being motivated to get lots done when hubby’s gone……so with that in mind i think i’ll go have another cookie before i explore another closet.Have a good day!

  9. lisa says:

    please don’t waitress so much. i really miss your posts. my heart skipped a beat with happiness when i saw you had posted, and i was NOT disappointed.

  10. Can’t you please have a give-away for those letter cubes and just pick me :)…I love ’em! I’ve been wanting to just buy an old Scrabble game and put the tiles on my coffee table to have fun spelling words with the kids, but now I want cubes!

    it is wonderful to be home on these Fall days isn’t it? I love just being cozy in my little nest. I’ve got my whole upstairs to attack for de-cluttering, but then I just add more with the next Goodwill run ;). Good for you on the clean out job. Now I’ve been thinking about doing the consignment thing, really does it give you back that much to make it worth it? I always just give to some friend that has a kiddo younger or haul it to Goodwill. Is it worth the hassle to try and take it somewhere else?

    Have a delightful Thursday! Jess

  11. Becky says:

    love your random, jenn! love the girls outfits…the extra bacon…the kitchen valance…the anger issue…and the kids standing in carts. πŸ™‚ and just a kick-in-your-pants…post more often. k? πŸ™‚

  12. Aug says:

    Not to be, like, picky or anything, but I am wondering if an English major could improve upon this sentence.
    “I took my 3 siblings that still live at home`s pictures this summer.” Ha, ha!

    And I agree that Andrea is a great writer. And that she should do more of it.

    Same with this girl named Jenny Kauffman that I know.

    Loved the pictures. Loved your tips on dressing little girls…since I happen to “own” one of those.
    And as always, got a kick out of your sense of humor!

  13. Dawn says:

    the extra piece of bacon did it to me πŸ™‚ it feels like forever since we’ve hung out- i’d be very much in the mood!

  14. Rachal says:

    Great post. πŸ™‚ The picture of the girls by the chicken coop……did you make Elle’s skirt? It’s so cute!

  15. Yay for a post from you again! I LOVED it! All the randomness was great. I think I smiled the whole way through it, I was so happy you posted again. πŸ™‚
    And drawer organizing… umm, yeah, there with you. Your husband’s comments are too funny. Because it could have been my husband that said the exact words, and I say, “Really, babe, you took the girs out in THOSE clothes?” πŸ™‚
    Love that cabinet nook you painted. Beautiful color, and your accents are always way too cool for real life. πŸ™‚
    And I LOVE how you dress your girls. I think I especially like it because you dress them cute [not wierd], stylish [but not like ‘I’m Mennonite but don’t want to look Mennonite” which just screams Mennonite], and unique. Just so cool. I love layering with my girls too. Well, at least I did last winter. We still have weather in the 90’s here, so it’s still been tanks and single layers. But I WILL like it again. πŸ™‚ Great idea to use smaller size dresses as tunics. Really great. And please, can you get the urge to do a whole post on it? Because I’d love to see what else you do. Oh yeah, LOVE the screaming picture of Laila with her darling outfit. πŸ™‚
    Hope to see many more posts from you! πŸ™‚

  16. Betty says:

    oh my thanks for the laugh on the sueing wal-mart part, they must still diligently drill that in there employee training?? they did it to me when mine were little ( soo disturbed me) wish they were so available for help to find an item so i wouldn’t be walking a marathon in there. Coshocton wal-mart is really friendly tho.
    hope you a good day!

  17. Aimee says:

    You should do more posts about dressing your adorable kiddos! The idea for using smaller dresses for tops is awesome! I’m definitely going to keep that one in mind. Love the leggings with the tops – so CUTE!

  18. kristen lehman says:

    i love ur posts. i really did miss you when you weren’t posting for so long. it was like a famine in the land πŸ™‚ ur little girls are adorable and especially w/ their outfits and you being so thrifty and using dresses as shirts. good job.

  19. Rachel says:

    love your random.
    and the whole kick in the pants thing when the hubs is gone.
    and, the taking garbage bags of crap to the goodwill.
    well, maybe you didn’t say crap.
    but, since i just took 4!! garbage bags there myself today, i’m feeling quite justified in calling it that.
    again, love your random.
    so much of it resonates with me!

  20. Shelly N says:

    *Ditto* ~what everyone else said! Shall I say it again? πŸ™‚ Yup to the wal-mart employees (and I hardly ever even shop that store, but when I do, my children stand up, and a blue worker comes from nowhere to push ’em down).

    I like the girls’ clothes ideas as my little girl is starting to be at a really fun age to dress, but I still think it’s easier to dress a boy~shirt & pants~no huge pressure to look wonderfully cute. SO, like I said, it’s great to have tips and ideas on where to find things and how to combine them . . .

    Um, I could say much more, but the children are waking . . . gotta go!

  21. Cindy says:

    it`s, like, so cool when you are so RAN-Dom…

    lots of snorts {if I were a snorter}
    and guh-rate big smiles from faithful not weeded out me.

    i always find something to relate to, yeah. we don’t even know that we can sue! {sue is just a nice girls name, right?!}

    except for the dishtowel curtains. if i did that everyone would wonder why i have a towel in my window. but jenny, she does it and we are all like whoa! where’d ya get those darling treatments???

  22. Gloria says:

    love the part about mennon. not even knowing they CAN sue.!!!

    used to drive me nuts too when i knew wether or not i could trust them standing up, and some co-dependant cashier or fellow shopper took on the roll of “protecting” my chid!

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