Kodak`s Holiday Brownie.

{Brownie Holiday Camera}

I fell in love with this gal about 4 months ago. That`s when I saw her at the local antique mall… It was love at first sight for me, but I wasn`t sure what I would do with her…

I forgot about her…

And then the other day I had a brainstorm for a “photo shoot”– if I can call my amateur-ness that– and I went and made her mine for ten doll hairs.

Her packaging was all still hanging in there with her. I even read the “Tips for taking better pictures” in the manual. The cutest thing ever.

If you would like to flip through her darling manual– go here…

Doug (Joaquin Pheonix`s father?), Patsy, Ted, and Norma are having a swell time on Uncle Dick`s boat old dock. The Brownie Holiday Camera captured the frolic and festivity of the day perfectly.

Norma always looks back on that day with great fondness.

That was the day Ted first let her “hold his hat” (a gesture full of deeper meaning there in the sleepy little town of Stepford, IL) and she knew she was to be his steady gal from that day on. Ted was such a rascal, and Norma could never resist him when his thatch of unruly brown hair fell in his eyes “that way”.

(Sorry, I fell into a Nancy Drew lingo pit and it`s hard to get back out.)

(And if you looked back up at the picture to see if Ted indeed does have a thatch of unruly brown hair… and thought…

Huh. He is kind of good looking

…just remember he is an 80 year old man.)

I didn`t do that or anything. I just thought you might.






“Laila, if you ever, and I mean E.V.E.R, touch my camera, I will intimidate you so bad with this intense look, and you will have to go cry to our mom…”

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  1. Aug says:

    That guy DOES look like Joaquin Phoenix! How uncanny!
    When you write about what people might have been saying/thinking in pictures…that is you at your very funniest!
    And its OK to admit you have a teensy little crush on Ted. Seriously…don’t be embarrassed!

  2. Ruth says:

    Love this post, as always. That last picture had me smiling (cause I’m dry a fart and don’t laugh out loud much) I could so see that look coming from my youngest and can almost hear the words flying forth from that sweet little mouth. Gotta love some sass in these girls.

    • Jenny says:

      ruth, that`s me too: ๐Ÿ™‚
      “last picture had me smiling (cause Iโ€™m dry a fart and donโ€™t laugh out loud much)”

  3. Andrea Esh says:

    Yeah, that Ted with his thatch of hair. Good choice of words!

  4. Anna Miller says:

    so when are you gonna write your first novel?… I would so read them. love that last picture – funny!

    • Jenny says:

      hey i think you might be the anna i tried to get back to a few times. the one with the silver? every time i used your email addy it didn`t work!
      don`t know if anyone gets these replies here anyways…

  5. amber says:

    that’s awesome!

    love your narration~

  6. Dorcas says:

    “just remember he is an 80 year old man.”

    that made me laugh out loud.

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